How To Fix Gap Between Hood And Fender


When cars were first manufactured, there was not much room for error. Now, with higher horsepower engines and larger wheels, car manufacturers have little space to work with when it comes to accommodating different hood designs and fender shapes.

A classic style hood that is heavily padded, has large slits in the front for your hands, and a heavy weight balance are great ways to dress up any vehicle! But unfortunately, not every driver needs or wants such an aggressive looking engine cover.

For those people, there is something called gap coverage. It covers the area where the body meets the hood by using heavier padding or simply removing the slit in the front of the hood. This way, no part of the skin is exposed to show off the engine!

However, this article will focus more on how to fix a gaping hole in the lower edge of the hood as well as possible solutions if you cannot get rid of the ugly bulge.

Make sure there is not too much guitar padding

how to fix gap between hood and fender

One of the biggest culprits of this gap is excessive guitar padding or filler. Guitar companies will add what they call “tone-producing” material to fill in all parts of the instrument, including the lower bridge, middle horn, upper horn, and top fader.

This adds weight and solidity, which helps produce tone, but it also creates more space between the body and the fender. The solution? Either reduce the amount of tonal filling you have or remove some of it.

We recommend only adding about half an inch (1cm) of additional material at most anywhere on your guitar.

Make sure the guitar is not sitting too high on your amp

how to fix gap between hood and fender

One of the most common causes for this is when people set their instrument higher than it needs to be. An easy way to check this is by looking at the fender fully!

Most professional musicians will have very short gaps between the hood and the fender, because they are trained in keeping their instruments level. You should try out different heights to see if that changes anything.

If it does not, then we recommend lowering the height of your guitar so it fits better into the amplifier.

Make sure the guitar is sitting properly on the amp

how to fix gap between hood and fender

When your guitar doesn’t have enough space in the neck-to-body ratio, it can sometimes feel like you’re pulling on a rope that gets shorter with every passing second.

It can also make it hard to press down on certain strings because there isn’t anywhere for your fingers to go!

This can cause poor tone or even damage to the string due to tension. It may also prevent you from being able to bend some notes fully since there’s not much room for relaxation either.

We all know how important good contact between the pick and the fretboard is for great tones, but what if there was no space at all? What if you had to use plastic picks because none of the metal ones would fit through the gap?

Luckily, we’ve got some tips here for ya! Read on and get tuned up quickly and easily.

Check the strings for slackness

how to fix gap between hood and fender

One of the most common causes of poor fit is loose or wet strings. If you notice that there is some space between your fender and hood, check the strings!

If they’re too tight, they’ll prevent water from escaping the tire, which can cause damage to the car. Loose strings let air in, which helps avoid deflation, but also allows moisture to penetrate the wheel more easily, causing corrosion and rust.

Not only will this affect how well your vehicle protects itself against water, it could hurt performance– such as by altering airflow or increasing drag.

Replace the strings

how to fix gap between hood and fender

The next thing you will need to do is to get your car’s glass out! Depending on what kind of vehicle you have, there are different ways to remove the glass.

If it is a simple clear piece of glass that can be removed easily, you can just use a putty knife or other tool to pull off the old string, then replace it with new one. Make sure to never tug hard as this could cause damage to the plastic molding process for the fender.

For more complex situations, you will need professional help to take care of the windshield and hood. Luckily, professionals have tools designed specifically to make changing the strings easy and quick.

These tools include hand grips that hold onto the window frame while pulling the string through, as well as devices that hook over the top of the string and pull it down.

Loosen the screws that hold the bridge to the guitar

how to fix gap between hood and fender

When your guitar has gap between hood and fender, it can be annoying to look at and play. This is due to there being no tight fit of the body onto the neck.

The reason this happens is because of two things: first, the screw that holds the bridge in place does not get tightened all the way; second, the rubber washer that sits next to the bridge gets loose and moves up or down.

If you need to access the jack plate or tuning slide, then these are difficult to move as they have small rounded edges that match the shape of the given position.

Replace the bridge

how to fix gap between hood and fender

The next thing you will want to do is replace the bridge of your car. This is one of the most common causes for not being able to close your hood all the way. Most people start replacing it because they are getting cracks in their hood, or it does not seem like it is closing fully.

The bridge acts as a hinge that allows the hood to close. As your car gets older, the rubber band starts to break down and lose its elasticity. When this happens, the hood no longer closes properly and needs to be replaced.

There are many places online and anywhere automotive parts stores sell them, but we will give you some tips here on how to install a new bridge onto your vehicle.

First, make sure there are no loose nuts or bolts on the engine side of the hood. If there are, tighten them until snug. Then, take off the old bridge and put the new one on top!

Hopefully you did not over-tighten the original bridge, which would have caused the car to not shut completely. By taking out the old one, you can easily put the new one on top!

After installing the new one, try moving the hood up and down several times to see if it works better.

Tighten the screws

how to fix gap between hood and fender

The next thing you should do is tighten the gap of your fender by loosening the screws that hold it onto the car. Make sure you don’t overdo this as you want to leave some movement in order for air to get out.

By slightly tightening these gaps, they will close a little more making it tighter. If there is no difference when you put them up then you may have gone too far.

This article has discussed how to fix small gaps but if there are larger ones then repeat the steps above until they are closed all the way.

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