How To Keep Radio On At Drive-in


Having a car radio that does not work is kind of annoying, especially if you are trying to listen to something while traveling or doing other things. Luckily, there are some easy ways to fix this!

There are two main reasons your vehicle’s radio will stop working – battery failure and device malfunction. This article will talk about how to test the former and the latter. Then we will discuss why it is important to keep your car radio in good condition, as well as what can be done if you run into issues with your current radio.

This article will also go over different types of radios and what qualities each one has.

Check the voltage of the battery

how to keep radio on at drive-in

Many people do not know how to check the voltage of their car’s battery. However, this is an important thing to know when trying to keep your radio working in the event it shuts off due to low battery power.

A common way to test the charge level of the vehicle battery is by using a volt meter. A simple volt meter will cost around $20–$50.

You can also use online resources to find free volt meters or software that works similarly to those paid products. Some examples of such software are WinVolt and TestPoint.

These applications have you create a account through their site which allows you to gain access to some pretty powerful features. For example, you can add external batteries to monitor as well as test potential new batteries.

Replace the battery

how to keep radio on at drive-in

The other major cause of radio station break up is having an empty battery. Batteries will die, that’s just part of being human! If you notice your radio becoming less powerful or even no longer working, it’s time to replace the battery.

It’s important to know how to check if a car stereo battery is dead. You can do this by using a multimeter. All good digital cameras have a setting where you can view the voltage of the battery, so look for those in radios as well.

If the meter indicates a low reading, then there is likely not enough power coming from the vehicle’s electrical system to operate the radio. Make sure to search around online for information on how to test a car battery to make sure it isn’t simply disconnected due to loss of charge.

Once you determine that the battery is bad, get a new one while supplies last! Luckily, they are relatively inexpensive these days.

Make sure the radio is not plugged into a power source

Even though you have determined that your car does not have working speakers, it is still possible to listen to music! You can either use headphones or an external speaker device such as a Bluetooth phone charger or Amazon Echo Dot.

If using earbuds, be sure they are of good quality and will secure tight around your ears. Unfortunately, there is no way to easily connect them to your smartphone so look up how to make your own if needed.

Many people also use wireless headphones which do not need to be connected directly to their device. These work by having small antennas in the cord that sync with the device later.

Switch off the radio and the vehicle

how to keep radio on at drive-in

Now that you’ve determined how to turn up the volume, it is time to switch off the radio and the car!

You have now learned some of the easiest ways to lower your song volumes. If you are more experienced in music production, then experimenting with other features such as EQ, effect settings, or track modes can be done to reduce the intensity of each element even further.

Check the battery connection

how to keep radio on at drive-in

Even though your car no longer has an antenna, you can still listen to radio! Most of these now have Bluetooth technology built in which allows for streaming of music, news, sports, etc. through your device. All you need is a free app that connects with Bluetooth and you’re good to go.

If you are experiencing poor reception or no signal when trying to stream via phone, check the battery connection first. Make sure it isn’t loose and see if there is any moisture around it. If not, try changing the position of the battery or recharging it.

Make sure the battery is properly connected to the vehicle

how to keep radio on at drive-in

In addition to ensuring your car is equipped with the proper radio reception, make sure that you are using the right type of radio. Most cars now have an in-car Bluetooth or Wi-Fi system which can be used as a music source instead of the standard AM/FM radio.

Use the correct charging method for your battery

how to keep radio on at drive-in

Many people enjoy visiting drive-in movie theaters because of the unique experience they offer. For those who do not know, a drive-in theater does not have interior seating like most movie theatres.

Instead, there are usually benches or grassy areas where you can sit down next to open windows or glass doors. This allows for much better sound quality due to less interference from other sounds such as cars passing by or street noise.

There is also less disturbance of air flow in these settings which helps preserve the crisp audio that radio frequency (RF) signals require to be heard clearly.

Run the battery down before replacing

how to keep radio on at drive-in

Even though it’s tempting to just run out and buy a new radio, don’t! Before doing that, make sure you completely drain your car’s old battery.

If possible, pull off the hood of the vehicle so that you can access the battery more easily. By doing this, we also recommend disconnecting the negative cable coming from the battery as well (usually located under the hood). This way, even if someone else gets in the car with the engine running, they won’t be able to get power.

Once the battery is totally depleted, remove it and connect the positive wire back together. Then, replace the battery and test the radio to see whether it will turn on.

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