How To Remove Pulley From Water Pump


The first step in replacing your water pump is determining if the pulleys are removable or not. You can typically take off the old one, but then you would have to replace it later! If you do not know how to remove the older style pulley, look up some tips online or ask someone who knows how to do it.

There are two types of pumps that use pulleys- vane pumps and screw piston pumps. With both types, there is usually only one type of pulley used, so make sure you know which one that is before trying to pull it out.

Check the pump for loose parts

how to remove pulley from water pump

One of the first things you should do if you are having trouble removing the pulleys from your water pump is check it for any loose parts or components. You can use your hands, tools, or both to do this!

If you have noticed that there are some bolts sticking out more than the rest, these could be replaced as they may come off easier. However, make sure you buy the correct size bolt for your vehicle before replacing them.

You also might notice plastic pieces breaking away from the pump. These need to be saved since they play an integral part in delivering proper fluid flow into the engine.

Removing the intake and ejection valves is another good way to test the pump. If both of these fail to work properly, then the whole thing will not function correctly.

Remove the pump and inspect it

how to remove pulley from water pump

While you’re under water, take some time to look closer at your engine. You will want to check for any kind of sticking or blocking that may prevent fluid from moving around in the engine.

If you notice there is something stuck inside the piston area, make sure to take extra care when removing the pistons. Try using pullers or hand tools to do this properly so as not to damage the valves or other components.

Once the pistons are out, you can rinse them off and dry them appropriately. Make sure to clean both top and bottom of each cylinder!

After cleaning, reinstall the new gaskets that came with your vehicle. If your car has removable head covers, put those back on now too!

Lastly, reconnect the oil filter and add the appropriate amount of motor lubricant. Start by pouring about one bottle’s worth into the reservoir, then slowly pour additional lube onto the top as needed.

Disassemble the pulley

how to remove pulley from water pump

While under pressure, take extra care when removing the drive belt! If you try pulling the belt off by hand, the pulleys can slip out or break away easily.

To avoid this, use quality tools that have plastic gaskets that will help keep the parts together. For example, we recommend using spring-loaded tool kits with pointed tips that are used for taking apart car engines. These kind of tools have your hands on them so you do not need to purchase separate replacements down the line!

Another good tip is to only pull as hard as needed on the belt. Try starting at a slower speed and then increase it slowly until it comes off.

Remove the pulley

how to remove pulley from water pump

The next step in replacing your water pump is to remove the pulley. You can do this by using either of these two steps, or you could go straight into replacing the pump.

To easily access the pulleys, pull off the hose that goes from the radiator fluid outlet to the engine block. This will also expose the serpentine belt that connects the pulleys together.

Now, use a flat-head screwdriver to take out each individual pulley. Make sure to keep an eye on the car while doing so as they are very heavy!

Once all three have been removed, test the operation of the vehicle to make sure everything works correctly. If it does not, then replace whatever part failed and repeat the process.

Reassemble the pump

how to remove pulley from water pump

After you remove the old pulleys, you can now re-attach the new ones! You will need to use some glue or solder to stick them together.

Reinstall the pump

how to remove pulley from water pump

The next step is to reassemble your new water pump! This will take you about 30 minutes, so make sure to do this in an easy to access area that does not have any loose wires or components around.

Once again, start by putting the engine block back into the vehicle. Make sure it goes in easily and smoothly without resistance. If it doesn’t go in easily, push it in slightly until it does and then slowly pull it out. Do this as many times as needed until it slides in and out effortlessly.

Next, put the oil pan back onto the block. Once again, make sure it fits properly and lock in securely. Then, line up the pulleys with their respective brackets and screw them in using the appropriate size screws.

Last, install the belt. Start at one end of the old dry plate hose and thread it through both the idle and speed-change pulleys. Now, move down to the other side where there are two plastic clips. Push those away from each other and slide the rubber hose over top of them.

Pull tight, but don’t stress the hose too much as it can be replaced later on. Repeat these steps for the second belt. When everything is all lined up and tightened, test the water pump to see if it works.

Tighten the mounting bolts

how to remove pulley from water pump

The next step in removing the pulleys is tightening the mounting bolts! Make sure you do this properly, as too much pressure can break or damage the pump.

Start by loosening the two main mounting bolts at the top of the water pump first. These will be located near the back of the engine where it meets the frame. Once they are loose, move onto the second set of nuts that hold the center shaft attachment plate in place. They will have an Allen screw with washer attached, which should also be removed.

Once both sets of screws are out, slide the plastic piece away from the motor. You may need help doing this, as some people say these parts retain heat very well and can cause burnishing if done improperly.

Now, using your torque tool, slowly tighten each nut until it just barely clicks into position. If there is any resistance, loosen them off again and try again later.

Test the pump for leaks

how to remove pulley from water pump

One of the first things you should do is test your water pump for leaks. You can try using a coin to see if there’s any fluid coming out from between the pump and the engine cover.

If there is, then there most likely is some sort of leak in the hose connecting the pump to the engine. Make sure to look behind the pump as well where the pulleys usually sit.

You may also be able to feel some pulsing or dripping coming from the hose, this would indicate that the hose has come lose somewhere along the way and liquid is escaping.

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