How To Fix Dog Scratches On Car Door


When your dog gets into some really bad habits, it is time to break them out of that pattern so that they eventually stop doing those things. If you find yourself in this situation, there are always ways to fix it.

Fortunately, most dogs will learn how to be more gentle with their fur or skin if you take the right steps. In fact, many people praise animals for being careful about grooming themselves.

If possible, it is best to prevent your dog from rubbing against objects when he/she walks outside. This can sometimes be difficult as certain behaviors are hard to suppress.

But even if your dog has a habit of scratching or nipping at his paws, car doors are usually easy to cover. With our helpful tips, hopefully one day we’ll see your pooch leave happy!

What should I do if my dog scratches himself while riding in the car?

It is important to note that not all dogs enjoy traveling in cars. Some feel confined, uncomfortable, stressed, or scared. For these types of dogs, car rides may actually contribute to behavioral issues.

That is why it is very important to identify the cause of the behavior before trying to correct it.

Use a product to help reduce dog scratches

how to fix dog scratches on car door

Many people use products to try and prevent their dogs from scratching and damaging things around them. For example, if your dog likes to scratch up cars, you can get some special spray-on gel or powder that will work as a protective layer for the car surface.

These gels are usually cost-effective and easy to apply so most owners give them a shot! Some of these sprays even have fancy brand names that make it seem like they are professional quality, which may appeal to savvy shoppers.

However, not everyone knows what is effective and safe for preventing dings in vehicles. As such, before investing in one of these products, there should be some research done to see whether this product works and is safe for use with your particular breed of dog and your car model.

Use a product to help reduce dry-dog-skin scratches

how to fix dog scratches on car door

For many people, their cars are a beloved part of their life that they take great care of. Unfortunately, though, your car can be a landing spot for all sorts of things for your dog!

If your dog has been outside in hot weather or there have been reports of dogs being hit by cars, then it is important to know how to fix the scratch.

One of the most common causes of skin scrapes on your vehicle is when your dog licks his/her paws and gets water on the surface of the door. When the dog moves his paw across the surface, he may get dragged along and scrape off some dried skin and mucus. This happens more often as dogs spend more time outdoors and are constantly grooming themselves.

It’s very difficult to remove this kind of dried skin so if you must wash the car, try using a soft cloth or use a chemical spray first to see if those work.

Make sure the car is clean

how to fix dog scratches on car door

One of the most common reasons dogs get scratches in or around cars is when their owners fail to wash off all dirt before getting into the vehicle. If your dog has been exposed to wet soil, then they may scrape themselves as you pull out of the garage or parking lot.

Dogs are natural cleaners — if left alone with some waste, they will pick it up and take care of it! Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with this theory. Some people believe that throwing the trash away makes the environment better by preventing it from being recycled and/or cleaned properly. This isn’t true though; actually, it can have the opposite effect.

When animals decompose, bacteria grows and contaminates water sources like lakes and rivers. Animals also belch, burp, and pass gas, any one of which could carry infectious agents. When there are no proper facilities for recycling, the leftover garbage just piles up, creating more opportunities for pollution. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent scratches in the first place!

What You Can Do To Prevent It

Fortunately, there are several things you can do to help keep your car free of dog hair.

Try to locate the source of the scratches

how to fix dog scratches on car door

If your dog leaves very obvious marks, try to determine if it was due to something you could have prevented or cured. For example, if his paws are going up over the door, that may be because he tried to get out!

If there’s no way to prevent this, then at least know what steps can help remove dried mud and other residues. You should also know how to take care of all possible wounds caused by the car door, such as rubbing or puncture wounds.

Overall, make sure your pets are well-trained and don’t let them run free outside or even in the house. Also, keep an eye on them while they’re inside so nothing distracts them from staying put for their own safety.

Try to keep the car slightly damp to keep the dog’s scent on the car

how to fix dog scratches on car door

If your dog has left significant scratches in their romp, try to determine if they had access to the vehicle before it was scratched.

If you notice that the car is still warm when cool down, this indicates that the dog sat in the car and bit into it. This also confirms how wet the car became due to the saliva of the animal.

Since dogs usually drink water after a walk, there may be an easy fix for this scenario — take the dog out for a few minutes and let them drink some water. Once they have drank their fill, get back onto the car and wipe off any moisture that they left behind!

This will help remove the dog’s scent from the car and possibly prevent scratching repairs.

Use a dog treat to get your dog to stop scratching

Sometimes, even with the best of intentions, dogs lose their control and begin to scratch or dig when they are really upset. This can be due to any number of things- from fear to excitement.

When this happens, it is important to try and soothe the dog. If you notice that your dog has begun to scrape or dig at something, then take immediate action to distract them!

You may want to go ahead and do what most people would do in a situation like this – put up a fence or wall. But if you don’t think that will work, there is another way.

There are actually products designed to help prevent your dog from getting into more serious accidents by covering up car doors that have been scratched.

Use a flea and tick spray to keep the car free of pests

how to fix dog scratches on car door

While it is very tempting to grab your dog for a walk or let them roam outside unattended, this can quickly turn into a costly mistake.

If your dog loves to play in their yard or take long walks around the neighborhood, then offering some kind of shelter may be uncomfortable for them. This could cause stress which could potentially lead to more serious health issues.

Since dogs that are exposed to heavy traffic areas are three times more likely to bite someone, giving your dog adequate exposure to cars is important. If possible, try to get your dog used to being behind the wheel under controlled conditions so they feel comfortable while you are driving.

Never force your dog inside a vehicle when they are not ready.

Teach your dog some new scratching post exercise

how to fix dog scratches on car door

The next time your dog scratches or bites an item, try teaching him/her a different way to scratch. If you see signs of nail digging, chewing, or dragging, get rid of any hard materials like furniture or toys that may be eliciting this behavior.

For example, if your dog is trying to dig through vinyl flooring, get them a plastic one instead!

The best option is to use a piece of carpet or fabric as a cover-up for the area they are trying to scrape off. This will keep their nails trimmed and protected, avoiding any need for medical treatment or coat caps.

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