How To Wire High And Low Beams Together


When your car does not have both high and low beams, it can be tricky to navigate around other cars or pedestrians at night. Luckily, having working headlights is almost always guaranteed in most new vehicles!

However, some people still feel that it’s too expensive to get good quality headlamps. This is totally false! A lot of manufacturers offer very affordable aftermarket headlamp kits that work just as well if not better than OEM ones.

In this article, we will discuss how to wire up a basic set of headlamps for under $50! If you would like more detail, check out our helpful articles linked below. We hope you enjoy reading them!

Disclaimer:We are sharing tips and products that we believe are great so that you can learn how to do it yourself or find useful supplies. We may receive small commissions from purchases made through these links.

How To Wire Up A Basic Set Of Headlights

Here’s what you’ll need:

OEM Style Headlight Bulbs You can either buy used bulbs or new ones, but make sure they’re direct fit for your vehicle!

Direct Fit = Make sure there is an electrical connection where the bulb connects to the light socket. For example, with dipped beam lights, there must be a pin that goes into a slot. With fogger filament bulbs (like those for turn signals), there must be a conductor hooked up to a battery source.

Connect the negative terminals of the low beams to the positive terminals of the high beams

how to wire high and low beams together

Now that both your left and right headlights are connected, it is time to connect the negative (or ground) ends of each headlight to another terminal. These other terminals will be for the opposite light beam type– either a positive or negative!

The process to do this is exactly the same for both types of beams, so we will go over them separately. For a first timer’s tip, make sure you have all three connectors ready before starting. This way, you don’t need to stop and get one while trying to figure out which connections match up with what.

To wire the positive connection between the two sets of lights, simply attach the connector from the positive side of one set to the corresponding hole on the other set. Make sure to use adequate amount of electrical tape to hold it in place until you can test it properly.

Do not forget to reattach any wires or components you disconnected during installation! This could potentially cause serious personal injury due to poor lighting.

Connect the positive terminals of the low beams to the negative terminals of the high beams

how to wire high and low beams together

Now that both your headlamps and tail lamps are working, it is time to wire them together. Luckily, connecting cars with parallel bars and circuits is something most people do at some point as part of practicing their hands-on skills.

So, how to wire car headlights properly can be found in many different resources, but what about when there are more than two sets of lights? That is when things get tricky.

It is very common for drivers to connect one set of bulbs as headlamp only, which is totally fine! But if you want to use those headlamps along with another set of bulbs, then you will need to know how to wire them together.

How to wire multiple car headlights comes down to knowing how to connect two or three sets of wires together.

Connect the ground wires together

how to wire high and low beams together

When your car does not have high beam headlights, you will know what we are talking about! These do not work because they are just making more light where there already is some!

Fortunately, most cars these days have low beams that can be activated. A low beam works by taking away only a small part of the bright area from the main headlight, creating an extended shadow. This helps make it easier for other drivers to see you while also reducing their eye strain.

To connect the grounds, find one of the negative connections at the back of the engine compartment. There should be two thin cables coming out of it. They go next to another similar connection. These are the positive battery terminals! As seen in the picture below, those connectors join together into one longer cable.

After doing this, test your lights to see if they work properly.

Make sure your brake lights are working

how to wire high and low beams together

Also, make sure that your vehicle has functioning headlights! If you turn your headlights off, your low beams will not work. Check out how to test your car’s headlamps here.

If your vehicle does not have good coming up headlights or bad headlight function, then it is time to replace them. There are many great auto parts stores that offer quality bulbs for your car.

Remember, even if your high beam looks fine, they can still be faulty. It is best to check yours out before driving anywhere.

How to wire high and low beams together

This article will show you how to wire in fully functional, working brakes with your current set-up. After reading this piece, you will know what types of wires go where, as well as how to connect them properly.

Check your tail lights

how to wire high and low beams together

The first thing you should do is check your current headlights! If they are not working, it may be because they are of poor quality or because there is a malfunction.

If your cars taillights work when you turn them on but then go out, this can indicate that something is wrong with either your low beam headlight or your high beams.

You might also notice if one light does not seem as bright as the other, which could mean the same thing. You can take these bulbs from outside the car and test them to see if they work properly. Make sure they burn brightly before changing anything else!

By doing this, we have identified whether your low beams need to be replaced or repaired, so you know what action to take next. Do not worry about turning off your vehicle while testing these bulbs though, as this would make it difficult to use the car in the future.

Make sure your headlights are working

how to wire high and low beams together

After you do these steps, make sure that both your high beams and low beams are functioning properly!

If they’re not, then it’s time to fix them.

Your vehicle will not pull off of our list unless there is no longer any flashing when you turn your lights ON. A basic way to test this is by holding down the brake pedal while turning your ignition switch to On position. If nothing flashes, then your bulbs are good and you can move onto the next step.

Make sure that your headlamp function works correctly by using a lite source (like natural light or an iPhone flash) to illuminate the area under the hood where the lamps are located. They should shine brightly.

Check your rear lights

how to wire high and low beams together

The next thing you’ll want to check is your back-up light or auxiliary headlights, if you have one. These are very important as they help other drivers see you during night turns or exits.

Most cars come with both high beam and low beam bulbs already, so make sure those work properly! If yours do not, you can easily get new ones at any automotive store.

If your car does not have this feature, you will need to purchase some for it.

Make sure your car is using the correct type of headlights

how to wire high and low beams together

Recent developments in headlamp technology include low beam (DB) bulbs and high beam (HID) bulbs. Older style headlamps use either dia-rond or pinhole grills as low beams, while newer styles use either color coated lenses or V-shaped glass for their low beams.

Car manufacturers have now incorporated both types of bulbs into their vehicle lineups! This article will discuss why it is important to know which kind of bulb you are using and how to wire them together properly.

If you’re looking to save some money by running one set of bulbs instead of two, then look into getting HIDs. They can cost more than twice as much as regular halogens, but they will last considerably longer!

However, if you want to run dual low beams, make sure you are putting out enough light for what needs to be seen. You may also need to invest in additional lighting equipment such as turn signals or fog lights, depending on what model of car you have.

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