How To Fix A Bent Rim Lip


When your lips get really tight, it can become very hard to gain full expression with your mouth. You may feel like you have to either stick out your lip more or keep pulling up your lip in order to open it, which only makes it puff out even more!

This could be due to genetics, fat accumulation, muscle loss, or bone thinning caused by disease. It can also be because of cosmetic reasons — probably due to poor diet or weight gain.

Any of these things can cause your lips to slowly lose their elasticity and flatten out. This is called “lips wrinkling” and will need some different treatments depending on what stage it is at.

Fixing this problem early is the best way to prevent longer and harder treatment later on. That’s why it is important to determine if this situation is an acute (short term) condition or persistent (longer lasting).

If you are able to identify the exact causes, then that helps rule out any potential treatments as unnecessary.

Don’t try to straighten the lip

how to fix a bent rim lip

The first thing we should talk about is why trying to fix your bent rim lip can be disastrous!

Trying to push away or pull up the edge of the lip will only make it stick even more tightly, making it look worse than before. This could also hurt yourself if you are trying to pull hard enough to get it unstuck or bend the lip back down.

You might be able to press the edges together with a glue such as clear nail polish but this would probably just create an ugly line instead of fixing anything.

Instead, you want to work on bending the bottom curve inwards. You can do this by pulling the top layer of skin taut and then using your index finger to gently pinch the inner corner of the lip between that and the next layer of skin.

Then, slowly roll the lip downwards towards the nose. When it reaches the nose, let go and repeat with the other side. Your lips may feel slightly wet for the first few days due to the loosening of the muscles, but once they heal this should not occur.

Use a moisturizing lip balm

how to fix a bent rim lip

One of the most common causes for bent or wrinkled lips is when people chew with wet mouths. Yours may like to drink while it eats!

Because your mouth was slightly dry, your lips can pull up at the top due to lack of moisture. This is called rhinoplasty (the cosmetic surgery to change the shape of your nose).

However, this does not usually last more than a few days unless you have a lot of saliva in your mouth. So, be sure to hydrate your mouth by using a moistening lip salve before activity so your lips will re-settle back into their normal position.

Use a stiff brush

how to fix a bent rim lip

When your lip shape is not looking its best, try some easy fixes like replacing it with another shape or fixing the already formed one. If you feel that brushing your lips is getting them worse, use a very soft brush instead!

Many people begin suffering from dried out, cracked lips due to over grooming. Yours may be no different! Before applying any products, make sure your lips are completely dry! If they are wet, your will probably cause more damage by using too much product.

Apply a mixture of petroleum jelly and rubbing alcohol

how to fix a bent rim lip

The next step in fixing your bent rim lip is to mix together some good ol’ plastic products that you probably have lying around at home!

A small amount of both petrolium gel and alcohol can be mixed together and spread onto your bended lip. Make sure to spread it all over, including under the lip line as well as along the top edge of the lip.

Let each layer dry for a few minutes before applying the second coat. This will ensure that the first coat does not come back down when you speak or eat.

Once both coats are dried, run your fingers across the surface to make sure there aren’t any loose hairs left behind. If there are, pull them out! They could cause skin problems or hurt your lips further by sticking inside.

After one week, repeat this process again to see how much improvement has been made.

Use a toothpick or sewing needle to push down the damage

how to fix a bent rim lip

In case of very bent-up lips, you may need to do something more drastic such as using a dental tool or even your own two fingers to pry up the lip slightly and then press it back together.

If this doesn’t work, try dipping your finger in rubbing alcohol and pulling off any dried lip residue that may help rehydrate the tissue and promote healing.

Use a glue stick to repair small tears

If your lip-curving effect has disappeared, you may have accidentally bent or tore it down as part of doing something with your lips.

It happens every time you kiss, chat, laugh, or do anything that requires your lips to spread apart. When you re-shape your lips, they can get torn or wrinkled in the process.

This is called rimming, and it’s totally normal! It happens to all human beings. But when it happens to very beautiful people, their beauty goes up a notch.

If you noticed that your rimmed lippies no longer curve into an attractive shape, you can try repairing it yourself. And we’re going to show you how here.

Get a lip liner and apply

how to fix a bent rim lip

The next step in fixing your bent rim lips is picking your color! Most sellers will include a lip linzer in their set, so look for those products as extras.

Most people use them to draw a line under the top lip or around the outside of the bottom lip, but you can also add some extra shape here. For example, if your bent mouth corner is going up instead of down, choose a darker color that match his/her cheek slightly and apply it along the top edge only.

Then take a lighter colored pencil and trace the lower lip just like with the top lip! Once done, blend away any lines where they meet using your fingers or a brush.

Get a lip gloss or lipstick and apply

how to fix a bent rim lip

Using your fingers, take some time to shape and smooth your lips as you desire.

As you layer on more of the product, make sure to press down with a tissue so that no one can see your dry tongue!

Once you have layered enough color onto your lips, use the index finger of your other hand to spread it out evenly.

Now, using your thumbs, push up at a gentle angle to create those perfect curved lines that we want our lips to have.

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