How To Move A Car With No Wheels


If you find yourself in need of moving help, you’re not alone. Moving can be expensive! Luckily, there are many ways to move your car for free or low cost.

Luckily, we have gathered some helpful information here for you to read through and learn how to move a car with no wheels. Hopefully one of these tips will work for you!

Moving cars is a lot of work, it takes time, and money. There are so many things that could go wrong when trying to do this. That is why it is important to know what tools and tricks you have access to before getting started.

If you don’t feel comfortable lifting a heavy box off the ground then chances are someone close by has a truck they are willing to lend you a hand. Sometimes all you need is a push or two!

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Loosen the wheel nuts

how to move a car with no wheels

The next step in moving your car is to loosen the wheel nuts that hold onto the wheels. You want to make sure you do not tighten these nuts any more than necessary!

If you have no luck loosening the screws with brute force, use a tool to help. A ratchet wrench will do the trick here as it can be used both for clockwise or counterclockwise turns.

By using a good sized ratchet wrench, you can easily turn the screw until it just barely spins without taking too much torque. This way you don’t have to worry about overdoing it and stripping the threads of the nut.

Once you get the screw loose enough so that it does not bind anymore, then you can pull the tire off. Repeat this process for each of the four wheels!

After doing this, you now have an empty space where the vehicle would normally sit. Now, you need to determine what type of container or pile you will use to drop and store the car.

Types of containers depend on if the area has access to water or power, as well as how heavy the truck is. Some types of containers require special equipment to move the vehicle out later.

Lift the car

how to move a car with no wheels

The next step in moving your car is lifting it. You will want to make sure you have all of the wheels removed first, so that you can lift the vehicle without scratching or damaging anything else.

Once you have determined that your car’s wheels are no longer usable, you will need to find some way to get rid of them. This could be taking them to any number of automotive recyclers or junk yards, buying new tires for your current set, or just throwing away the metal rims.

Now that those things are done, it is time to start thinking about how to move your car. A lot of people use ramps to do this, but there are much better ways if you know what tools are available to you.

The best way to handle this situation is by using a tow truck.

Roll it

how to move a car with no wheels

The best way to move your car is by rolling it or dragging it. This can be done at either end of the vehicle, or even in the middle!

By doing this, you will save lots of money because you do not have to pay for expensive moving services that require you to push your car or use heavy equipment.

Instead, you just pull out some good old-fashioned muscle and get it moved!

To roll your car, you need to know if there are any valuable items inside. If so, make sure they are secured properly.

Next, pick an area with little traffic so that you do not risk being hit while rolling down the road. Once here, back up several feet and then slowly ease forward until you find a spot where you can turn around.

Now comes the hard part: getting it started! Simply put the wheel you want to drag backwards behind you, back up the car, and then begin pushing off the drive shaft.

This will cause the front wheels to rotate slightly, giving you enough momentum to start spinning the rear ones. Keep pulling away and you’ll see your car moving soon!

General tips before trying to drag a car: Make sure all windows and doors are closed and locked! Also, check to see if there is anything blocking the wheels – like sand or dirt. You don’t want these things causing damage as you try to move it.

Try to keep it on the road

how to move a car with no wheels

When your car is stuck or cannot be moved, the first thing you should do is try to stay safe. You can’t drive it so you don’t have a source of transportation, but you also can’t walk very far either.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to try to help yourself before police or other people come along and ask you to. Some of these things include walking or running away from the vehicle, pushing or rolling it, getting someone else to do one of those things for you, or taking control of another vehicle.

While all of these seem like great ideas, only do them if you really know what you’re doing. Most people who get into situations like this aren’t able to think through how to fix it properly.

In fact, some experts say that trying something new in an unexpected situation can actually make it worse because you might hurt yourself or others while trying to escape or move the vehicle. People who don’t take automotive safety seriously often find themselves in tricky positions.

Connect the battery

how to move a car with no wheels

The next thing you will need to do is connect the car’s battery to another source of power! This could be done several ways, depending on whether you have access to an electrical outlet or not.

If you do, then great you are all set! You can just hook it up there directly! If you don’t, however, you can always use your computer as a source of electricity for helping boost the engine’s performance.

Check the oil

how to move a car with no wheels

The first thing you should do if your car can’t be moved is check the oil. If there isn’t enough oil in the engine, it will not run properly, and that could be disastrous if you are trying to get somewhere or need help!

You don’t have to take our word for it – just look at the instructions: how to change a tire. Obviously, changing a tire is way more complicated than checking the oil!

But what makes this trick special is that you only really need a piece of plastic (or paper) to test the oil. You can usually find those lying around!

So, before attempting to move any cars, make sure to pull out all the necessary tools (pliers, screwdriver, etc.

Test drive it

how to move a car with no wheels

Let’s say you find yourself in need of a new car, but there are no cars around that match your exact needs at this moment in time. You could always just buy a different make and model, but what if we told you that you can actually take possession of a brand-new vehicle without even having a test ride?

Well, you can! The next step is to check out whether or not your local motor dealership offers auto transport services. This will give you an opportunity to see how professional their service is before you decide to invest in one of theirs.

Some things to look for include signs of excessive dust and dirt under the hood as well as underneath the vehicle. Make sure they have all of the necessary paperwork and evidence that they are authorized to sell vehicles.

Once everything looks okay, ask about their track record when it comes to transporting cars.

Make sure it is not leaking

how to move a car with no wheels

The first thing you should do if your car can’t be moved because there are no wheels is make sure it isn’t leaking fluid. Check all of the tires, check the engine for signs of water damage, and test the battery strength by trying to start the vehicle.

If everything seems fine, then try changing the front or back wheel so that it will at least roll.

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