How To Jump Start A Car With Push Button Ignition


Many cars have found their way into the garage of most new car owners these days. More manufacturers are offering systems that do not require you to use your hands to start your vehicle, or at least offer push button ignition as an option.

Some people feel more comfortable working with engines than others, so this is definitely an advantage if you know how to take care of one! However, if you do not, it can be confusing trying to figure out what goes where and when. Starting your engine is actually quite simple, but getting those initial starts can be tricky sometimes.

Having a bad starting experience will likely scare away many novice drivers, which is why some vehicles now feature easy-to-use push button ignitions. If you find yourself in need of a quick getaway, this may be your best bet!

Luckily, there are some helpful tips here for every type of pushbutton ignition system. Some make it easier to turn the key, while other ones work by using a battery jumper cable to help power up the vehicle. No matter which one you have, we can tell you all about them here!

Hopefully you will never have to use this information, but just in case you needed a boost, read on! These tips will surely do the trick.

Connect the jumper cables

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

When your car is no longer starting, it’s time to connect the correct amount of jump starter power!

It’s important to know how to use jumper cables before trying to start a vehicle that has run out of battery energy. Luckily, there are some easy ways to get yourself up and running again!

First, you will need two sets of cables – one set should be good quality heavy duty cables. These can usually be found at any automotive dealership or professional mechanic shop.

Never use thin, regular household cable connectors when working with electrical equipment! The thinner wires may not handle enough current which could potentially damage the device being recharged!

Also make sure both ends of each cable have flat metal contacts in order to make solid connections. You don’t want dead batteries! Good luck finding those though… 😉

Now that you have all the right pieces, let’s learn how to connect them properly!

The first thing we do is connect the positive terminal (or “plug”) of a new battery to the negative terminal (or “crash test”) connector on an old battery. Make sure to keep track of which goes where!

Next, connect the other end of the new battery to the source of electricity for the engine. In most cases this means connecting the positive side of the battery to the vehicle’s ignition system.

Connect the positive cable to the positive battery terminal

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

The next step is to connect the negative (distributor) cable to the other side of the distributor. This is your turn time sensor or advance ignition system!

The positive battery terminal goes into the connector already attached to the positive wire coming off the computer. Make sure you which one it matches with, but do not pull too hard on either one of them! You want to make sure that both are connected properly so your car will start when needed!

Once both sides are connected, test your engine to see if it starts! If it does, then you have done your part, give yourself a high-five and move onto the next step.

Connect the negative cable to the negative battery terminal

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

The next step is to connect the negative cable to the car’s negative battery terminal. This will provide power to activate the electronic ignition in your vehicle!

It is very important to do this correctly, as wrong connections can cause serious damage to your car or worse! Make sure you have identified the correct positive and negative terminals for your make and model of car.

Remember, if it sounds like there is not enough power being supplied, then something may be damaged on the inside of the engine. Therefore, test that the connection works before moving onto the next steps.

Once connected, turn the key until the headlights come on.

Test to make sure both cars are on

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

Starting your car is one of the most important tasks you will do for it! There are two main ways to start your car, push button ignition or manual transmission.

With push-button ignition, there’s no need to use a key to activate the engine. You simply press the clutch pedal down (for example, going from park to drive) and then press the brake pedal, which releases the gas so that the car can roll.

The hardest part about this method is ensuring that both brakes and the gas have been pressed before you let go of the accelerator. This is why people usually hold onto the handlebars while starting their vehicle!

If you own a manual transmission car, start by pumping the gas once the engine turns over. Then slowly release the gas until the wheels spin. Once they do, apply the clutch and turn the wheel to shift into gear.

Both methods work, but some experts say that using the gas as an initial source of power is more efficient since nothing else has to get started first.

Start the car with the push button start

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

Starting your car is like waking up- you’re either going to wake up for something fun or stay in bed and sleep all day. If you choose the second option, then there are some things you can do to get back into gear!

Some people prefer having traditional pull-start engines because it is more efficient than using a push button ignition. However, not every driver has access to a normal starting method so it is important to know how to use a pushbutton engine.

There are many ways to learn how to start a car with a push button system but we will go over one of our favorite methods here! This article will teach you how to start a car with a push button system quickly and easily.

Let the car warm up for a couple of minutes

In some cases, your engine may have run out of fuel and died before it could be started properly. This is very frustrating as there are usually things you can do to jump start your car!

Fortunately, when your car loses power, it still has active electrical components such as sensors and motors so it will not completely die. You can use these to help get your vehicle back into working order!

The first thing we suggest trying is letting your car sit idle with the ignition off for a few minutes. This helps remove any residual gas that might remain in the cylinders- leaving enough fuel to begin combustion.

After two to three minutes, turn the ignition back on and see if the battery takes longer to charge than normal.

Put the car in gear and drive away

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

Starting your car is one of the most basic things you will have to do! Luckily, your vehicle should not be too difficult to get going unless something has gone wrong.

All vehicles made today use a electronic ignition system that uses a coil, a capacitor, and a battery to create an electrical current which sparks the fuel/air mixture in the engine. The coil acts as a switch so it needs to be charged before it can connect to the next part.

The capacitor stores energy while the spark plugs are firing up the combustion process, and then the stored energy is transferred to the cylinder via the coil. This creates enough voltage for the spark plug to work with.

If there’s no electricity flowing into the engine from the battery, the cylinders will become starved for power and they’ll stop firing! Or if there’s too much power being drawn off the battery, it could cause damage or even burn out the battery.

So how does putting the car in neutral and starting the engine help? By removing the first two components mentioned above, the engine becomes dependent on its own internal sources for power.

It gets its start by pulling some of its own power from the battery!

As soon as the driver removes their foot from the brake pedal, the transmission automatically shifts into gear (neutral) and the wheels begin turning.

Stay close to traffic

how to jump start a car with push button ignition

If you are having car trouble in the middle of nowhere, stay right next to some form of transportation. Whether it’s another vehicle, a bus or a taxi, there will be someone around who can help you!

This is especially important if they can provide you with their phone so that you can call for assistance. Don’t try to start your car alone!

If you do not have cell service, you can always use your device to check webpages or watch videos to learn how to fix your car yourself.

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