How To Get Oil Off Windshield


When your car gets dirty, it can become difficult to identify what parts need cleaning or replacing. This is particularly true if you have to take your vehicle somewhere later– such as for work or an event.

Fortunately, there are many easy ways to get oil off of glass that do not require using chemicals. These methods are usually done in plain sight, so people walking by will be able to see how you’re trying to remove the stain.

There are even some cases where these techniques work better than expensive professional services. It is very important to try all available options before giving up and paying a lot of money for a new windshield!

Removing engine dirt from a running engine is much different than taking a break while it isn’t moving. Therefore, we won’t go into great detail about those types of stains here. But, keep reading for some tips on getting grease out of windows!

Getting rid of road grime is just as important as washing your car after a run. Luckily, there are several foolproof alternatives that don’t cost too much equipment nor does it cost any money to give them a shot.

Throwing away the bottle is another option! Many people have made their own recipes using things they probably already have at home. In fact, some people say this works better than going to the auto shop and buying special spray products.

Use a wet towel

how to get oil off windshield

If you notice that your windshield is starting to fog up or see droplets on the glass, use a clean, lukewarm washcloth to wipe it off.

Make sure to rub in a circular motion to get all of the excess oil out!

After cleaning the car as thoroughly as possible, try buffing with a fine cloth to remove any dried oils. You can also buy special cleaners for cars at stores like Sears or Walmart.

Use a cleaner spray

how to get oil off windshield

The first thing you can do in order to get rid of surface oil is to use a cleaner spray. Many car wash brands have special cleaners for glass or clear glides, which are your best bet here.

Some people suggest using a window cleaning product instead of automotive specific ones because they think it will work better. However, I would not recommend that unless you have tried the one before and it did not work!

I would personally stick with an auto-care brand as they usually test their products on lots of different surfaces before making them available for sale.

Use acetone

how to get oil off windshield

Acetone is a common chemical that you can use to get rid of most types of oil, including engine oil. Luckily, it’s very inexpensive and comes in many forms such as liquid or gel form.

Acetone is usually categorized as being either formalized or non-formalized. Non-formulated acetone will not have any chemicals added to it so it may not work as well. Formulated acetones are mixed with additives to make them more effective.

Either one works effectively for getting rid of engine oils. It might take several applications and/or days to see results, but once they do work, they are pretty powerful.

Use denatured alcohol

how to get oil off windshield

For someone with very dirty glass, their first line of defense is usually rubbing the glass with some cleaner or polish. If you have tried those things and they do not work, your next option is to use spray-on gel products like micro fiber towels or glass spray cleaners.

However, these will only help for a short time until the oils start to seep through so it is important to make your hands as clean as possible!

One easy way to do this is using denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol is a chemical compound that removes oil and grease from almost any surface. It works by breaking down the fats in the layer of oil so that they can be washed off later.

Simply pour a few drops onto your hand and rub in an upward motion across the affected area. Make sure to wash your hands right away and see our article: 8 Best Hand Sanitizers.

Use glass cleaner

One of the biggest things that can ruin your day is getting into an accident. Unfortunately, after an accident happens, one of the first things people do is try to wash their vehicle!

While washing your car is important before you leave for home, it is also very important to check the windshield.

If there are any cracks in the surface or greasy streaks, don’t scrub away all of the protective layer that has built up. That would only make the problem worse!

Instead, use a good quality glass cleaning product to get rid of the oil and grime.

Use baking soda

how to get oil off windshield

For people who are more diligent about their personal care products, using a good quality source of washing powder is keeping them from having to start over due to glass damage.

Baking soda is one such product that can be used in removing oil and residue from your car’s windshield. It is typically found in grocery stores or drugstores in various forms like salve, cream, and granule.

When applying this solution onto your car’s dirty surface, do not apply too much as you may end up causing harm to the vehicle. Only use the appropriate amount so that there is enough to cover the surface but no longer than the two to three minutes needed for it to work effectively.

After cleaning the car’towel off, rinse off the baking soda with water and scrape any leftover bits into the trash.

Use alcohol wipes

how to get oil off windshield

One of the biggest things that can ruin your day is when you go out in the car and notice that there are some thick patches of oil on the windshield.

It’s not necessarily bad for the environment, but it can be very annoying to have to scrape off all of that dirty glass before you can drive home.

Fortunately, there are several easy ways to get rid of most of this oil. And none of them require any special tools or products!

The best way to remove most of the oil is by using alcohol wipes. These are marketed as being able to do something about dried up skin, and they actually work pretty well.

They start to melt down the oils at the surface level and then dry those bits of residue away.

Use compressed air

how to get oil off windshield

One of the most important things to do in any automotive cleaning situation is use the correct tool for the job!

That is what you will see car wash professionals using all the time, and it can be tricky to identify which one is right for your windshield.

I would like to tell you that there is one universal spray bottle that fits every glass surface, but that’s not true.

We are so used to some products being marketed as “windscreen washer fluid” or something along those lines that we forget how misleading that term is.

It may say ‘cleans windows’ on it, but actually only removes moisture from the window. It does nothing to remove oil or dirt particles!

So why pay more for this product if it doesn’t work? I understand completely, and it made me feel the same way.

Luckily, there are alternatives out there that are much better than just spraying water onto your vehicle. These products contain chemicals that work to get rid of grease and oils too!

Some of these products even boast impressive streak-free benefits over the expensive ones.

What are they called then? You probably know them already, it’s…

Compressed Air!

Blow dryers and canned air are your best bets when it comes to getting rid of oil off of cars.

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