How To Remove Dog Scratches From Car


Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, dogs get into really bad situations. They are not always conscious when they leave the house, or something happens that makes them lose their balance. When this occurs, it is very important to try to prevent them from scratching your car!

Scratching can damage both the paint and the interior materials of your vehicle. If you notice signs of dog scratchings, there are some easy things you can do to remove most scratches. This article will go more in depth about different types of treatments and how to apply each one. Hopefully you’ll never need this information, but just in case you do – you have been warned!

Removing Heavy Dust With A Microfiber Bag

If you find lots of heavy dust under the hood of your car, then using a microfiber bag can help. These are typically used for cleaning computer screens, so they are designed to be soft and absorb liquid.

Insert the end of the microfiber bag into the opening of the engine compartment and pull up to extract any dirt. Make sure to work quickly, because as we know, engines grow warm over time!

Once done, either wash off the excess microfiber material or tuck it away somewhere safe. Never throw out leftover microfiber, as it could contain oils that may cause harm if exposed to fresh air.

Wash your car with soap

While most people wash their cars at home, professional car washes have special equipment that helps clean your vehicle more thoroughly. These machines are called scrubbers or washing machines.

Mostly, these use water and foam as the cleaning agent. The foam comes from chemicals such as dishwashing liquid.

By adding extra foam into the wash tank, it is possible to make your car cleaner faster. This is because the dirt and grime in the car is coated in the foam, so it does not cling onto the surface.

You can also add an additional ingredient to help remove dried dog dandruff– baking soda. When mixed together, both ingredients froth up which makes them easier to incorporate into the wash!

After rinsing the car off, dry it properly using paper towels or use a vacuum if needed.

Use a pet-safe spray

how to remove dog scratches from car

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are using a dog safe cleaner! There are many brands that offer car cleaning products and vacuum attachments for buffing out scratches and getting rid of old dried up dirt.

Some tips before using any kind of polish or cleaner: Make sure it does not contain alcohol, which can be very harmful for your dogs internal organs. Many people add water to their cleaners to help spread the product, but this may also dilute the effectiveness of the product.

Try some and see if they work for your dogs skin! Some companies have testimonials from others who used their product and had success.

Use a scratch-preventing cream

how to remove dog scratches from car

When your dog needs urgent help for an itchy, dry skin condition or wound, you should look into using a protective layer as a salve or gel to cover the area. These are typically marketed as “scratch preventers” because of their ability to protect your vehicle from superficial scratches.

While they may seem expensive at first, these products will last quite a while since each batch is usually a few dollars.

Use a moisturizing car wash spray

how to remove dog scratches from car

While most people agree that washing your dog outside is the best way to go, some experts say that’s not always possible. If you must wash your dog in an indoor setting, make sure to use a product designed for cleaning cars from water and food residue as well as dried up dog saliva.

A good car wash sprays will have antimicrobial agents in it so that any dirt or grime left over doesn’t also grow bacteria. Some of these are essential oils like eucalyptus or tea tree oil which have potent antibacterial properties.

You can easily find such products at most drugstores or online shopping sites. Just make sure they are certified organic or natural so there aren’t too many chemicals being used.

Use a pet-safe wax

how to remove dog scratches from car

When your dog needs long lasting protection, try using a washable car cleaning product instead of buying dried powder or liquid products that you have to mix with water or use spray bottles before applying onto the vehicle surface.

Some examples of washable carwax are car polish or gel products that contain beeswax as an ingredient. This is a safer option than buffing cars with oils or petrolatum which can be harmful for dogs that may ingest some residue.

You can also find clear coating sprays like those used to coat plastic toys where the skin will naturally seal in the protective layer over time.

Buff your car

how to remove dog scratches from car

When your dog gets into some expensive cars, it is very likely that they will leave their paw prints! This can easily be avoided by ensuring your vehicle is in good condition and buying her a doggy door so she has somewhere to go if she needs to visit outside

If you notice dried fur or scrape marks on your car, then start buffing away! Use a soft cloths to begin with and work from the back of the car towards the front.

Never use abrasives like steel wool as this could scratch or even damage the paint! Never pull out wires or electrical components while working on the car! Doing so may electrocute your dog or hurt them.

Once you have removed most of the dirt, wash the surface with water and apply a thin layer of clear nail polish.

Use a scratch-preventing spray

how to remove dog scratches from car

When your dog needs to get out of the car, make sure you are using a sturdy vehicle!

Most cars have a plastic or leather cover that can be used as a protective layer if you know how to use it correctly. This is typically placed over the hood of the car in order to protect it from minor scratches or dings.

However, this may not work for very long unless you do some quick fixes. Because these covers usually come off easily, your dog may try to push them away soon after getting into the car, which could cause it to scrape his nose or paw on the exposed metal surface.

Instead of buying a new cover, you can fix the old one by spraying it with a clear, anti-static spray first. This will prevent the material from sticking and gluing itself onto the car surface, and also helps keep the coating fresh and durable.

Let your car dry naturally

how to remove dog scratches from car

The best way to remove dog hair from your car is by letting it air-dry. If you must, then use a paper towel or cloth to wipe down the skin of your vehicle that has dried onto the surface.

Never use alcohol to wash away dirt and grime because this can actually spread dry dog fur even more. This could result in longer hairs that are harder to pull out. Using a cleaner with no ethanol content will be the most effective!

Some people suggest using glass scouring pads but these should never be put into water as they may break down and burn in the process.

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