How To Make My 3.7 Mustang Faster


The term ‘performance’ is very loosely defined, depending on what you want from your car. Some people mean horsepower, top speed, and/or acceleration, while others mean look and feel. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees on which definitions are the best!

This can sometimes lead to some confusion as to what performance means to you as an individual driver. One person may consider a vehicle with more powerful engines to be a better performing car than someone else who prefers lighter weight cars due to how satisfying it is to drive them.

That is why we decided to make this article! We will go into great detail about how to improve the performance of your Ford Mustang by changing various parts. These include improving brake efficiency, altering tire size or shape, and adding aftermarket accessories.

We also have organized this information into different categories determined by component. For example, there is a section dedicated to replacing or upgrading the engine, then intake, exhaust, wheels, and so on. Each one comes with recommendations in both benefits and costs, making it easy to find what works for you.

Change your driving position

When you are in close proximity to something, like another car or a pedestrian, it is difficult to maintain focus on safety while also trying to gain speed. The same thing happens when you are cruising along at a steady pace and someone comes up behind you quickly!

By changing your seating position, you can increase your vehicle’s acceleration and top speed. This article will show you some easy ways to do that. Read on for more information!

The easiest way to improve your vehicle’s performance is by working on its engine. Changing out intake pipes, fuel injectors, and air filters can all contribute to improved throttle response and horsepower.

However, spending money on new parts is very expensive unless you are rich! Luckily, there are some things you can do to improve the efficiency of your engine without too much cost.

This article will go into detail about one of those tips – improving your vehicle’s seat height. It is possible to make small changes to your ride which add significant speed!

Seat Height Is A Critical Factor In Engine Performance

Many people do not realize how important their seat heights are until they try to find a set-up that does not work for them.

Seats with low backs are great if you are tall because you get a good boost from being able to sit lower. But if you are short, then you may feel cramped due to the distance between your legs and the back of the seat.

Change your driving style

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

When it comes down to it, how fast you go depends on two things: Your car’s engine and what kind of driver you are. If you take more risk-taking chances by going off road or racing around the track at full speed, then you will be faster than someone who does not like taking risks.

The first thing about changing your driving style is knowing when to use it. For example, people with normal cars can be slow drivers because they do not feel the need to push their vehicle to its limit.

If you want to increase your top speed, then you have to understand that most people do not actively work to reduce drag while cruising at speeds below 50 miles per hour.

At this speed range, drag becomes significant and even adds power to your wheel spin! This means that if you want to improve your top speed, you must learn how to control drag.

There are several ways to do this such as lower frame rails, less intrusive bumpstops, and better weight distribution. All of these factors affect drag in different ways so pick ones that make you comfortable and learn how to manipulate them.

Practice driving techniques

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

A lot of people get speed bonuses by practicing their handlings, wheeling, spinning, etc. The trick is to do it in areas that are safe!

Practicing your handling comes down to feel. If you’re not sure if something feels good or bad then you won’t know how to handle the car properly. There are several online resources and video tutorials that can teach you some basic moves.

For example, there are many ways to learn how to heel-toe shift a vehicle. This is done by dropping one foot off the gas pedal while simultaneously putting it on the brake before re-engaging both feet onto the accelerator. It takes practice but once you have it down, go fast!

Wheelying is also a great way to work on control.

Buy new racing seats

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

Racing seats are an important part of improving your car’s performance. They play a big role in how fast you go, so make sure they’re up to par!

Seats that help control your leg muscles are helpful for drivers who need more feel at the pedals. These muscle-controlling seats also reduce thigh pressure, which helps prevent tire wear and loss of traction. More comfortable seats can be a factor if you want to keep driving after the race!

Seat cushions that are soft are worth having unless you like it that way. A few grams less cushioning may mean slightly faster speeds, but not enough to really matter until you’re heading down the Autobahn.

Replace your current clutch

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

The first step in improving performance of any vehicle is changing the engine, then the transmission, and finally the wheels or brakes. Changing your car’s brake system is probably one of the most expensive things you can do because it costs around $300-500 depending on what kind of breakers you have. However, an aftermarket replacement brake system will definitely improve the way your car feels when it comes to speed!

By replacing your stock calipers with larger ones that are improved friction material, better cooling, and bigger pistons; you increase the braking efficiency of your vehicle! This is particularly important if you want to take your Ford seriously as a racecar driver.

If you are looking to go even faster, look into upgrading your suspension components as well. Doing this improves grip by redistributing weight more effectively across the surface area of the pavement, which helps prevent wheel spin and enhances cornering speeds.

Run a cleaning solution in your fuel tank

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

The next step is to run a good quality, non-acidic cleaner through your car’s fuel system. Most people use petrolium (gasoline) as the solvent, but you can also use alcohol or oil if you have it.

Some brands of cleaners contain additives that increase fluid flow in your engine, helping your motor burn off leftover water and acid. These are important because both can prevent your engine from burning completely due to excess moisture in the mix.

If your car already has some liquid in its fuel system, then no need to go down this route! Simply test one area of your engine for any signs of damage before going longer than half an hour to see if the cleaner works.

Make sure to only do this once the engine has cooled down and you have checked all of the parts thoroughly.

Update your car’s fluids

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

The quality of your engine oil is important! Changing it is a very simple process, but you want to make sure you are buying from an established brand name that people trust.

A few things will influence the efficiency of your vehicle including the fluid level, additives in the oil, and how thick the oil is. If it is too thin, your engine will not be protected properly and could potentially damage or even fail.

If the engine is running out of fluid, then your car will perform poorly which can hurt seriously if you need to take off quickly or go somewhere. A low fluid level can also cause overheating and failure of critical components.

You should have your vehicle checked by a professional before making any changes to ensure everything functions correctly.

Change your oil routine

how to make my 3.7 mustang faster

Changing the engine’s oil is one of the most important maintenance procedures in any vehicle, let alone a three-quarter-ton pickup truck.

Since we drove our mustang earlier this year it has done well up until now, but as time moves forward things start to break down. That includes wearing out components such as bearings and seals that help keep the engine running smoothly. If you are looking to get better performance out of your car, changing the engine’s oil is the first thing to do!

There are two main reasons to change the engine’s oil. The first is because it will make the engine run more efficiently and effectively by removing some of the old worn out lubricant. This helps reduce friction in the cylinder walls, pistons, rings, etc., which can cause damage or destruction of the engine if left unchecked.

The second reason to change the engine’s oil is due to the type of oil used for engines. Oils with heavier proportions of fluid (lubricants) have thicker coats and longer lasting effects than those who don’t. As technology advances and new products are designed, engineers find ways to improve the efficiency of an ingredient in the oil while at the same time making the product more durable.

That being said, General Motors discontinued polyester additive additives in their oils back in 2009.

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