How To Turn Off Onstar Demonstration Mode


Recent reports indicate that some automakers are offering what is being called “demonstration mode” for their connected car services, such as Apple CarPlay or Google Assistant. Some refer to this feature as OnStar Connected Services or OCS.

Many owners of these cars have noticed an annoying notification telling them to use the app instead of the regular voice command interface.

Confirm Onstar is turned on

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

Since most new cars come with embedded connectivity systems such as OnStar, it has become common practice for car companies to offer a one-month trial period of their connected services to new customers.

A few weeks after you buy your vehicle, someone from the company will call or send you an email asking if you would like to activate this service called “OnDemand”. This typically costs $299 per month but can be waived by purchasing any of their products or services.

Many people do not realize that these fees are fully transferable! For example, if you give your car to family members they may end up paying the monthly fee even though you never use the features yourself. It is important to confirm whether or not this contract is only for you before agreeing to it.

Reboot your car

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

The next step in turning off OnStar demo mode is to reboot your vehicle. You will need to get out of the car, shut the door and walk away- this could be difficult if you have an accident!

Once you have done that, leave enough time for the software to completely update before getting back into the car. Make sure to check the settings again to confirm that test mode has been removed!

If anything changes after leaving the car, such as the color of the dashboard or whether it started working properly again, make note of those differences and compare them against the initial settings to determine if there was still someone watching over you while you worked on removing OnStar demonstration mode.

Run diagnostic tests

After you turn off OnStar demo mode, your car will no longer try to connect with OnStar for service. It is important to check if this worked before trying anything else!

If you are still able to connect to OnStar through cellular data or another device, then there may be some computer software running in the background that can cause interference. This could include browser extensions such as Chrome for Google or Firefox for Mozilla, apps such as YouTube or Netflix, or even smartphone applications.

You should look at these settings on your phone, laptop, or desktop computer to see which one is causing issues for you. You might also have virus or malware software running in the background that is interfering. This would not usually affect mobile phones, but it might here so make sure you do a full scan.

Once you have determined what’s causing the problem, you can either remove the app, update the program, or both until you find a version that works. You can also use different versions of the same app to see if they work better for you.

Replace fuse(s)

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

Recent reports indicate that some people are having trouble deactivating OnStar’s demonstration mode. Some say they cannot locate their fuses, or that there is no way to remove the device battery without damaging it.

If you are experiencing issues with OnStar demonstration mode, first make sure your car does not have any warning messages about low fuel or engine problems by searching for “OnStar check vehicle” in Google.

Second, confirm that the device has proper contact with the car before trying to use it again. If either one of these steps fails, then try replacing the fusessence used to activate the device.

This will take some time to find, but do not give up! Keep looking until you succeed.

Check the fuse box

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

If your vehicle does not turn off within 30 seconds of pressing the button, check to see if the car’s electrical system has failed and you will need to pull it out for repairs.

Another possible cause is that someone else might have access to your vehicle with their own key. They could turn on the demonstration mode by holding down the On-Off Button or Powering up the radio.

If this happens, call 911 immediately and let them know what happened. You can also report it as stolen equipment.

Run the engine to verify the fault

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

In some cases, your vehicle can get stuck in demonstration mode when it is not being used. This happens due to a computer glitch that may occur when you turn off the device or connect another one to test.

If this occurs, your car will run normally but there will be no connection with OnStar. You will also notice that there are missing features such as navigation or live assistance.

Something important to note is that this cannot happen unless the engine is running. To make sure this is the case, check if the gas pedal moves down and up when pressed! If so, then start the engine and see what happens.

Hopefully you did not leave this situation overnight, but at least you know how to fix it now! Try disconnecting the device to see if the problem goes away before connecting it again to ensure it does not happen again.

Contact your car manufacturer

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

Most major automakers now offer an app or feature that allows you to connect with their mobile service via Wi-Fi or by calling them directly. This is usually done through either your smartphone, computer, or both.

Some of these apps allow you to turn on demonstration mode where the vehicle’s technology can be tested. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it is important to know what settings are being saved while in this mode so you don’t waste any personal information or make too many assumptions about how the cars functions work.

Try different Onstar settings

how to turn off onstar demonstration mode

There is an option in your phone that can help you deactivate or turn off OnStar demonstration mode. You can access this by going into Settings > Mobile Phone Tools.

Here, look for something called Car Connectivity or similar. If you find it, try changing what features are enabled.

You can disable one-time use only features like Ally or Lyft, or ones that require payment verification such as Google Pay or Apple Pay. This will not affect regular usage of these apps, but may prevent someone else with demo accounts from using them!

Hopefully your carrier does not automatically re-enable those services after running this tool, otherwise you could be charged again!

Alternately, you can choose to delete all data related to the app so they cannot connect anymore.

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