How To Turn Off Rear View Mirror Lights Mercedes


As your car gets older, some of the components need to be replaced or upgraded. One such component is the rear view mirror! Re-facing your mirrors can sometimes result in annoying mirror lights that activate when you use certain features of the vehicle.

These mirror light functions are usually for safety reasons, but they still hurt your vanity a little. Luckily, there are ways to turn off these mirror lights so only affect how people perceive yourself!

This article will go into detail about different make and model cars and what tricks work for turning off their mirror lights. Hopefully one of these tips works for you! 🙂 Keep reading!

Important notes: Before beginning any repairs, please do not pull out of the parking lot or take your vehicle anywhere unless it has been verified working.

Also, remember that we cannot guarantee this fix will work forever, so try these before taking your car somewhere if necessary. This article was written assuming the engine is running and the brake pedal feels good! If not, then don’t attempt these fixes.

Use the buttons on the dashboard

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

There are two main ways to turn off these annoying mirror lights in your Mercedes-Benz. The first is by using the buttons on the dashboard. These work for all models, not just AMG ones.

The second way is to use the Navigation system. You can choose to have it only function when you’re moving or while parked.

Use the slider on the steering wheel

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

The first way to turn off mirror light is by using the slider on the steering wheel. There are some cars that have an extra button or lever for changing the temperature of the mirrors, but not many. Most just use the main control knob for this!

By pressing down on the control knob, it will decrease the intensity of the rear view mirror’s light. To turn it completely off, you must hold it down for at least two seconds! This works best if you are in a vehicle with touch-sensitive buttons.

It may also be possible to disable these lights via your smartphone, but we don’t recommend doing so unless you know how! More information can be found here.

Use the headlights

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

The other option is to use your car’s existing lighting system to turn off the annoying mirror light. Many cars now have small, auxiliary headlamps that can be used for this purpose.

Use the windshield wipers

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

Recent developments in technology have created driver assistance systems (DAS) that work even better than ever! Systems such as automatic high beam headlights, lane departure warnings, blind spot monitoring, back up sensors, and more are now available for most cars.

All of these functions can be enabled or disabled using your vehicle’s touch-screen infotainment system or by accessing the car’s settings via something like Google CarPlay or Apple Carplay.

By turning off this unnecessary feature, you will save some money too! You don’t need every single one of these features at all times, so why pay for them when you’re not driving?

I’ve listed several ways to turn off rear view mirror lights in our article here.

Use cruise control

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

Recent developments in vehicle technology have introduced features that automatically activate when your car is set to use them, and then turn off when you deactivate the feature or switch it onto another mode. A few of these include rear view mirror lites, heated seats, and even windshield wiper activation!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy having turned on, make sure you are not using the feature at the time of writing.

Most of these advanced driver assistance technologies can be activated through an application called the Driver Assistance Tool (DAT) which allows users to customize their settings for each individual feature.

By simply opening the app and checking if the feature is On or Off, you will know if there are everge settings for this feature.

Once you have determined that they do not, the system will eventually turn off the feature until such as time as you manually use it again.

Switch off the lights

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

Recent developments in automobile technology have made it possible for your car to work for you, not against you when backing up. These systems use sensors that monitor what direction the vehicle is facing and determine how much space there is behind you. If enough space is detected, the system will automatically activate the rear view mirror lenses so you do not need to!

There are several types of automatic backup cameras available and they all work more or less the same way. They will charge down using low-level electricity generated from the engine and battery, which is typically around 2 watts (Power = Voltage x Current). This process can take anywhere from a few seconds to minutes, depending on how many features the device has and how fast the batteries drain.

Once this has been completed, you no longer need to worry about having to check whether the mirrors are working before back out of a parking spot or turning left onto a busy road. Simply put the car into gear and go! Amazingly, some even have touch screen interfaces where you can control settings and find additional information.

Use a dark colored scarf or hair clip

how to turn off rear view mirror lights mercedes

One of my favorite way to customize your look is by editing what you put in your purse or bag. If you have little room for storage, then tuck some items away!

I always keep a black leather strap-style clutch in my pocket at all times. I never need to access it, so I can easily take it out and not feel limited with space.

I also use small bags that fit into the other pockets of my car or backpack. My phone fits in my pocket, so I don’t need to carry around a lanyard either!

Another way to avoid mirror light is to use a darker color scarf or hairclip.

Ask your driver to adjust the mirror

As mentioned earlier, most cars have automatic mirrors that regulate how much light is reflected back into the vehicle’s interior. Most of these features work well unless someone taps the mirror or moves it slightly, which then can trigger the mirror to turn on its own lights.

That isn’t very helpful when you want to check behind you!

Fortunately, you can easily ask your driver to make sure those rear view mirror LEDs are off. Simply tell them there’s something under the car they should be able to see and they’ll probably take care of things from there.

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