How To Keep Subwoofer Box From Sliding


When you watch action or horror movies, there’s usually one thing that gets really annoying – the bass! The low-end of the sound is way too powerful and can be very distracting.

That’s why most movie theaters have special equipment designed to control the power of the subwoofers. They’re called bass traps or baffle boxes and they work by absorbing some of the lower frequency sounds before they get routed into your room.

However, not all bass trap designs are effective for every person and situation. In this article, we will talk about five types of bass traps and determine which ones may actually hurt your music listening experience.

Use mounting brackets

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

The best way to keep your subwoofers in place is by using mounting hardware or screws. There are several types of mounts available, but all work similarly.

You can find these at most home improvement stores like Lowes or Best Buy. They usually cost around $10-20 per pack of two bolts and washer or plate that hold the woofer in position.

Some people also use adjustable feet as another solution to keeping their subwoofers from sliding under furniture or up walls. These are attached to the frame of the speaker with springs or plastic balls that allow you to raise or lower the foot so it does not move easily.

By having an extra piece holding the speaker down, you prevent it from being pushed away due to weight.

Use double-sided tape

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

One of the biggest culprits for loose sub box seams is having poor quality fastening materials or poorly designed joints. Materials such as glue, nails, screws and staples all will cause your sleeve to lose its grip and eventually come off.

If you need to remove one side of the bass extension quickly, use a paper clip or thin strip of metal to do so!

Alternatively, use glues that are specifically designed for bass extensions and subs. There are many types with different strengths and lengths of staying power. Make sure to test a small area first to see if it works before applying to the whole project.

Another solution is using velcro instead of glue or tapes. Velcro can be glued onto new pieces but not onto old ones, which may break away.

Use adhesive strips

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

One of the most common things to do is glue the bass driver into the enclosure using hot glue or liquid nails. While this can work, it requires you to wait for the glue to dry which takes longer than wanted sometimes.

Another solution that people use is removable panels or covers. These are usually made out plastic or cardboard that can be easily glued onto the subwoofer box.

However, what if someone wants to take these off later? You would have no way to re-attach them unless you have the proper tools!

What if they decide to take them off and put them somewhere else? Or even keep them as a gift? There is now no way to do so because they’ve lost their mounting screws or tape that holds them in place.

So how about we solve this problem by not having any of those problems?!

We will go one step further and make sure your subwoofer has full access to its power source by creating an extra cover. We will also ensure it stays on securely!

These two concepts – covering the power supply and keeping the bass speaker box stable and attached to each other -> COVER THE POWER SUPPLY AND KEEP THE BASS DRIVER STABLE = SUB WAVEGENER!!!

Here at ASoundLab, we designed our universal 5-1/2″ thick soft foam plate just for this! It fits all types of bass drivers and subs and secures both effectively.

Use shock cords

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

Shock cords are long, slender wires that can be tied or glued into place in various patterns depending on your design choice. They are typically made of heavy duty material such as brass so they will last!

Some examples of using shock cords include tying them between the woofers and the bass radiator, gluing them onto the back side of the sub box, or attaching them to the frame directly.

This article is going to talk about how to attach shock cords to the bass radiator of your subwoofer. It may also discuss some alternatives for securing the cord to the radiator. However, before we get too far along, let’s review the two main components of a subwoofer – the driver and the bass radiator.

The Driver

A speaker driver is what produces sound. Most drivers use moving air to produce oscillations which then vibrate the surface of the driver you want to transmit the voice signal through. For example, if there was no plastic cone attached to the driver, it would not work.

Conventional dome tweeters do not have any kind of resonance chamber or venting area built-in. This means that when the driver receives an input signal, all of the energy is sent up into the top half of the cone where it gets lost. Only around 10% makes its way down the sides and out the front of the cone.

Make sure the box is firmly seated on the floor

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

While many people position their subwoofers under a table or cabinet, this can cause trouble for users in the future. If you have to move your furniture or need more space, then it is better to purchase a new speaker system that does not require such a placement.

If you are planning to move into a house with no wall-mounted cabinets, make sure to buy speakers that can be attached to the floor or countertop. This way you will know they will stay put!

Another option is to buy covers or boxes for the subs so that you do not have to worry about them.

Make sure the box isn’t blocking a door

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

In addition to ensuring that there are no gaps or cracks in the foam of your subwoofer, make sure it doesn’t get stuck when you close the grill. If it does, you may have to invest in a new bass system!

If your doors don’t open up straight away, then try lifting the side panel off the back first. This way, you can see if the bass is working before you fully remove the grills.

You should be able to easily slide the panels aside unless there is some kind of obstruction.

Check the subwoofer for cracks

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

The best way to prevent your subwoofers from sliding out of their box is to make sure they are installed properly in the vehicle!

One of the most common causes of cracked boxes is installing the woofer after the car has been driven. Because cars lose significant weight as it ages, gravity can easily push the box down or even cause the bass driver to come off completely.

It is important to never install the woofer before you test it because this could damage the unit. Make sure you have enough space around the box for proper installation.

Also, be careful not to overfill the compartment. This could cause the speaker to get stuck and become difficult to remove.

Clean the box

how to keep subwoofer box from sliding

A lot of people start using their sub by gluing it into the car wall or taping it in place with packing tape, which can eventually cause damage to the bass driver or the wall it is glued onto.

Subs are designed to move so there must be an opening for this to happen. If you notice that your bass response has decreased or barely existent treble tones, it may indicate something is blocking the driver.

You should always check your stereo settings as well because some apps have setting where they “mute” the sub when the volume gets too high. This would also contribute to lower-than-expected bass performance.

By cleaning the interior of the box, you will see if the fix worked or not! Never pull out any wires while the system is turned on though, instead just unplug it before trying this.

After removing all the small pieces, use a damp rag to wipe off the foam surface of the box. Then, spray some light grease onto the metal surfaces and let sit for a few minutes.

If needed, apply more grease to the plastic parts and repeat the process until the box functions properly.

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