How To Jack Up A S197 Mustang


When you purchase or check out used Mustangs, there are always some questions that arise. What kind of engine does it have? Is it registered? Are all paperwork items in order? Does it run well?

One frequently asked question is what horsepower the car produces. OiVee usually doesn’t get too specific with this information due to legal reasons but we do know how to determine your car’s approximate power by calculating something called torque!

This article will go into detail about different ways to find torque in your new ride and how to calculate an accurate number! It’s easy to do and can be done anywhere, even if you don’t have much experience working with cars.

Hopefully you’ll now have a better understanding of just how powerful your new Mustang really is and any other modifications you can make to increase performance!

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Remove all accessories

The next thing you will want to do is remove any kind of accessory that would not be needed for your car to run properly. This includes anything like GPS devices, phone apps, Bluetooth headphones or speakers, etc.

Some cars come with basic sound equipment already so it is better to just upgrade those than get something fancy and then have no use for it.

Removing these can help reduce weight from the vehicle which helps improve performance and fuel efficiency. It also aids in lowering emissions as less metal content leaves the environment.

Also remember to delete any software packages you may have installed before such as music streaming services or navigation tools. These can stay but make sure they are uninstalled first!

Once everything has been removed, wash out the parts using either dry or wet wipes depending on how dirty they are. Make sure to clean both inside and outside surfaces.

Disassemble the car

how to jack up a s197 mustang

The next step in modifying your Ford S-Series mustangs is dismantling the vehicle! This can be done at your own pace, but it is important to remember that while you may not touch any parts for years, these components are still very expensive!

Be sure to use appropriate safety gear when working with metal. Use gloves to protect your hands from getting cut or burned by moving pieces. Also, never drop anything you pick up! These things are expensive even without damage!

Once everything has been removed, place each part into its respective box or bag. Make sure to write down all information about the parts (brands, model numbers, etc.) so you do not have to search through hundreds of boxes later!

Now, organize all of these items properly! You will want to keep them organized according to make and model, then store within either a general category like engine or chassis, or specific categories such as suspension or steering.

Jack up the car

how to jack up a s197 mustang

While most people know how to jack up a non-S197 vehicle, few realize that it is not only acceptable but also very helpful to do so!

That’s because many aftermarket products are designed specifically for modified S197 Mustangs. Rather than buying new parts, you can simply take off the old part and attach the new one!

This article will talk about some of the best ways to jack up your car and what to watch out for while doing so.

Reassemble the car

how to jack up a s197 mustang

After you have cleaned your vehicle of all components, it is time to re-attach them! Depending on how much work you did and what parts you need, this process can be done in different ways.

Some say that the easiest way to do this is to use drop-in panels or aftermarket replacements. These are already built with the necessary holes and slots so you just have to fit them into place.

Alternatively, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) body pieces can sometimes be repaired at a local bodyshop or mechanic’s garage. They may even have the tools and equipment to fix them if they break again!

If you choose the second option, make sure to check out whether these bodies are MSA (Ministry Of Transport Singapore) approved before buying new ones.

Test the car lift

how to jack up a s197 mustang

The next step in lifting your S-Series Mustangs is determining if the tool you have already purchased works for you! Some vehicle lifts are designed with advanced technology that can cost quite a bit of money, so make sure you know what functions yours has before investing more money in it.

Some tools may not work for some people and this could be due to size or design. Many shop owners will tell you that someone using their product as a leveler was able to use all features successfully, which proves the effectiveness of their product.

A lot of people also believe wheel covers can help prevent damage to the wheels while lowering or raising the car, but only if they are removed first.

Check the car for damage

how to jack up a s197 mustang

The first thing you should do is make sure your vehicle is safe! Look at the car, check it out thoroughly. Is there any major damage? If so, address those issues first!

If you notice that the hood looks dented or hurtle, make sure the wheels are still in place and the jack is attached properly. Also, check if the door is closed and locked!

Make sure all of the doors are fully operational before lifting the car. This will prevent accidents from happening due to lack of access.

Now, look under the car to see if anything has been knocked off-balance or moved around. You may also want to check the engine and trunk to see if they have been tipped over or hit.

Once everything seems okay, slowly lower the car down until it sits completely level and you can safely pull away.

Relocate any items that are not bolted down

how to jack up a s197 mustang

The next thing you will need to do is relocate anything in your car that is not bolted into place. This includes things like CDs, blankets, or whatever else you have in the back seat. You can either pull them out of the space or push them towards the front if necessary.

You also should check under the hood for anything such as loose nuts or bolts. If you find something you can easily replace it, then do so! However, if you cannot access it without taking the cover off which may be expensive, leave it alone until you can get around to fixing it.

This article has talked about some basic tips but I would recommend doing this one last before moving onto the next step.

Obtain an insurance quote

how to jack up a s197 mustang

Before you begin any modifications to your vehicle, you will need to verify that your current coverage is sufficient. Most major car manufacturers have limited liability vehicles or ones with very low limits. This means if something goes wrong and someone gets hurt due to poor safety equipment or design, their insurance company will not cover it.

You can usually get a free quote from various companies that offer auto insurance. Some ways to find these companies includes going through local agencies and organizations, talking to people in the automotive community, and checking out reviews online.

By having adequate coverage, you give yourself more protection in case something does go wrong.

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