How To Get A Picture Blown Up At Staples


Sometimes, you need to refresh your look or give yourself some new touches to feel fresh. For most people, that means changing your hairstyle or picking an new wardrobe collection.

For others, it is giving more attention to their appearance by adding new makeup shades or doing their nails in a unique way.

If you are one of those people who want to make a big change, we have tips for you! Here, we will talk about how to get a picture blown up at OfficeMax. Let’s dive in!

First, switch up your computer screen with these helpful tips. Then, choose from our best-selling products such as the HP 65bx Flat Panel Computer Screen and Samsung 24″ LED 1080p Monitor. Both under $100!

Second, find out how to take great close-up photos using your phone. You can then edit them on your own time! Many apps offer settings that help you achieve this.

Make an advance reservation

how to get a picture blown up at staples

After you create your account, you can then choose to purchase signage or other merchandise directly from the website! You will also have the option to either pick up in-store or ship via FedEx/UPS.

Most vendors offer discounts if you are buying more than one item, so do that! Theirs is not only for supporting their business, but for yourself too as they’ll pay attention to how well stocked their store is.

If you want to save some money, search for coupon codes and see if there are any discount certificates available before shopping.

Bring your own photos

how to get a picture blown up at staples

Having no pictures of you as a person is one of the biggest hurdles in finding your inner-self photographer. Don’t worry, we got you! There are many free resources online that can help you take beautiful photographs of yourself.

You can find lots of sites with easy to follow steps that don’t cost anything except for your time! Hiring a professional photographer is also an excellent way to achieve this.

Pay in advance

how to get a picture blown up at staples

Sometimes, people get so focused on trying to save money by doing things like buying products online or picking up items from the store for a discount that they forget how much of an advantage paying in advance can be.

By investing in prepaid cards before the end of your spending budget, you will have more savings because you are not being overcharged for credit card purchases!

Most major retailers offer discounts if you purchase their gift cards instead of getting them as a reward for shopping with them. By using these cards, you will still enjoy all the rewards cards normally provide but without having to worry about debt.

Getting rid of your credit card may also be easier since you don’t need to find new ways to pay off extra interest each month.

Bring cash

While most people think that you can never use your credit card too much, having enough money on you at any given time is totally unnecessary! There are many ways to get picture cards with rewards without using credit or taking out debt.

By bringing lots of cash with you, it becomes easier to get pictures with reward points. You will also save some money in the long run because there are no interest charges for buying them this way.

Most places allow one transaction per customer under $1000 with no additional fees. If they do not, then just don’t go inside! Keep your change and spend it somewhere else.

Dress the part

how to get a picture blown up at staples

When investing in new equipment, you want to dress up for it! If you are buying from Amazon or any other online shopping site, make sure that you look into how to pickup and ship items properly before doing so.

You do not need to tell anyone this, but most people do not use appropriate shipping methods. Almost everyone I know orders directly through Amazon, so I will go out on a limb here and say almost every person is using their own personal account to purchase things.

Most of these individuals never verify addresses, nor do they check if there are cheaper alternatives available. By skipping those steps, they are paying more money for shipping!

Never pay extra for faster shipping unless you have reason to believe the speed is legitimate. Many times companies will add onto the price of shipping to earn a fast free delivery which is not necessarily the best thing for your wallet.

We all like getting discounts, so don’t feel that you must spend extra to get some savings! Avoid spending extra money on shipping by instead ordering from the store that offers the cheapest option. Sometimes, stores with lower prices don’t offer as many options for packaging or cost effective shipping methods.

Decide what you want to print

how to get a picture blown up at staples

Even if you’re not planning to use this picture for your business, it is still worth having! Printing pictures from the internet can be expensive due to licensing fees and copyright issues.

Staples has an in-store printing service where you can create and print documents, cards, and flyers. It does cost more than their online printing services, but there are ways to get some great deals.

You will need to have computer access to run their software, so make sure you have that set up before you purchase anything. This way you don’t have to buy everything online or risk losing money.

General tips: Be careful which sites you pay to download files from because some go through third party sellers who may or may not include copyrighted content into your image. Make sure you check these images thoroughly and retain a copy of them yourself.

Make the reservation

how to get a picture blown up at staples

After you have done your research, made sure everyone is okay with having a picture taken, and gathered all of your supplies, it’s time to make a photo booking appointment at Staples!

Make sure to go into the event using an app or website that makes it easy to search for things like “picture taking events” or “photo booths near me.”

This will help you find the perfect place close to you so you don’t have to look too far!

And remember, there is no wrong way to take a picture! So if you are not feeling confident, do not worry! You can always try another style or pose before going in more advanced settings.

Tell everyone

how to get a picture blown up at staples

When you run out of photogenic things to do, tell people about it! Take some time to brainstorm ways to update your look or get into new looks.

If you’re looking for more natural hairstyles, try searching online for “beautiful long hair colors.” There are many color schemes that are considered beautiful and unique, so explore around and pick one or several that match your style!

For more dramatic looks, search for “bold lipsticks” on YouTube or Google Image Search. You can also find lots of helpful tips and tricks by going through other videos.

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