How To Pull A Steering Wheel Without A Puller


If you happen to get into an accident where someone else’s car got stuck, then it is important to know how to pull that vehicle free. Thankfully, breaking down most cars isn’t too difficult and can be done with the help of others or by yourself if needed.

Luckily, pulling a car out of gear is something even the average person can do! It may seem impossible at first, but there are many easy ways to do so. By going through all the possible scenarios, you will find what works for your car and learn how to fix it or move onto the next one.

While this article won’t tell you how to become a professional automotive mechanic, it will give you the basics to understand how cars work and some helpful tips and tricks.

Put down a blanket or piece of paper to keep the surface clear of any objects

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

Now, you need to find something hard and sturdy that you can use to pull the wheel away from its position. This could be a handle of a door, a heavy bag, or even your own body weight!

Once found, press the steering wheel up against the new barrier and then push off with your foot or hand. You will now have to drag the wheel across the obstruction because it no longer has enough leverage to move itself easily.

Make sure the wheel is properly balanced

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

If you are ever in need of a second steering wheel, there is an easy way to do it. And I will tell you how to make this work right now!

First, you want to make sure that the car is idle and not moving before trying to pull the wheel off. This means making sure the engine is turned off and there is no traffic around or other cars coming close for you to hop out.

Next, determine if the weight of the vehicle is more towards one side or the other. A lot of people assume when they get into their car every time that it is level, but sometimes something goes wrong and the car becomes unbalanced.

If this is the case then you should know what side the heavier wheels are on so you can try to shift your balance that way. For example, if the tires on one side are much wider than the others then you would go opposite that side to see if that makes the car feel better balanced.

By doing this, you will learn which direction the car wants to turn with the steer hand and you can use that to help manipulate it.

Use a tool called a vise grip to hold the wheel

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

There are many different ways to pull a car steering wheel. Some are much more complicated than others, but they all share one thing – you do not need special tools or equipment to get the job done!

The most basic way to remove a vehicle’s steering wheel is by using your hands. If you have ever seen someone else use their hand to move something away from them, then that is probably the best approach for you.

By applying steady pressure with your hands as the wheel comes off, along with pulling up slowly on the handle, you will usually let go of the wheel without having to use any additional equipment.

There are some cases where this method does not work very well, though. For example, if the wheel has glue attached to it or there are wires in the mechanism, then trying to grab it could cause the wire to break or the plastic to melt due to excessive heat.

Use a weight to help lift the wheel

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

We will be talking about another way to remove your car’s steering wheel that does not require any tools at all! This trick works for both dented or scratched wheels as well as totally shattered ones.

A lot of people get stuck when they try to pull off their vehicle’s steering wheel because it is too heavy. Sometimes, cars are more than just a shell with metal in it – there are lots of expensive parts like brake discs, gears, and other components inside.

If you look around online, you will probably find some article or video telling you to use a hammer to smash the hood latch until you can grab the handle, but this may not work if you have hit something or smashed the glass really hard.

So instead, we will talk about using a weight to help you lift the wheel out of the car. You can easily make these weights at home or buy them online or from tool stores.

Use your own body weight to help pull the wheel

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

In case you needed more proof that gravity is king, look no further than our new article! While not very popular or technologically advanced, pulling a steering wheel using your body weight can definitely work if necessary.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where there’s no easy way to remove a car door handle, this tip will prove helpful. By lifting one of your feet off of the ground, you create enough momentum to easily pull the handle up.

By doing so, you use your body as a natural brake, preventing the vehicle from moving too quickly and potentially causing an accident. Only make sure that you are comfortable lifting your foot off of the ground, and know how heavy loaded cars can get- it can add some weight!

This trick works best when used before the engine revs up, as the heavier load makes it harder to control the vehicle.

Use a partner to help you pull the wheel

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

Even if you do not have a steering wheel puller, does not mean you cannot perform car repairs that require one! Luckily, your vehicle will likely come with all the needed tools to fix most issues.

Many auto repair shops offer assistance in changing a car tire or replacing a broken part. If this is something you need done, make sure you go to an establishment that can provide these services and goes through some additional steps to verify they are professional quality.

Some of those extra steps include: using correct tools, going through appropriate training, having enough supplies, and more importantly verifying their license and certification.

Luckily, there are many ways to help yourself out without needing to bring in outside aid.

Use a safety harness

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

In case something goes wrong, you will be protected! This is especially important if your car has air bags or other types of advanced safety equipment. If someone gets access to your steering wheel, they can disable those protections.

A standard vehicle safety belt with an extra strap that attaches to the seat frame is enough to protect you in this situation. Make sure it is tight so you are completely shielded from moving parts of the car!

Now, some cars have wheels that rotate up and away from the rest of the car when not being used. These are called steer-away wheels and work similarly as a boat motor that spins out when not needed.

However, these wheels usually lock into place when the vehicle is parked, which makes them useless for protection in a crash.

Keep your puller away from any windows or doors

how to pull a steering wheel without a puller

Many people do not know how to use their steering wheel properly. They may also struggle to get out of their car if they have to!

There are some tricks that can help you get out of your vehicle in an emergency. Unfortunately, most of these tips require something like a tool to work so it is important to always keep one close by.

Luckily, getting out of your car doesn’t usually cost too much money so don’t worry about losing value due to poor handling skills!

This article will talk you through three easy ways to launch yourself out of your car without using a tool.

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