How To Make A Headliner Board


A board or header photo is an interesting way to begin your look for your business, group, or organization. It can be used as a website banner, a social media profile picture, or even printed off and attached to some paper or surface of yours.

The hardest part about using a headshot as a business logo or banner is picking out what kind you want to use. There are many ways to source professional photos that do not cost a lot, but if you are more creative or have someone else in your life who is artistic, there are several free resources available.

There are also lots of sites with free stock photography that you may or may not know about! By going through their listing systems and looking at examples, you could probably find something great starting material.

Another option would be taking your own pictures – this is very common these days due to everyone having a smartphone with good camera settings. You could take many different types of pictures, from action shots to still lifes, and edit them later.

Make a list of interest groups you belong to

how to make a headliner board

In order to make a headlining board for your bedroom, first make a list of all of the types of products you like. These can be categorized into two different categories: Productive toys and non-productive toys.
Toys in the first category are those that help you learn or improve upon certain skills. The most well known toys in this genre are the lube and sex toy bins where you can find anything from dildos to vibrators to anal beads.

These are very popular because they let you try out new things without buying them fully. Many people begin with the simpler ones (like having someone else teach them how to use a vibrator) before moving onto more complicated versions. Having an open bin can also inspire others to start trying new things!

The second category is comprised of fun toys that simply do not require any special expertise to enjoy. Some examples include pool balls, cucumbers, and plastic swords. People tend to get these toys either at yard sales or through online shopping sites and then have fun experimenting with them.

Make a list of things you like to do

how to make a headliner board

In the next section, we will talk about making a movie board or a header board. This is also known as a topic and position paper. You can make this out to be a new business or career. Or maybe it’s just to showcase what you love to do!

Making a movie board isn’t very complicated, but I will go into some detail here because it does take a little time. When I first made mine, I spent around an hour per page. It took me that long to edit and design my bullets, placement, and overall look.

I have given myself more leeway in editing since then so it takes me less than a minute to put together each one.

Make a list of things you would like to try

how to make a headliner board

The next step in making your board head and shoulders taller is to make a list of items that you want to add into it. These can be fun pictures, sayings, or even products!

You can also write down funny quotes or saying to put under the picture or item. For example, if your board was for new year’s resolutions, you could put a goal written below a joke about quitting smoking!

Then, start buying all of the pieces separately and as a set. As seen above, I started with a board first and then framed the picture onto the board.

I then found an old frame that matched the color palette already done and glued the two together.

Look at each topic list to determine the headliner topic

how to make a headliner board

Even though you can use pictures or decorations to emphasize a given topic, nothing is more powerful than an excellent headline!

Your headlines should be full of important information that your audience needs to know.

Create a headliner topic outline

how to make a headliner board

In order to create a great bulletin board, you need to start with an empty canvas. What we will do next is create an easy way to organize our topics and bullets into something more structured.

You can now easily edit this organization later by simply selecting each item (topic or bullet point) and then changing its content or color.

Once it’s done, you can add these items in anywhere and use them as headers for different posts!

Let’s get started by creating an organizational system. Take some time to play around with how many levels and colors you want to have here before adding anything else.

We’ll go ahead and name this System Settings and hit save once it’s finished.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s begin designing our new header! I’d recommend choosing a white background color and using the paint tool to draw your choice of font.

Add in some basic text to describe what this header will be used for and hit publish! Your new banner design has been saved and can now be moved and edited any time.

Narrow down your list of interest groups

how to make a headliner board

After you have done some research, gathered all of your materials and organized them, it is time to make your headlining board!

Start by picking your material type or surface that will house your headings. You can use an old piece of paper or cardboard as coverup material, but making sure it can be easily removed and re-used is important.

If using plastic trays, make sure they are easy to cut into pieces. If buying new trays, look for ones that are sturdy and neutral looking so you can keep changing the colors of your group’s banner.

For example, if your group wants to create a holiday themed board this winter, they could buy a batch of Christmas trees in March and then put their holiday decorations under those during spring break.

Once everything is ready, members should gather together to create their own individual banners.

Join more groups

how to make a headliner board

As mentioned earlier, being in too many groups can be annoying as you have to spend time sorting out which groups are worth your membership and what messages and content you want to see.

But not all groups are made equal! Some take lots of resources to run their group well while others don’t.

The people running the group may even put up fake pictures or profiles so that members join without realizing it is an empty shell.

By joining less than necessary number of groups, you save yourself some wasted time looking through things that aren’t very useful and waste of energy on things that are.

Give some attention to just a few groups that seem to make sense and add value to you. Don’t let social media get away from us again!

And once you’ve found the right groups for you, consider supporting them by donating or at least liking their page.

Do things that interest you on your interest lists

how to make a headliner board

It’s important to know what types of items people like to make headliners for. If you’re not sure if something is interesting, try doing it!

Something as simple as making homemade snacks or drinking tea/water can easily be turned into a new board item. Add some pictures and information about the product and you have yourself a new board feature!

Making an educational headliner out of how to make chocolate chip cookies is a great way to start. Or creating a beauty guru board with tips and tricks for staying organized with all of your products and supplies.

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