How To Fix Code P1133 And P1153


The most common cause for this error is when you perform an improper reset of your MySQL database. When switching computers or adding additional users, it is important to make sure that everything is saved and backed up correctly!

Something as simple as copying your old database files in another directory can result in this error. If your computer fails completely, then running a backup program such as Acronis True Image will help you restore your data.

It is also helpful to use different databases while connecting to ensure that your current database does not have any errors.

Update your Java version

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

If you are running into issues with these codes, then it is time to update your Java software. Oracle has officially released an updated version of Java that can be downloaded from their website.

The most recent versions no longer have this code in them, which is why this error message goes away! Simply updating your Java will fix this issue immediately.

Luckily, our technology platform uses a robust open source tool for coding called NetBeans that automatically updates all third-party applications like Eclipse or IntelliJ when one is opened. You do not need to manually update any other apps yourself.

NetBeans will alert you if there were changes made to its own software so that you can make sure everything functions properly before updating anything else.

Update your Android version

Recent versions of Google Play Services include two error codes that indicate there is an issue with either Token Authentication or Device Login via Account Linking, respectively.

If you are experiencing these code messages, it’s important to make sure your device has the most up-to-date software before attempting to authenticate accounts again.

Make sure to check if the settings show the correct account, and whether those settings work by themselves, without authentication. If they do not, then update your google play services!

Google will sometimes push out new features, as well as bug fixes. Make sure to have all the latest updates so that your phone is fully protected. Also, remember that while this article focuses on mobile devices, the site can help for desktop apps and laptops. This website allows users to test the app purchases in their region to see if it works properly, so you may want to take a look at that too.

Update your Mac OS version

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

If you are experiencing issues with these codes, then it is time to upgrade or update your operating system! Both of these codes refer to when your computer cannot authenticate that it has permission to access certain files or folders.

If you have code P1133, this means that there was an issue accessing a specific file or folder and your computer does not have the necessary permissions to fix this. You will need to either manually give your account full access to these things or change your password so that no one can accidentally use your account.

If you get code P1153, this indicates that your computer could not find the software needed to connect to a network resource or website. This may be because your internet service provider (ISP) changed their settings, your router failed, or your modem stopped working.

Since macOS uses DNS to look up domain names such as, this creates an issue since DNS looks for a connection but doesn’t receive one. To solve this problem, make sure your device is connected to the internet by checking both wired and wireless connections.

Update your Linux version

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

Both of these messages indicate that your computer has detected an issue with one or more installed software programs. These issues can include malware, viruses, trojans, and/or conflicts caused by third-party apps trying to access the same system files as another program.

If you get this message when logging into Windows via Microsoft Accounts, then make sure your account is linked to a working email address and that you have checked both My Account and Online Services under Settings -> Privacy -> Advanced.

You may also want to consider changing your password if you are able to do so. Try using our easy to follow steps here!

We recommend doing this because it will help prevent potential identity theft or malicious software from being used on your device.

Update your Windows version

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

Recent versions of Microsoft Windows include built-in tools for preventing and fixing common authentication errors. If you are experiencing code p1133 or p1153, these tools can help!

Microsoft now includes an option in its Settings app called Forgot password/login. This tool allows users to create a new account with no password by selecting “Forget my login” then clicking through a series of questions to confirm that user Daniel is trying to recover his account and giving up control over it.

Once this process is complete, you will be given the choice to select either Create new account using Facebook or Google as credentials or Use one of my accounts as the basis for the new account. You can choose either one depending on which accounts you have linked to your current device.

You will also need to verify via email or phone that the person creating the new account is who they say they are.

Reinstall your browser

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

If you are experiencing issues with these error codes, then it is time to reinstall your web browser! Most likely, your internet browsing experience will return to normal once you have done this.

This can be tricky if you use Chrome or Firefox as both of those browsers frequently update automatically. You may need to manually check for software updates before re-installing though so make sure to do that first.

If you use Microsoft’s Edge browser, you can go into Settings and tick the box saying “Check for new features daily.” This way, it will not try to download the latest version every day, only at certain times.

Reinstall your Java version

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

If you have recently upgraded or downgraded your operating system, then it is possible that your Java installation was removed along with all of its settings and files. This can cause issues for apps that depend on Java as well as third-party software such as browsers and video players.

You may be able to restore this by reinstalling the latest stable version of Java using our easy steps. However, before doing so, make sure you have enough free space on your computer so that you are not running out of room while installing the new app.

This could also mean deleting old versions of Java if you were previously able to use them before upgrading. You can do this in Settings -> Apps & Features -> All programs -> View installed applications. Then, click Remove to delete the current version and Install to install the new one.

Reinstall your Android version

how to fix code p1133 and p1153

If you find that your device is constantly showing these error messages, then it’s time to do something about it! First, make sure you have all of your apps installed by checking in Google Play or via our app list here. You can also check if your phones memory is full by going into Settings > System settings > Storage.

If both of those are clean, then it’s time to start reinstalling your current software. This will take some time, so be prepared for that!

You can either try resetting your phone (which we talk about down below) or doing a soft-reset. A soft-reset removes all of your data from the smartphone and starts back up with stock software.

This isn’t a perfect solution as there is always one person out there who has made an advanced change to their operating system, but it is usually the first line of defense when nothing else works.

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