How To Tell If You Have A Posi Rear End


The term positivity bias comes from the theory that people are conditioned to expect good things about themselves, so they assume everything is going well even when it’s not.

A lot of this happens in early stages of relationships. Because people want to connect with someone who makes them feel good, they tend to give their significant other more credit for positive qualities than negative ones.

But as time goes on, this can become harder to do. When you’re in a relationship, consistency is important, and keeping each other aware of what’s working and what’s not can be tricky.

Look at your vagina

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

When you are having sex, check out your vaginal area! If you have a positive positivity in his face when he enters you, then you have a de-gayed or neutral vag!

Many people lose their vaginas due to childbirth, disease, or surgery. Or maybe they just get tired of it.

Some women don’t like pooping so they forget to take care of its natural oils that help protect them from infections. For men with circumcised genitals, the foreskin can grow back after birth causing some to not wash off this protective coating.

These things can cause your vaginal walls to become dry and tight which makes it hard for semen to stay inside of you. A dried up vagina is also a breeding ground for bacteria, making you more likely to get sick!

So what does all of this mean? It means that there are different ways to tell if your vagina is healthy and how to restore it if it is not.

By washing your genital areas regularly and practicing safe sexual behaviors, you will know whether your vulva is normal or not.

Touch your vagina

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

When you are having sex, one of the most important things to check is whether or not you have a positive relationship with your vaginal muscles. If you can play with them and they don’t get tight, then you probably don’t.

Most women develop strong pelvic floor muscles at some stage in their lives. Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way and we need to re-train our muscles. This is totally normal!

When we are young we tend to put more pressure on the pelvis than older people do, so it doesn’t really tighten down properly. As we grow up, we learn how to relax the muscles, but until that happens, there will be times when we feel the muscle and it won’t respond as well.

As hard as this may be, try not to worry about it unless you really notice that the situation becomes less enjoyable for you. Then address it by working on relaxed breathing and other relaxation exercises before diving into action.

Touch your buttocks

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

When you are able to touch your butt with your hands, you have what is called a tactile perception of it. This means that you can feel whether or not it is tighter than normal. It may also be slightly warmer than usual.

This isn’t always the case for everyone, but this test has never failed me! If you want to know more about positivity yogas and yoga exercises, check out our article here.

By practicing these positions every day, I believe it will help improve your self-confidence, aid in weight loss, and increase overall wellness.

Ask your partner about their rear end

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

As you can probably tell, people have different styles when it comes to flipping their cars! Some like to slowly back up while others are more speedy. There is no right or wrong way to do it, but some are known for one style over another.

If you feel that your significant other has an unusual amount of pressure when pulling out of a car park then it’s time to check if they have a posi (positively oriented) rear end. This term refers to when their brake is applied before the gas is used which creates greater friction and stability.

A positive orientation means that they don’t need as much momentum in order to get going because their brakes apply efficiently so there is less chance of them spinning out of control.

Look at your partner’s rear end

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

While some people have a natural tight glute circle, most of us do not!

This is because we develop our hip muscles differently depending on how much weight we carry around our waist. The bigger the butt, the larger the gluteus maximus muscle that it exercises!

Your hips are also very flexible, which means they can be tighter one day and looser the next. This makes it hard to know whether or not your hips are “normal” unless you have them measured regularly.

However, there are certain things about your pelvis and lower body parts that remain the same regardless of size and flexibility.

Do you feel anything unusual?

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

When getting out of your car, you may notice that one leg is taking longer to come down than the other. This is called foot-dragging because it can be caused by many things.

A common cause of this is when someone else was using their feet for balance while walking or running away from something or towards something. They could have also been lifting or pushing with one side of their body to make a quick getaway.

This would shift the weight onto only one leg which then takes more effort to lift back up due to the heavier load it has to carry.

Ask your doctor about your rear end

how to tell if you have a posi rear end

As mentioned before, you may be able to tell whether or not you have a posi rear end just by talking with your physician. Your doctor will likely ask you some questions about how your butt feels while sitting down, as well as if it hurts when you sit for long periods of time or get up.

They might also check to see if your buttocks are darker than normal due to dry skin. If so, they can test your urine for glucose to determine if there is inflammation present. All of these changes could indicate psoas muscle spasm or other issues related to positivity of your body’s acid-base balance.

However, do not worry about having a “posi” bum until you talk to your doctor! Only visit those that treat patients without pre-screening and who know what symptoms pose a risk for health problems.

Try using a lubricant

When doing exercises or activities that require you to pull up with your feet, how much weight you are pulling down depends on whether you have a solid or liquid rear end.

If you have a solid butt-cheek structure, then less weight can be pulled down as you lift them. This is because there isn’t very much space between the buttocks and the ground.

However, if you have a fluid or loose posterior muscle group, then more weight can be lifted due to the ease of lifting the body.

This is why it is important to use a proper amount of workout lube during workouts so that you don’t suffer friction and bone fractures from overexertion.

You also need to know what kind of workout equipment is appropriate for you depending on your positivity or negativity towards liquids. For example, most people feel better about working out with water than oil, but not everyone!

So, make sure to do some research before diving in.

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