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The term light show comes from drag racing, where cars would do back-to-back burnouts after starting their engines. A popular way to celebrate this is by adding flashing lights or performing special tricks with the car’s wheels or grill.

These types of modifications are typically done for fun but some professional race teams use them for more than just that. They will schedule a light show during an event so people can watch it and enjoy it before the actual start of the race!

Professional light shows usually cost around $1,000 to produce and designate an organization as the official sponsor gets you free access. These events are very expensive though, often costing in the thousands of dollars to put on!

That’s why many groups organize their own light shows which are much less expensive. Some even turn off all the lights and have people share the experience together! It’s really entertaining to see what people come up with and learn something new about the vehicle yourself.

There are several online resources where people upload their designs and then everyone else can download and install them onto their car or truck. This gives anyone the chance to create their own light show easily and quickly without having to pay extra to get professionally designed ones.

If you want to make your own light show there is one important thing to know before you begin. You must research how to control the temperature settings on your vehicle to ensure everything functions correctly.

Model S light show

tesla light show repository

Let’s take a look at some of the cool features in our model s for this year! This includes all the lighting, sounds, and graphics that are available to be used during the vehicle’s lifecycle- from when it is new to when it is retired!

The most popular feature is probably the lightshow mode which allows you to add flashing lights, special effects, and music while the car is being driven. It is easy to use and can be customized to your liking!

This feature was first introduced back in May 2016 as an Easter egg (a secret thing hidden within the software) but has now been made accessible to users who would like to experiment with it. Since then, many people have been experimenting and changing the colors, settings, and songs to create their own unique shows!

These lightshows have become one of the biggest trends online and are shared frequently across social media sites. Many individuals have created very intricate designs and/or song sets to accompany them so that others may enjoy the show as well.

Model X light show

tesla light show repository

When your car is already equipped with so many features, why not add some more fun? Many people have created their own personal light shows for their cars!

There are several ways to do this. Some create small dings and scratches on the vehicle as decorations while others design graphics or songs that go along with certain functions of the car.

For example, most drivers know when it’s time to change vehicles because the manufacturer always putting out new designs and colors. A lot of people have made lightshows using different features and colors of the car! It’s really an art form.

Tesla has done just such a thing and they’ve allowed users to share theirs online! If you would like to make yours accessible to other Tesla owners, hop onto YouTube and look around.

Model 3 light show

tesla light show repository

The most recent example of beautiful night time photography with the aid of an electric vehicle is done by one individual who goes by the online moniker ‘Tesla Light Show’. He uploads photos and videos of his nighttime photoshoots using his own modified version of the recently released, fully autonomous feature from Tesla called Summon.

With this tool, your car can detect it has been parked and will then begin to gather all of its belongings (it even includes opening doors for you) before starting to work on cleaning itself up. It also has self-driving features that allow it to navigate around cars or other vehicles while in motion!

This artist takes advantage of this technology to create some incredible light shows during sunset or night hours. By shooting through the windows and roofs of his model vehicle, he is able to capture some stunning photographs and video. All he needs to do next is edit the images in software such as Photoshop or Final Cut Pro X and he has a new masterpiece!

He begins by driving his vehicle somewhere with lots of open space so that he does not have to use special equipment to blur out any logos or decorations on the roof. After making sure everything is cleaned properly, he turns off all interior lights and engine functions and leaves them like that until after the shoot.

After getting the shots he wants, he reenables those systems and pulls over before letting the vehicle take care of the rest.

Model S and X light show

tesla light show repository

The most recent addition to the list of possible ways to customize your Tesla is the ability to create, organize, and edit your car’s interior and exterior lighting features. This feature is accessible from the “Lights” section in the mobile app or through the web interface.

You can use this software to modify things like turn indicators, fog lights, back-up beacons, running boards, hubcaps, grille slats, and even add some lazer effects!

There are many free designs you can download and install onto your vehicle as well as easy drag and drop customization tools for more advanced users.

Tesla Universe

tesla light show repository

Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful light shows in the world, shall we? Some are very elaborate, while others are much more subtle and elegant. Either way, they all use the same components — something called color theory to create their spectacular displays!

Color theory was first discussed by Theophrastus back in 380 BCE, and it still holds up today as one of the fundamental concepts in art, design, and science. Artists have used this principle behind everything from creating moods to defining colors for decades.

It is also apparently an important factor in astrophysics! As you know, stars emit energy in different wavelengths that depend on the chemical composition of the star. By studying these wavelength patterns, astronomers can determine the type of fuel the star uses to generate its heat, which helps them identify the structure of the star itself.

I will not go into detail about what types of matter make up a star or how those elements are organized inside the star, but I will talk a little bit about how physicists use color theories when analyzing astronomical data.

Fortunately, there are only so many ways you can organize colored lights in the real world, so engineers develop rules to describe the best ways to combine colors for us! These sets of guidelines are referred to as color schemes, and artists and designers often borrow from them to build cool designs.

Tesla YouTube channels

tesla light show repository

Let’s take a look at some of the most entertaining things that Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has done as of late! He put in a lot of effort into creating his own online content to keep his followers informed and entertained.

Musk launched his first channel back in March 2017, just over a year ago. Since then, he has uploaded several videos that have gathered quite a bit of attention.

His latest upload is for an interesting project called “Tesla light show repository.” This is an open source website where anyone can add their favorite Tesla vehicle flash patterns or even create new ones!

With this site, you are not limited to using only pre-made flash files either; you get complete control over how your pattern looks! You also do not need any special software to be able to use it.

Instagram stories

While creating an aesthetically pleasing car is definitely a goal, giving your potential audience (or watchers) more to look at can add appeal to your vehicle. Or, you could just be being totally artistic!

There are many ways to do this. You could take some of the interior features out, such as the dashboard or steering wheel. You could remove all windows and cover up the wheels with large blankets or towels so people cannot see in. These are all pretty interesting concepts that have been done by different artists.

Or maybe put away all of your gadgets and use only nature as your source of entertainment. All of these things were once done before technology took over our lives. Technology has made it easy to convey how creative we can become detached from what was previously needed.

Instagram is a very popular social media site where users can create “stories”. A story lasts for 24 hours and then is gone forever unless re-uploaded. This gives photographers and art enthusiasts the opportunity to showcase their skills during those 24 hours until they get boring and upload something else.

With the way technology moves quickly now, there are almost always new tools coming out. Many people have already mastered using certain ones, but others are still trying to figure them out. By investing in the right equipment, you will never need to worry about running out either.

Twitter polls

tesla light show repository

One of my favorite ways to learn more about a product is by watching YouTube videos related to the product. Companies will create dedicated channels and use that as an opportunity to promote their products.

Recently, I learned all the secrets to creating beautiful light shows in your house with just two lamps! It’s called “lamp painting” and you can find lots of recipes online.

So how would you feel if I told you that most people are using free software to do this? That’s right — almost everyone I talked to who does lamp painting uses Photoshop or Gimp!

That’s totally fine if you want to experiment with those applications, but most people don’t need to know how to take very artistic pictures so they go easy on the effects.

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