How To Make Straight Pipe Exhaust Quieter


Aftermarket exhaust systems are plentiful these days! You can find everything from totally stock looking pipes, all the way up to fully modified monsters that look like they could take off at any moment!

Some people prefer using aftermarket parts rather than buying new pipe or mufflers as an alternative to having a louder engine. Many of these modifications are for improving performance, while some are just to make your car sound better!

Whether you’re looking to keep it stealthy or want to go balls-to-the-wall crazy, there is something out there for everyone! While many of these mods may cost a bit more money, most do not exceed $100 or even come with instructions. Luckily, we have gathered several tips here for you to research and implement!

These will be focused on keeping your feet dry, lowering temperatures, and enhancing flow in order to minimize noise! If someone else was doing this to yours, they would probably refer to this as ‘layers’ of quietness. We will also talk about what types of pipes are available and why each one makes a difference.

Try using a different pipe size

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

For those that want very stealthy, quiet pipes, trying experimenting with thinner diameter tubing is your best bet. Using 1/2 inch or 3/8 inches thin walled tubing as an exhaust tip will have this effect!

Thinner walls are more efficient at conducting heat away from the vehicle so it can be re-radiated into the open air.

Use a pipe cleaner

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

The next thing you will want to do is use a needle-shaped tool to clean out your pipes. These are called pipe cleaners!

You can get these at any hardware or plumbing store, but make sure they are for smoking materials only! They come in different lengths and shapes, but usually have a longer handle attached to a shorter wire tip.

The tip is used to scrape off excess carbon that has built up in the pipe. After using one of these, be sure to wash your hands well and if possible, rinse under running water!

Some people also like to pull back the blackened layer of soot with their fingers to see how thick it really is before cleaning more thoroughly.

Run a humidifier in the car

Running an air dryer or humidifier is another way to reduce noise levels from your vehicle’s exhaust system. Both work by helping water vapor enter the engine’s cylinders, which dilutes some of the compressed gasses that exit the engine as heat.

Some studies show that having adequate humidity in the combustion chamber can prevent detonation, so to speak. When you have too much moisture in the cylinder, there are no solid crystals forming, preventing strong chemical reactions that create loud noises.

Having enough atmospheric moisture also helps keep down spark plug fouling due to acid buildup caused by burnt gases. If left untreated, this could cause poor performance or even failure of the device.

Use a soundproofing spray

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

After cleaning your pipes, use a soft brush or cloth to remove any dried residue that could cause clogging. Then, apply some pipe sealant to ensure that your pipes do not stick together due to dryness.

Next, take a look at the location where you plan to install your new tip. If it is close to other components such as hoses, valves, or catalytic converters, then try to position it as far away from these things as possible. This will help reduce noise interference with those devices.

If possible, also pull out the old exhaust system so that you can wash off the gaskets and seals that may have deteriorated due to excessive heat. You want to make sure that there are no hard points left exposed!

Now, go ahead and choose either our silicone or rubber glue gun to melt down the pipestem tip. Once melted, pour the liquid into the end of your pipestem and let sit for about one minute.

Use a different pipe shape

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

After you have done all of this, your next step is choosing what kind of tubing you will use for your new straight pipe system! There are two main shapes that people use for their aftermarket systems- round and oval. Both are great, but just make sure which one is more comfortable for your hand to hold onto while smoking!

The most popular style is the oval shaped tube. These can be either shorter or longer depending on how much additional tone and volume you want from your pipes. People usually start off buying an already made ovoid body piece and then adding some other components to it such as cones, clamps, etc.

A less expensive way to do it is starting with a cone and clamp and then finding a body piece that has been manufactured by someone else.

Use a rolled up shirt or towel

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

For those looking to make their pipe sounds quieter, there are several ways to do this. One of the easiest is by using a rolled up cloth to cover your pipes. You can use an old t-shirt, a towel, or even a wool blanket if needed.

The best way to go about doing this is starting off with closed valves. This will prevent any noise that comes from escaping through open valve areas. Once you have done this, you can work on muffling the excess gas coming out of the pipe.

You can either pull down on the end of the pipe or push it away from your car in order to silence it more. Pulling it down will only create a hissing sound while pushing it away will cause it to whistle as air flows over the top edge.

Insulate with rugs or blankets

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

While having a nice, sleek pipe is very attractive, it can be quite loud! The sound that your pipe makes as it exhales gasses is one of the main factors in determining how stealthy you are.

The louder this noise gets, the less likely people will want to chat with you or even invite you over for a drink!

Luckily, there are some easy ways to reduce the volume of your pipe without actually altering anything about it. One of these things is to use thickly-padded car mats or heavy blankets to cover up the pipes.

You can also buy all sorts of foam insulation products that fit between the stock clamps or mufflers and the pipe itself. These are usually cheap and work well if applied correctly.

Use a compressor

how to make straight pipe exhaust quieter

A great way to make your pipe quiet is by using aftermarket chrome pipes or straight pipe that have an additional layer of insulation. This can be done either through replacing the entire length of pipe or buying a short piece and adding onto it!

We recommend going up close to the throttle position and listening for any kind of noise. If you are able to here anything else apart from the engine running, then look into insulating the pipe yourself!

This will not only help reduce the growl but also keep the car safer due to less thermal expansion caused by hot exhaust gases.

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