How To Remove Broken Bleeder Screw


Sometimes, while using your computer or other electronic devices, you can run into issues with one of the components breaking down. A common issue is when there are small holes that begin to fill up with blood as the component breaks down. These are called bleeder spots and will only get worse if left alone.

If this happens to you, it is important to identify what caused the break down and how to fix it. It may be easier to just buy a new part, but instead you can try removing the broken screw yourself!

Removing a damaged threaded rod screw can sometimes prove tricky. If you do not take the right precautions, you could hurt yourself or make the situation worse. In this article, we will go over some basic tips for changing out a bleacher screw in an easy way.

Warning! Changing screws on electronics equipment should be done only by professionals who have appropriate training and experience. Please use these instructions at your own risk.

Removal Tips

Here are some helpful ways to remove a bleacher screw. Make sure to read all of the steps before attempting to change the screw.

Step 1: Use a tool to pry the cover off the device

Most times, the top piece of the device has a plastic covering that holds it onto the body of the device. This usually comes off easily using a thin metal object like a pin punch or even a paper clip.

Loosen the screw with a wrench

how to remove broken bleeder screw

Sometimes, in trying to fix your vehicle, you will break or lose a bleeder screw. This can sometimes be due to bad maintenance or damage done while repairing the car.

Usually, these screws get stuck as they are used to bleed off fluid from the brake system. If left alone, this could cause the brakes to fade and/or stop working completely.

Since they are usually made of metal, it is easy to just remove them and replace them later. However, do not use a hammer to hit the screw back in, as this could hurt yourself or crack the rotor!

Instead, use a small hand-held tool called a hex key to loosen the screw. You can find one at most automotive stores for around $5-$10. Simply turn the key in slowly and carefully until the screw comes loose.

Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw

how to remove broken bleeder screw

When you find yourself with a bleeder nail that is no longer cooperating, it is time to remove it! The hardest part will be removing the broken down piece of metal that has been punctured through the surface layer of your nail.

The easiest way to do this is by using a tool called a universal torque wrench or keyway driver. A common place to use these is while working on cars. These tools have an adjustable speed motor and indicator dale.

You can buy one from any good automotive parts store or website such as Amazon or eBay. They are relatively inexpensive too!

With our new tool we can easily remove the broken down portion of the screw. Simply make sure it is aligned properly and then tighten up the threaded rod end.

Wiggle the screw slightly

how to remove broken bleeder screw

Sometimes, after removing all of the blood from your wound, you will notice that you can’t quite push the screw in completely. This is called a broken bleeder screw!

This happens when some of the holes in the screw clog up with dried blood or tissue. You may be able to wiggle the screw back into place, but only very slightly.

You should try this as soon as possible as it may take longer for the body to properly clot if you don’t. Also remember that most screws need to be rotated in either direction (forward or backward) to work so please make sure to search through our tips section before trying this.

Try to loosen the screw more

how to remove broken bleeder screw

Sometimes, when using a tool to remove a bleeder screw, you can actually hit the bleed channel and break it down or even pull out some of the material. This is because the screw becomes stuck and you have to use heavier force to rotate it.

If this happens, try rotating the head of the screw in the opposite direction or upside down! The torque will then push through the material instead of pulling up on it.

This could also work if you are able to feel fluid coming off the area where the bleed channel was. If so, wipe it away and see how fast the bleeding stops!

Removing the bleeder screw completely may not stop the blood flow immediately but it will help prevent clogs and tissue damage due to dryness.

Tap the screw gently with a hammer

how to remove broken bleeder screw

For those who have experienced a broken bleeder screw in their vehicle, you already know how frustrating it can be!

Not only do they take time to fix, but also there is no way to pull out the old part until they are replaced. If this happens within the first few miles of use, then unfortunately you will need to buy a new one which could cost quite a bit!

Luckily, we have found a foolproof method that does not require replacing the whole thing. All you need to do is hit the broken screw firmly with a small hammer or tool and it should eventually bend off.

It may take some trying but it works every time! This article will show you how to remove a broken bleeder screw from your car.

Try to loosen the screw further

how to remove broken bleeder screw

For this, you will have to use either a tool or your hand. If using a tool, then hold the pen at a slight angle and push down onto the top of the broken bleeder tip. This will create more space for the tool to work with as it pushes up against the needle.

Now, if using your hands, simply place the bent part of the needle under some weight such as a heavy book or plate. Let the weight press down on the needle and slowly rotate the whole piece of metal back towards the hole.

Removing the needle may be difficult so here are a few tips! Do not pull straight out, instead apply pressure downwards to break away. Also, do not hit the skin hard as both could become infected.

Use pliers to pull out the screw

For some people, it is easier said than done to remove a broken bleeder screw. Using the right tools makes this process much simpler. Luckily, you do not need professional help to achieve this!

There are several ways to go about removing these screws. Some say that using a hammer is the best way to do it while others suggest using needle-nose or regular pliers. It really does not matter which one you use as long as they are strong enough to work with the screw.

Removing a bleedder screw can sometimes cause more damage, so be careful not to hit the metal part too hard. This could break off and become lodged in your blood vessel even more dangerous for you! If needed, try using another tool to remove it.

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Use a drill to remove the screw

how to remove broken bleeder screw

If you find that your car is leaking fluid due to a broken bleeder screw, don’t worry! Removing the old bleeders isn’t difficult if done correctly. All you need to do is use a good quality drill to get rid of them!

Most cars come with a small tool called a hex key for removing screws like these. You can usually pick up a set of these in any automotive store or website. These are very helpful because they make using a drill much easier.

By using a hex key, it makes spinning the drill bit much simpler. This way, you won’t have to invest in special drills that require putting torque onto the head of the screw. Some common tools that can be used as a hex key include those fit for opening cans, changing flat tires, and even replacing brake pads.

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