How To Tell If The Dealership Change Your Oil


Changing your car’s oil is one of the most important maintenance tasks that you will do for your vehicle. Unfortunately, some less-than-trustworthy individuals are prepped to tell you that changing your engine’s lube is not necessary until your next service appointment.

By having these warning signs, you can be more aware of whether or not this person is telling you the truth about when it’s time to change your motor’s fluid.

Look for warning signs

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

Changing your own vehicle oil is definitely something you should do, but it is also important to know what changes indicate a need to take more serious action. If you are ever given such an opportunity, make sure they give you a good reason as to why that was necessary!

If someone does not seem completely honest when asking for money or if they try to upsell you on other services, then chances are they will eventually leave you with bad luck.

It is in everyone’s best interest to stay away from dealerships that require additional service fees unless there is really cause for them. Unfortunately, this can be very difficult to identify until it has happened to you.

Fortunately, you have picked up this article at just the right time because we are going to tell you some of the most common symptoms that suggest a dealership needs to see about their maintenance procedures.

Pay close attention to the oil change recommendation

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

Changing your vehicle’s engine oil is an important maintenance task, one that most automakers recommend doing every 3,000-5,000 miles or so. Why? Because engine oils do eventually fail, and when they do, it can lead to poor engine performance and even breakdown of the car!

Most new cars now come with very well-engineered engines that require high quality engine oil to run properly. If you are ever unsure whether your current oil is meeting this requirement, ask your dealership how old their recommended oil is before changing it.

If you get the sense that the staff at your local shop is trying to push something extra (like expensive oils or service packages), look for others in the industry to agree that having an occasional oil change is good advice.

Ask about their experience

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

Recent changes at your car dealership may be because they are under new ownership or management, or due to renovations or updates. If you feel that something is off, then ask them!

If you are feeling skeptical, do not worry! Most service professionals will tell you what services and treatments they have performed before. By asking how long their employment has been here, and looking up reviews online, you can get some insights into whether this place stays in business for a while or if there are poor quality services being provided.

By staying within budget and using trusted sources, you can save lots of money! Make sure to check out our article on tips for buying cars online so that you know more ways to find great deals on vehicles.

Ask to test the oil

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

One of the biggest reasons that cars lose efficiency is due to poor quality engine oils. Oils help your car to work by acting as an agent, or catalyst, for fuel combustion. As such, they play a major role in determining how efficient your vehicle is.

If you are ever looking to change your motor oil, ask at the dealership whether there is a chance they can do a free oil analysis. This means they will take some samples of each fluid (engine oil, windshield washer liquid, etc.) and have a professional analyze it for you.

They may also be able to tell you what kind of oil you should use – something very important when choosing an oil!

By having this done professionally, we’re sure that whatever oil is used, it will be picked correctly and put into place properly.

Ask to test the water

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

One of the most important things you can do for your vehicle is have it checked at a reputable dealership. Make sure that they use quality oil, ask to test the water, check the level, and make sure there are no cracks or leaks.

If you feel like something isn’t quite right, don’t be afraid to speak up! Buying a car is a large investment, so try to take some time to evaluate whether this dealer is going to treat your car with care.

It’s also worth noting that fake warranties are illegal in many states.

Ask to test the air

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

Another way to know whether your car needs an oil change is by testing the air quality of the vehicle. You can do this at your own risk, but some cars require you to remove the engine cover before being able to check the air filter for clogs or debris.

If you are ever unsure as to whether your car needs an oil change, ask yourself how your performance has been lately and compare it with past performances. If there have been significant changes in fuel efficiency, temperature sensitivity, or anything related to the operation of the vehicle, then you should probably get your oil changed soon!

It will also be helpful to know when the next time the dealership does oil changes so that you don’t waste money going back and forth. Luckily, you can find out online or through word-of-mouth who gets their oils checked at what intervals.

Ask to test the filters

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

One of the biggest reasons that an oil change does not occur is because the mechanic or service staff cannot get into the engine to check it. Luckily, you can!

Ask to see the filter before they put any oil in the engine. Most cars have at least two different types of filtres: disposable paper filters and permanent metal-core filters.

Disposable filters need to be replaced every 30–60 miles depending on your mileage. The reason for this is so there is an open channel between the fuel and the air to help burn off harmful contaminants like carbon, hydrogen, and sulfur.

These filters should be changed as soon as possible after each oil change due to this reason. Unfortunately, most people do not know what kind of filter their car has until it comes up during a diagnostic inspection.

If you are ever unsure whether or not your vehicle needs an oil change, ask to look inside the engine. A professional will be able to tell by looking at the shape and size of the engine if one needs to be done.

Ask to test your brakes

how to tell if the dealership change your oil

One of the many things that can hurt your car’s performance is fluid quality. If you are having issues with your vehicle performing well, ask about testing your brake fluids!

Most manufacturers recommend changing your cars’ braking fluid every three years. Some even suggest doing it twice during those three years!

However, most automobile dealerships will not tell you when this changes should be made due to some financial incentives they get from the oil companies that make the new fluid. These oils are paid for by the engine manufacturer and company sponsored advertisements say that these new types of brake fluid work better than older ones.

So while an in-store technician may tell you that yours is already outdated, do not believe them! They could be trying to sell you their service package or new grade of oil.

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