How To Grease U Joints Without Fittings


When it comes down to it, there are two main reasons why your joints will feel tight or stuck. The first is lack of lubrication, which can be caused by you not using oil in your daily life.

The second is excess friction due to too much grease in the area where the joint meets. This article will go into detail about the best ways to apply greases to help get rid of this pesky tension.

Once done correctly, these tips will keep your hands working smoothly for years to come!

Greasing Hand Joints

This article will focus only on applying oils to skin surface areas of the hand (such as between knuckle and finger) and wrist (elbow tip versus pronated position).

For the elbow, try spreading some gel glides across the outside edge to create an easier grip. For the wrist, use coconut or olive oil and spread around evenly to allow more mobility.

General rules of thumb: do not overdo it! Too much grease can make your hands feel clumpy and uncomfortable, especially when wet. Only add enough to achieve the desired effect!

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Rub it into the skin

how to grease u joints without fittings

When doing joint lubrication, you do not need any equipment! Simply apply some natural oil like coconut or olive oil onto your hands and then spread it onto the affected area.

You can also add more oils to help strengthen the joints. For example, hemp oil is known for helping retain moisture in the tissues. Just make sure that you test one of your products before using it on a real patient.

After applying the correct amount of oil, wipe off the excess and let dry. This process should be repeated daily to keep your skin tight and healthy.

Use a tissue or cotton ball to apply

how to grease u joints without fittings

When greasing your joints, make sure you have given them enough time to dry before moving or re-winding the spring.

Once dried, use thin pieces of lubricant like saliva or baby oil to ease pain in the joint. Make sure to only add just enough for the feel to be improved and not too much so it becomes fluid that can leak out and be lost.

Use oil to keep things slippery

how to grease u joints without fittings

Let’s say you have a joint that needs to be greased, but there are no fittings or holes in which to apply some grease. You can use oil!

Many people use olive oil as an easy way to lubricate joints. This is helpful because you don’t need any special equipment to do it – you can just put some oil on your hands and start working.

Some of the best oils for using on joints include sunflower oil and vegetable oil. Both of these oils will work well when mixed with enough rubbing alcohol.

Mix one part oil to 1-2 parts alcohol (depending on how much grease you have) until you get a liquid consistency. Apply this gel like lubricant directly onto the area of the joint needing help.

That’s all there is to it! Make sure to spread the gel around slowly so you do not hurt yourself too badly.

Use lotion

how to grease u joints without fittings

One of the most common ways to grease your joints is by using some body lotion or oil. Most people use their hands as their main target, but greasing your feet is another way to do it!

By rubbing in some oil, you are giving yourself a slight boost in mobility and easing discomfort. If needed, add more oil until you reach your goal level of feel-good lubrication.

Use butter

how to grease u joints without fittings

When greasing your joints, make sure you have enough of an ingredient to spread around properly. You do not need too much, as this can cause your skin to stick or even burn due to excessive warmth.

You want to make sure there is just the right amount of grease where needed so that you can work easily with your hands. Most people like a warmer feel which means having slightly more oil than powdery gel.

Many people use shortening or solid fat such as salted butter as the most effective lubricant. These are easy to get rid of if necessary, making it re-usable over and over again.

Use cream

how to grease u joints without fittings

When grease does not contain any oils, it is referred to as pure gelled fat. You can use this type of grease for greasing around joints in your car or home improvement projects.

One of the most common uses of gel-type fats is lubricating metal surfaces such as screws or bolts that are coming into contact with each other or another surface. By adding an adequate amount of gel-type grease to the area, we’re creating a layer of oil between the two surfaces to prevent friction and sticking.

This article will teach you how to easily create our own natural lubricant from ingredients found in almost every household.

Use jelly

how to grease u joints without fittings

When performing greasing of joints, one of the most important things is having the correct material. You do not want to use oil as this will cause your machine to stick even more!

If you are looking to lubricate small areas, then using gel or silicone-based lube is the way to go. These products can be applied directly onto the area that needs help moving, which makes for better results than if liquid grease was used.

A universal joint comes with two pieces connected by a ball and cup shape. The cups fit together tightly, and the balls sit in a groove between the cups. By adding just a few drops of gel into each cup, the friction caused when rotating the joint is reduced.

This article contains some tips and tricks to easily apply gel to both the inner and outer parts of the joint.

Use hair gel

One of the most common ways to grease your joints is by using some gel or cream you have already in your home. Most people know how to use body lotion or shampoo as greasing agents, but not many realize there are similar products for the hands and feet!

Many people use hairspray as a way to keep their hair lusciously shiny, so why not apply it to our skin? Many brands will contain glycerin, which works as a natural lubricant. Simply spread a thin layer over your hands, knees, elbows, and/or any other tight joints you have.

Remember, if you are looking to improve your joint mobility, do not overdo it! Too much can actually hurt your movement.

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