How to Install a Brake Light Switch Ford Mustang


To install a brake light switch on a Ford Mustang, first remove the old switch by unscrewing it from the pedal bracket. Then, thread the new switch into place and tighten it with a wrench. Reconnect the wiring harness to the new switch and test it by turning on the ignition and depressing the brake pedal.

Installing Brake Light Switch on 1966 Ford Mustang

  • Unplug the old brake light switch by depressing the tab on the side of the connector and pulling it apart
  • Pull the switch out of its housing in the pedal assembly
  • Compare the new switch to the old one to make sure they are identical
  • Insert the new switch into its housing in the pedal assembly and push until it clicks into place
  • Reconnect the electrical connector to the new switch and test it by depressing the brake pedal to make sure your brake lights come on when you do so
How to Install a Brake Light Switch Ford Mustang


How Do You Change a Brake Switch on a Mustang?

Assuming you have a 1998 Mustang: 1. Jack up your car and remove the front wheels. 2. Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent any electrical shorts.

3. Locate the brake light switch on the brake pedal support bracket and disconnect the wiring harness from it. 4. Remove the two screws holding the switch in place with a Phillips screwdriver and pull the switch out of its housing. 5. Insert the new brake light switch into its housing and tighten the retaining screws until they’re snug.

Reconnect the wiring harness to the switch and reconnect the negative battery terminal..

How Do You Replace a Brake Light Switch?

Assuming you are talking about a brake light switch on a car: The first step is to identify which type of switch your car has. There are three types of switches- push button, toggle, and rocker.

Most cars have a push button style switch. Locate the switch. It is usually mounted on or near the brake pedal assembly.

It may also be located under the dash or in the fuse box. If the switch is difficult to reach, you may need to remove some panels or covers to access it. Once you have found the brake light switch, gently pry off the cover with a flat head screwdriver.

Be careful not to break the cover as you will need to reuse it later. Underneath the cover, you will see either a plunger type button or a lever. If there is a plunger type button, depress it and release it several times to check if the brake lights come on and go off as expected.

If they do not work properly, then continue with this guide. If they work properly, then stop here and reinstall everything before moving on. If you have a lever type switch, pull up on the lever and hold it in that position for at least five seconds before releasing it back down into its original position (depressing it).

Again, check if your brake lights operate normally- if they do not continue reading this guide for further instructions. Now that we’ve determined that our brake lightswitch needs replacing, let’s get started! Begin by disconnecting your battery so that you don’t accidentally electrocute yourself while working on live wires later on in this process.

Next locate your vehicle’s fuse box- generally speaking it will be somewhere near where your feet would rest while driving (on/under the dash). Find the fuse labeled “Brake Lights” and remove it so we can access the wires behind it without risk of shorts circuit from blown fuses later on in this process . Now would also be an ideal time to test whether or not power is actually reaching these wires using something like a multimeter set to measure volts AC (alternating current) since we know there should be no power flowing through them right now due any blown fuses upstream of our location .

How Do You Wire a Brake Light Switch?

To wire a brake light switch, you will need to connect the ground wire to the metal bracket on the switch. Then, connect the hot wire to the terminal on the switch. Finally, connect the wire that goes to the brake light to the other terminal on the switch.

Is Changing a Brake Switch Easy?

One of the most common issues with brakes is a faulty brake switch. If your brake light is on, it’s likely that your switch needs to be changed. The good news is, this is an easy fix that you can do at home with just a few tools.

To change your brake switch, start by removing the old switch from the pedal assembly. You’ll need a screwdriver to do this. Once the old switch is removed, take the new switch and attach it to the pedal assembly in the same spot.

Again, you’ll need a screwdriver for this. Once the new switch is in place, reconnect the wiring harness to it. Make sure all of the connections are tight and secure.

Finally, test your brakes to make sure they’re working properly before you hit the road again. If you have any questions about changing your brake switch, feel free to contact a professional mechanic for assistance.


To install a brake light switch on a Ford Mustang, first remove the old switch by unscrewing it from the pedal support. Then, screw in the new switch and connect the wire to the terminal. Finally, test the new switch by depressing the brake pedal and making sure that the brake lights come on.

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