How To Turn Off Tesla Location Tracking


Recent news reports indicate that Tesla may be collecting location data for its cars without users’ knowledge or consent. This is very concerning not only because it invades people’s privacy, but also due to possible uses of this information.

So what are we talking about here? When you turn on active navigation in your car, it collects GPS coordinates of where you go almost constantly. That includes when you’re parked at work or home, and even if you use an app like Maps instead of hand-typed addresses.

This article will talk you through how to turn off vehicle tracking for both Android and iOS devices! It’s easy to do so and can help protect your personal information and anonymity.

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You are allowed to ask why would anyone want to track my movements?! Unfortunately, there are some pretty dark purposes for doing this. For example, someone could use this information to find out if you usually walk to work during lunch hours, or if you often travel for business.

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how to turn off tesla location tracking

Recent revelations show that Tesla has been tracking its users’ locations for well over a year now. The company does this by gathering data from third-party services, such as location-tracking apps or GPS trackers.

Some of these services make money off of this information being tracked, which is why it is important to limit what you share with them.

You should also be aware of how much personal data each service collects before you add things like yours into the mix. This can easily amount to many thousands of pieces of information!

It is very easy to completely disable an individual app’s access to this information, but unfortunately you cannot do the same with those of Tesla. It is therefore essential to tell your friends about this article so they can help you protect yourself.

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Use a private browser

how to turn off tesla location tracking

Recent developments with cars being able to track your location via their built-in GPS systems has people becoming very concerned. Fortunately, there are ways to turn off this feature in most new car models!

Most vehicles these days have a lot of technology built into them that can connect to other devices for internet access. This includes having cellular connections as well as supporting Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

A popularly used connection protocol is called “BLE” (Bluetooth Low Energy). It requires much less energy than traditional Bluetooth so it can be done quickly and quietly without too much concern.

However, one low level setting within BLE that some say may cause issues is called “Monitor mode.” Some refer to it as “Smart Scan Mode.” When in monitor mode, your device will actively look for nearby BLE sensors and services to connect to.

It will not wait for someone else to initiate a connection but you must take action by pairing with another device yourself. This creates an issue though because many think the vehicle manufacturer defaults this setting on which allows for constant tracking.

There are several ways to switch this off including through software or hardware. One way is to use a private browsing session where you do not save any information from before or after leaving the site.

Use a different phone number

how to turn off tesla location tracking

Recent developments have revealed that Tesla is not only tracking your location when you turn off their app, but they are also keeping track of what phones you use and how long you keep the app turned off.

This is very concerning because this information can be used to determine things like if and where you work, if and where you live, and for what purposes you need these places.

It may even be able to tell someone if you’re planning to break up or flee from a relationship!

Luckily, there is something easy you can do to prevent this form of tracking from happening. You just need to switch numbers on your account so it creates a new one every time you use the car.

Use a different car

There are many ways to avoid having your new vehicle track you constantly as you drive around. One of the most common is using an alternative style or make of car, which probably already have tracking features turned off.

You can also use a non-Tesla model that does not offer this feature either for free or at a very low cost. This will help prevent excessive location data collection in regards to how long it keeps records of.

By changing cars, you will need to get rid of your current car first before buying the new one! You should check out our article about tips for selling your car online quickly for more tricks to help with that.

This article will focus mostly on giving reasons why Tesla’s automatic location tracking is unnecessary and potentially harmful.

Do not keep your location settings on

how to turn off tesla location tracking

Recent reports have indicated that Tesla is keeping track of its users’ locations even after they turn off this feature. This is very concerning for privacy advocates, as it seems like the company has no intention of letting you stay anonymous when it can access this data.

To make sure that this isn’t happening, you need to first check if it already is!

If you happen to see that there is an update available or that someone posted about having enabled automatic updates, then chances are good that this article will be helpful. You should also check whether you’ve received messages asking you to enable tracking for some reason.

Once all of these things are confirmed to be false, you can switch off auto-tracking in Settings > Identity & Privacy > Track my location. Then, scroll down and you’ll notice that Location Services has been either turned On (location tracking active) or Off (it’s been disabled).

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how to turn off tesla location tracking

As mentioned earlier, car manufacturers have tracking software that monitors your location for each of their cars you own. This includes trackers for Android and iOS mobile devices as well as laptops, computers, and tablets.

Mostly people use this feature for security purposes. For example, if your device is logged in to an account associated with one of these cars, then the system can determine when you are and therefore whether you are able to access the vehicle or not.

However, some drivers like to use this technology to keep tabs on where their car is at all times. It helps them stay organized by knowing where they left the car last and how long it took to get there.

This feature is also helpful to owners who need to locate their car quickly because it tracks down where it is using GPS.

But unfortunately, most people don’t know what kind of information these tools collect about you. And even if you do, few think it’s important enough to stop doing it.

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how to turn off tesla location tracking

Recent reports suggest that Tesla may be collecting location data for some of its users. Some have noticed that when their vehicle is turned off, it seems like they are still being tracked via GPS or mobile phone networks.

This has many people worried about how private their information is. It also raises concerns about whether or not this is legal.

Tesla says that it only collects this data when you turn your car on and use their app or service. They claim that this tracking is limited in time and happens with an appropriate warrant.

However, there are ways to tell if this is happening and what can be done about it. This article will go into more detail about this problem and possible solutions.

Warning! There are steps below that may require you to do research. Make sure you are familiar with Tesla’s system before taking action.

Use a private browser

how to turn off tesla location tracking

Recent developments have shown that car companies are tracking their customers’ movements for marketing purposes or to improve navigation software. This is very annoying for most people, so some developers have started creating ways to turn off this feature for individual browsers.

There are several different types of location trackers in cars, some more intrusive than others. All work by recording GPS data from your device to determine where you go and how long it takes you to get there. Some use this information to help you find the nearest gas station, restaurant, or pharmacy, while other apps use it to promote new cars or finance products.

Luckily, there are now several good options for private browsing where you can be sure no one but yourself will know what sites you visit. These are usually paid services that do not connect user accounts with any kind of social network, making it impossible to access them ever again should you choose to do so!

Private browsing is an excellent way to avoid being tracked while online as well. Many users keep a separate computer for going onto websites so they do not accidentally leave digital footprints behind. With these tools, you can make that computer into a privacy fortress too!

You may already own a private browser like Firefox or Chrome, but if you don’t then we recommend giving Google’s latest addition a try! The Google Privacy Browser removes many ads, tracks you less when you surf the web, and makes it harder to trace you through your devices.

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