How To Get Rid Of Bug Spray Smell


As seen with most things, bug sprays have a wide range of uses. Some people use them for protection from bugs or as an easy way to de-stress after a hard day at work.

However, some users may find that their scent becomes increasingly strong as the product decays. If this is the case, there are ways to get rid of the spray smell completely!

There are several products you can find online and in stores which claim to remove the odor of insect repellents. Sometimes, these special olfactory treatments are cost-effective alternatives to using a new bottle of spray every few weeks.

Removing the chemical odor usually requires rubbing the area affected by the spray with a clean cloth or material. Make sure to wash your hands afterwards so they do not spread any leftover chemicals onto other areas of your skin.

Use deodorant

how to get rid of bug spray smell

One of your most important grooming habits is ensuring that you do not have strong smelling underarms. If you enjoy wearing tight-fitting clothes or dress up clothing, this could be particularly difficult to achieve.

Many people begin adding camouflage makeup and heavy concealers which can cause stronger smells to seep through your skin.

If you would like to avoid using expensive products or cosmetic coverups, then it is possible to simply use a solid deodorant instead of gel or cream. They will still work just as well!

A solid deodorant will quickly wash off during the shower, leaving no trace behind. It is also very easy to find ones that are natural and effective too. Some even claim to help improve your body’s pH balance.

Use air freshener

One of the easiest ways to get rid of bug spray smell is by using an air purifying candle or gel air sanitizer. Both of these products contain chemicals that eliminate odor-causing molecules in the air, so they help neutralize the stink!

Some people even say that their use makes bugs less attracted to your house because it smells like there are not good insects for them to eat. This could be true if you have a clear picture of what makes a bad insect, but most humans do not!

It is very difficult to tell whether this theory actually works until the end of the season, when all of the dead insects are gathered and analyzed.

Use baking soda

how to get rid of bug spray smell

One of your favorite ways to get rid of bug spray smell is by using a combination of baking soda and water. You can mix together one cup each of baking soda and water, and then apply this mixture onto all areas that may have left some trace chemical scent behind.

It will take time for the baking soda to work, so you should leave it to soak in for at least an hour before rinsing it off. Make sure to wash with very warm water to avoid drying out the skin!

Once done, dry thoroughly and see if there’s any difference in the intensity of the odor. If there is, repeat the process until you reach no change.

Use rubbing alcohol

how to get rid of bug spray smell

For some people, just spraying their body with bug spray can leave a very strong smell. This usually happens if you go through the initial drying process and then try to pull up your shirt or dress.

If this is you, it’s time to do something about it! Starting today, instead of using water to wash all of the leftover sprays off, use rubbing alcohol.

Mix one part alcohol to 1-2 parts water and apply all over your skin. Let sit for a minute and then rinse thoroughly. Your skin will likely come away slightly wet, that’s okay!

After doing so, dry as usual using a towel. Do not rub dry, let air get in between layers. You may also want to put some additional oil onto your hands to help prevent re-sticking.

Your hair probably won’t feel too good after getting sprayed up, but don’t worry– those hairs will eventually fall out! XD (Note: Don’t use alcohol on dirty hairs, they could re-stick.

Use a cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia

how to get rid of bug spray smell

Having to wash all your clothes due to bug spray leaving a nasty smell can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have time or don’t feel like investing in new materials. Luckily, there are some easy fixes for this!

Many brands will advertise their products as having no alcohol or ammonia, which is usually the culprit when cleaning cloths that have been tainted with chemical residue.

You should always do a small test run of washing something using only water and see how it feels before adding cleaners, but looking into which ones don’t contain these chemicals can help mitigate this problem considerably.

There are also many brand-specific bug sprays that don’t use alcohol or ammonia, so make sure to look into those as well! All of us here at WHIZNIT believe that Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap is totally worth trying out since it isn’t high in either alcohol or ammonia.

Run the spray bottle through the rinse cycle

how to get rid of bug spray smell

After using your bug repellent, run the bottle you used through its normal wash cycle. This will remove any residue that may still be clinging to the bottles!

If there is no normal wash cycle, you can use some kind of soft water to do an alcohol wash. That way, you can also add in some baking soda or white vinegar to help clean it further.

Let it sit for a while before you put it in your purse

how to get rid of bug spray smell

After using bug spray, let your skin dry for at least two minutes before putting your hand into your pocket or bag. If possible, leave some sprays behind so that they can fully de-activate before washing them off!

If you are running late, just pull out what you have and apply another layer later when you are able to do so properly. Make sure to wash your hands immediately after spraying as any residue may irritate your skin.

Use a different spray bottle

how to get rid of bug spray smell

For many people, using their current bug repellent product makes them feel uncomfortable or even sick. This is usually because they are wearing it correctly, but then they have to walk around with a heavy odor.

There are several reasons that some products smell stronger than others. Some chemicals needed to be more powerful to work effectively so they could not be diluted down anymore before use.

Other ingredients in the formula do not break down as easily so they still hang around for longer. The chemical structure itself is very stable which helps keep the ingredient active for a long time.

The way that these chemicals react with each other also determines how quickly the scent will fade. There are sometimes explosions (decomposition) that occur which contribute to the length of time the fragrance remains.

This article will talk about three easy ways to get rid of the smell of old bug sprays. These tips can be done immediately, within 24 hours, or within one week depending on your timing preferences.

Removing the Chemical Odor

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