How To Take Off Front License Plate Holder


This article will talk you through taking off your car’s front license plate holder. It is important to know how to do this before trying to remove it, as leaving it in place can pose some safety risks.

Some people are not aware of what kind of damage they can cause by pulling hard on the clamp that holds the plate onto the vehicle. If there are no tools available, then grabbing any thin metal object such as a coat hanger or rolling pin can work. Simply pull up straight away!

Removing the plate without the correct tool can also risk damaging the bumper or even breaking the glass. There may be more than one way to do this, so we will go over several here.

We would like to mention again that being familiar with cars is very helpful when doing these steps, as there could be many components involved.

Loosen the screw

The next step is to loosen the clamp that holds your plate in place! You can do this by using either bolt cutters or use brute force and hammer and nails.

Just make sure you don’t damage the plate or the car frame! If there are any staples, get them out first! They might still work, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Remove the plate holder

how to take off front license plate holder

The next thing you will need to do is remove the plate holder! There are several ways to do this, depending on what type of car you have.

Some cars have a latch that holds the cover in place, which can be released by pulling up or down on it. You will want to make sure there are no objects underneath the cover before lifting it away.

In other vehicles, the plate holder just slides off. You will want to make sure nothing is under the vehicle when you slide it aside. Once it is out of the way, you can pull back the tinted plastic layer to access the license plates and screws that hold them onto the frame.

Removing the plate holder also exposes the inner workings of the plate slot, where the plate goes. Sometimes these include motors or levers that work together to position the plate into the proper slots.

Reattach the plate holder

how to take off front license plate holder

The second way to take off your car’s plate holder is by reattaching it! You will want to make sure that you have checked your vehicle’s manual first to see how to do this.

Once again, find the screw hole where the plate goes and use a good amount of glue to attach it back onto the frame. Once done, push down firmly to ensure a solid bond.

Now, when you put your plate back in place make sure to slide it into position slowly so as not to get stuck. If needed, use some heavy towels or blankets to help move it along.

This method can be tricky to do alone though, so if you are having trouble just go to a local auto shop or mechanic for help.

Reposition the plate holder

how to take off front license plate holder

The next thing you will need to do is determine where your current plate holder slot is and if it needs to be moved or replaced. You can test this by lifting up the flap that covers the plate holding area. If the plate does not go in all of the way, then there is no space for another one!

You can either purchase a new plate holder with a backplate attachment or you can make your own using cardboard and plastic sheeting.

Screw on the plate holder

how to take off front license plate holder

The best way to remove the stock plastic or glass plate carrier that typically holds your car’s license plates is by using screw-on holders. These are easily found online and at most automotive stores.

Widen the screw holes

how to take off front license plate holder

If you are ever struggling to remove your car’s front license plate holder, it is time to try widening the existing screw hole openings. Most vehicle manuals include tips for doing this, so do that first!

By taking out one of the screws and then using a small flat-head screwdriver or even your fingernail, push away from the center to widen the opening. Do not go too far, however as this could cause damage to the bracket!

After trying both methods, if necessary, reinsert the missing screw and then tighten it up properly. Sometimes when removing the plate holder, there is leftover adhesive residue which can prevent it from being easily installed back onto the plate. You may need to use some strong glue to get it to stick again.

Seal the screw holes

how to take off front license plate holder

Now that you have removed the plate holder, it is time to seal up any openings in the vehicle! First, make sure your car is level so you can access all of the screws easily.

Next, locate each of the three main plate hole positions and pull out each piece. Make sure to save these pieces for later! Once again, be careful not to break or scratch anything while pulling out the parts.

Now, take some sandpaper and go through and around each opening. Use very little water when doing this as most cars are designed with solid seals. You do not want too much moisture to get inside the vehicle otherwise things may rust.

Once everything is sealed up, put back together and test drive! If there was no interference after re-assembling, you were successful!

Hopefully you learned how to remove and reinstall a front license plate cover in this article! To see more tips, read our other posts here.

Wipe down the car with a wet towel

how to take off front license plate holder

After you have determined that your car does not like one of its plate holders, the next step is to try to take it off. If you can get through the windshield or driver’s side door, then trying to pull it out may work.

However, if you cannot access the vehicle via the front, then wiping away any dried glass shards will help prevent cracking or breaking of the plastic holder.

After cleaning both the car and the plate holder, let both dry completely before attempting to reattach the plate holder.

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