How To Fix Loose Side View Mirror Ball Joint


As with any part of your car, mirrors are not guaranteed to stay stuck in place for very long. With cars becoming more technologically advanced, there is now a way to fix that!

A loose side view mirror ball joint can sometimes be fixed yourself at home. While it may seem difficult or expensive, do not worry! If you know how to work with metals, then this can be done easily in your own garage without requiring professional help.

Luckily, most parts these days have easy to find instructions online or through manufacturer’s sites. By doing so, you will definitely save money since you probably will not need the professional gear set up tool nor the expertise in working with metal needed to complete the job.

While we cannot guarantee the success of our project, using the right tools and materials can make this process easier and hopefully only take a few hours to accomplish.

Tighten the joint screws

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

After checking that your car is empty, it’s time to work on tightening the vehicle body part screw. You will need to use a small tool or your fingers to do this, so make sure you have both prepared!

Start by taking off the cover plate using a thin screwdriver or by unscrewing each one out with your hands. Once you have access to the bolt, loosen it slightly and then re-tighten it all the way. This should fix most loose side view mirror ball joints!

If this doesn’t work, try replacing the entire wheel assembly! If needed, we also recommend changing the gear ratio of the transmission as well. Changing either one of these can sometimes restore proper function to the affected component.

Replace the ball joint

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

One of the most common causes of a loose side view mirror is having a bad or worn out ball-joint assembly. If you are experiencing this, it can be tricky to tell if yours is old or not until you have someone take your car in for service.

A professional technician will be able to check this by taking your vehicle apart and looking at it. They may also be able to replace the part if necessary. However, unless your car is extremely expensive, it is unlikely that they would. That being said, there are replacement parts available online and at some automobile dealerships.

By replacing the ball-joint assembly yourself, you will save money! It will also give you the opportunity to fix it correctly, as there are plenty of resources online and through automotive mechanics schools for how to do so.

Reinstall the side mirror

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

In fact, if you try to tighten this ball joint while it’s still in its socket, then it can become damaged or even break down completely!

Because there is no locking mechanism for the rod that goes into the ball-shaped part of the mirror, trying to torque it when it’s stuck will only make it pull out more easily.

So instead, you should just take it off and install it again using our tips above! If needed, use some glue to ensure it stays put.

You also want to be careful not to over-tighten the screws on the bracket, as this could cause damage to the metal surface where the screw holes meet.

Test for a fix

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

Check your mirror ball out! If you are able to rotate it up or down, then there is no need to replace it. However, if it does not move at all when you try, it is time to do so.

If you feel that there is still some resistance moving the mirrorball up or down, it means that there is friction causing it to stick. This can be caused by dried glue from trying to use the old part as a template, dirt in the mechanism area, or broken parts.

You will want to make sure these areas get cleaned properly since dry glue may harden and prevent proper movement. Make sure to wash off any excess glue before taking further steps.

To remove the cover, soak a paper towel in alcohol and rub the glass surface of the mirrorball. Repeat with another piece of cloth to ensure all debris has been removed.

Now, using needle-nosed pliers, gently pry the cover away while rotating the ball up or down.

Keep an eye on it

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

It is important to be aware of your side view mirror ball joint when driving or riding. If you feel any kind of looseness, drag, or play in how the glass moves up and down, then it is time to look at it!

You should also check out whether there are any cracks present anywhere around the ball socket area. This could indicate that moisture has been getting into the vehicle and causing corrosion which would weaken the part.

If possible, try moving the glass back and forth to see if it makes a sound. Also, can you easily move the glass? Is it easy to turn the wheel so that it goes up and down smoothly?

By having a good understanding of what the sideview mirror ball joint does, as well as detecting any potential problems, will help make sure your car is safe for use and keeps you comfortable while driving or riding.

Call a mechanic

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

A loose side view mirror ball joint is something that can happen at any time, even years after the vehicle was originally purchased. This happens when the socket or bearing that connects the mirror roll bar to the frame becomes worn down or breaks completely away.

A loose side view mirror ball joint will cause your car to vibrate and shake as you drive. It may also make it difficult for you to pull the steering wheel up or push it down because the position of the mirror cannot be locked into place. If this happens while driving, it could very well get someone killed or hurt yourself.

Luckily, there are things you can do to fix a loose side view mirror ball joint yourself. All you need is some basic tools and supplies and it can be done in around 30 minutes. Fortunately, we have prepared a step-by-step guide for just that here! Read on to see how to take care of this tricky situation.

Step 1: Remove the rear bumper cover

We will start by removing the rear bumper cover from your Nissan Rogue. You should be able to locate the fastener located near the back edge of the bumper cover with a pair of bolt cutters or screwdrivers. Once they’re out, you can either throw them away or save them until you can get them repaired or replaced.

Now that the barrier is gone, you can begin working on replacing the broken part.

Tell your kids about science

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

As mentioned earlier, cars depend heavily on friction to function properly. When there is not enough friction in a joint, then it can become loose or even completely detached. This will cause major problems as you cannot steer the car!

When driving, cars must be able to turn easily otherwise we would get stuck when traffic comes up behind us. The same thing applies at night, when drivers need to quickly maneuver around other vehicles.

If a side view mirror ball does not hold onto its shaft effectively, then it could come off which would make turning very difficult if not impossible. This is something that should never happen since it affects safety!

Fortunately, automobile manufacturers produce tools to repair this type of damage. Many companies market these fix-it-tools for under $20 and can be done by anyone with basic mechanical skills.

Some people refer to them as “click here” products because all they do is create slight tension so the two parts of the mirror ball stick together more tightly. These are better than using glue because glues can run down and dry out over time, preventing proper functioning of the device.

Use a glue stick

how to fix loose side view mirror ball joint

Glues are one of the most important items in every home improvement project, including fixing your car! A glue gun is a great way to use glues effectively. They can be used to apply small amounts of glue to various materials or projects, which is very helpful when you need to get things stuck together or fixed onto something else for an extended amount of time.

A common use of a glue gun is applying glue to sticks or balls that go into a ball joint on a vehicle. These joints allow the angle of the windshield, side view mirrors, and/or back window to move up and down and rotate left to right, so they must have enough “lubrication” to work properly.

Too much glue can cause the glass to break, though, so it is best to know how to fix a loose side mirror ball joint using a glue gun before trying this procedure. If you are looking to learn more about how to do basic automotive repairs, make sure to check out our article here: Tips For Vehicle Maintenance Professionals.

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