How To Unlock Jeep Wrangler With Keys Inside


When your vehicle is locked up, it can be pretty frustrating! Luckily, you are not alone in this situation as there are many people that have lost their keys and needed to unlock or start their car. Sometimes, however, these cars get stuck and need some extra help getting started.

Some vehicles require you to use special tools to gain entry into the engine compartment, making it impossible to push or pull the car manually. If this happens, then it becomes very difficult to work on the vehicle without access to the engine compartment. This is why professional auto body shops always keep a small set of key-opening tools on hand.

Jeep is one of those cars that can become stuck and hard to work on because it is designed with lots of solid parts that hold it together. Due to this, most people cannot easily push or pull the car apart which makes working on the vehicle more difficult.

Luckily, we at Allballerz will show you how to make unlocking your Jeep easier than ever! Read on for more information.

Look at the steering wheel lock

If your car does not have an internal key-less engine locking system, then check out the steering wheel for extra security. You can find this in most cars these days!

Most manufacturers put a second lock on the inside of the steering wheel. This is so if someone gets into your vehicle they will still be able to operate it until you get it back!

This helps prevent people from stealing your vehicle or taking urgent actions like escaping before help arrives. Some manufacturers even offer a small credit card sized device that works by scanning your driver’s license which also adds this feature!

These devices are very affordable and can usually be found through dealers or via online sites. Many work using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology which only requires a short range connection with your phone to activate them.

Look at the doors

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

The first thing you will want to do is make sure that both your door locks are working! If they don’t, try pulling them down with your hand or using a tool like a screwdriver to see if you can get them to lock or unlock automatically.

If those don’t work, it may be time to look closer at the vehicle and determine why there is no power being sent to the door lock system. Sometimes, due to excessive dirt or moisture in the lines, the wires short out and lose their charge. This causes the car to not recognize an intrusion into the vehicle as a need for security so it does not activate the alarm or other features of the locked door systems.

This could also mean that one of the relays (parts that send electricity from the battery to another area) has failed completely, which would prevent any electrical current from traveling properly. A bad relay will sometimes fail and remain active until something interrupts its connection, causing unexpected behavior. You might notice some warning signs, such as poor performance or erratic behaviors when trying to access the vehicle’s features.

We recommend having all of your vehicles serviced by a professional to ensure everything works correctly, but if you must do it yourself, here are some tips.

Removing the interior trim away from the door frame takes care of most of the sources of blockage.

Look at the windows

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

The first thing you will want to do is make sure all of your doors are closed and locked! If they are, then check the windows for unlockability. You can use our key indicator tool to help you here!

You will have to pull up next to the vehicle and be able to see out of each window to determine if it’s possible to access the interior. It’s best to do this just before going back inside so there aren’t any accidents!

If you find that the windows don’t go down all the way or anything isn’t secure, then chances are very high that someone has been in the car already and was looking around.

Never leave your keys in your car ever! Even if you think no one could possibly steal your car, things happen. Sometimes people need to get into the car for their own personal reasons and might try to take advantage of an open door or window.

Look at the trunk

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

The first thing you will want to do is check your vehicle’s manual or test out the engine by turning the key in the ignition and seeing if it starts. If it does, great! You have determined that the car can be accessed without tools!

If it doesn’t start though, then you will need to remove all of the items from the back end. This includes any kind of luggage, oversized trash bags, plants, etc. Make sure to take pictures so you don’t forget anything!

Once everything is cleared away, try moving the latch up or down using a tool like a screwdriver. Does it move easily? If yes, then the door isn’t locked very securely and you can pull off the handle and get into the vehicle that way!

That being said, pulling off the handle is not a good idea unless the lock has been completely stripped of its parts.

Look around the car for clues

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

If you ever find yourself in this situation, your first order of business should be looking around the vehicle for any signs or markings that might help identify who owns it. There are several different types of cars, so not every model is going to have key information like make and model, state where it was bought, or if it has been stolen before.

Contact the police

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

There is an easy way to get into your vehicle if it gets locked outside, or you lose your keys. It can also save you money in car insurance!

Most major cities have a police department that handles traffic accidents and crimes nearby. If someone breaks into your car, then the police will handle that case as a crime. They will check to see if you were running any kind of business from the car, and they will probably look for stolen items.

By having your house security system send alerts to the police, it helps them deal with your car situation.

Try to start the car and see if it runs

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

If you have tried everything else and your vehicle still will not turn over, try trying to start it.

Use a hair pin to get into your car

how to unlock jeep wrangler with keys inside

In case you run out of luck trying to locate your vehicle’s lock pick set, or if someone does not have one, there is another way to gain entry into your Jeep. Many mechanics and professional automotive technicians use what they call a “hairpin key” to open cars with the engine running.

A hairpin key works by bending the latch that holds the hood in place at an angle so it can be lifted off of the car. The only problem is most people do not know how to make one!

Luckily, our experts provided some tips in this article! Now you can create your own easy to use locksmith keys inside your home or work.

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