How To Remove Yakima Roof Rack


The next step in removing your roof rack is determining whether or not you want to keep the plastic rails that hold your carrier in place. Sometimes, people will buy new car roofs with built-in racks that are very expensive! If you would like to have those same features, then you can easily purchase separate rails at any automotive part store or online source.

Removing these types of roof racks usually means pulling out the screws that attach them to the vehicle, which could risk cracking or breaking the surface material of the hood or trunk. By buying individual parts, you save money by purchasing it as a pair instead of buying one for each rail.

There is also an important component of most roof carriers that goes unseen – the handle. These handles typically screw onto the top bar of the roof rack, and are used to carry the unit up and down when transporting it. Many times, this item can be left behind if you decide to sell your car.

Make a plan for how to remove the rack without damaging it

how to remove yakima roof rack

While removing your current roof rack, make sure you do not accidentally damage the new one that you will be installing. You should always know what kind of vehicle tool kit is available before buying a new roof rack.

Some things to consider are if you have access to a professional or private garage, will this rooftop enclosure fit in the space properly, and can you install it yourself?

If all these answers are yes, then it is better to go buy the new roof rack now instead of later when you find out the hard way that it does not work for your car or cannot be installed correctly.

Removing an old roof rack can also sometimes expose wires or brackets that could cause accidential damage to your car. If you notice any such items, pull them out to avoid touching metal parts of your car.

Test the rack for leaks

how to remove yakima roof rack

The next step in removing your roof rack is testing it for any leakage. You want to make sure that you do not have any poor quality parts!

If you find any kind of fluid, whether it be water or another material, the plastic parts will usually let go of this liquid if exposed to some agitation.

So, try opening and closing the door several times to see if there are any drips. Also, make sure to pull down on the handle firmly so you can determine if there’s anything stuck underneath.

Removing the pin from the hitch ball may also require using a tool to pry it out. If this is the case, use a very strong pair of pliers to do so. Make sure to clean off the excess residue as best you can before reattaching!

Once everything has been inspected and cleared of moisture, you can now either dispose of them or save them for later uses.

Connect the battery to a charger

how to remove yakima roof rack

The next step is to disconnect your vehicle’s battery completely! This will prevent it from charging while the tools are being used, which is not good if you need its power for something else.

It is important to do this out of curiosity or because someone told you to, but no one should ever remove their car’s battery without knowing exactly why it needs to be done.

Removing your car’s battery can cause serious damage to your vehicle, so make sure you are careful before doing that.

Make a plan for how to remove the rack without damaging it

how to remove yakima roof rack

While there are some instances where you will need to pull out the rails, this is not the case with most roof racks. Most have solid connectors that can be detached, or mounting bolts that can be undone.

If you find yourself needing to take down the roof rack, make sure your car is fully loaded and ready to go! You don’t want to risk ruining all of your belongings due to an accident.

Also, remember that the harder you struggle, the more difficult it could become to reattach the item later. Be careful while pulling apart to avoid breaking anything.

Once again, our members helped save someone money by telling us about these great plastic connectors.

Try using a heat gun to loosen the bolts

how to remove yakima roof rack

If all else fails, try using a heat tool to remove the roof rack! They are easy to use and can work in any weather depending on the type of heat tool you have. Some require direct contact with the bolt while others do not.

A common one is the hairdryer which you place close to the metal part of the bolt and pull up as hard as possible. This will usually loosen or even break down the adhesive enough so that you can then push the whole thing off.

Use a blowtorch to loosen the bolts

how to remove yakima roof rack

If you are ever stuck on how to remove your roof rack, do not worry! There is an easy solution that does not require using any tools or batteries. All you need to do is use a heat source, in this case, a blow torch!

Roof racks can easily be removed with a good amount of stress. It may seem difficult at first glance, but we have all seen roofs before so we know what to look for.

If you would like to learn more about our car cleaning services or want us to show you how to remove yours, give us a call at (844) 547-8300.

Use a hammer and pry bar

how to remove yakima roof rack

For those that are looking to remove their roof rack, you do not need any special tools other than a strong hand and a smooth surface where you can put it.

Most people begin using a tool called a pry bar to help with removing the clamp off device from the vehicle. While this is helpful in getting started, it is not your final solution.

A much better way to go about it is use a metal hammer!

We all have one at home or work, so why not take advantage of it? All you needed to do was hit the car hard enough to break up the glass. Then pull the handle towards you and see what happens. The handle will come away easily.

Use a knife to cut the wires

how to remove yakima roof rack

The next step in removing your roof rack is to use a very thin, sharp knife to carefully scrape away any stuck glue or powdery residue that may remain.

If you are using gloves, wash them off later so as not to leave any sticky fingerprints around. If there’s still some glue left, try scraping it with the edge of the blade of your knife. You might also need to wipe down the area with a paper towel to get all the excess material out!

Removal can take anywhere from minutes to hours depending on how much sticking power the adhesive had initially. For most people, this process takes half an hour at the most. However, if there was more than one source of adhesive, then it could take longer. Make sure to be careful when pulling up the rails, as they are usually made of heavy metal which can cause damage or breakage.

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