How To Extend Battery Cables


Having a low battery can be very frustrating, especially if you’re in an area with few facilities or no electricity to recharge your device.

Fortunately, most smart devices have back-up batteries that allow for some time to make sure you can still use the device before needing to add more charge.

This article will talk about how to extend the length of time your smartphone, tablet, or other portable device has on a full battery before needing to be recharged.

We will also discuss how to ensure this process is done properly so your device does not overheat and cause damage.

Once again, do not try to modify your device unless you are trained in mobile technology! Only people who have taken additional education and certification courses should attempt such modifications.

Extending the battery life of your device may void its warranty, so please only perform these tests on your own device in a safe environment with backups.

Make a splice

how to extend battery cables

While it may sound difficult, making a battery cable splice is not too complicated of an activity. In fact, you can learn how to do this easily at home!

Batteries pack a lot of power when they are fully charged, so it makes sense that we need to connect several together in order to create enough energy for our devices. Unfortunately, batteries also have a limit on how much charge time they will have before needing to be recharged.

When a cell runs out of electricity, your device may no longer work properly or even completely fail to turn on. It is important to never run out of battery power while using a device, as this could cause serious damage or risk personal safety.

Luckily, there are many ways to avoid running short on battery power by connecting additional cells in series. A cell connected in series with another one gets slightly less current than the other cell, but you make up for this by having more juice. More like paying extra money at the store, each additional cell adds onto the price tag.

However, this does not require any special tools or equipment! You can simply go into most grocery stores and find all necessary supplies in the electronics aisle. These include thin metal wire, small plastic spoons (for dipping into acid), and strong tape.

Use battery plates

how to extend battery cables

There is an easy way to extend your cable length if you run out of space at the end of your current cables. This solution is using what are called “battery plate connectors”. A battery connector has spring loaded contacts that connect with the terminals on your new cable.

By inserting the other end of the cable into this connector, the connectors make contact and continue to supply power to whatever device you put in the connector.

Make a battery splice

how to extend battery cables

There is always that one person who forgets to bring their phone’s charger with them, or someone running low on power needs an extra boost before they can make that important call.

Luckily, having a built-in backup plan makes things easier!

Extending your cable isn’t difficult to do and you will almost certainly have all of the components needed already in your house. All you need to do is connect two cables together!

A few minutes spent learning how to do this will save you many times going through the process. Luckily, it is very easy to learn!

There are several different types of back connectors available and most fit any smartphone model year 2013 and up.

Solder battery plates

how to extend battery cables

Another way to connect your phone to a power source is by soldering the positive plate onto the charger or adapter. This is usually done via the backplate, which has contact points for both the USB port as well as the phone’s charging port. To solder the positive plate onto the backplate, you will need a good amount of melted solder, a strong light, and a plastic container in which to place the new plate once it is cooled down.

By using this method, however, you must be careful not to melt off too much solder when connecting the two parts together! If you overheat the solder, then the phone may stop working completely.

Also make sure that any exposed metal surfaces are clean and free of oxidation or else they could short out and damage the device.

Use battery clips

how to extend battery cables

There are several types of connectors that professionals use for their laptops. One is called a USB connector or port. These are usually located on the back of your laptop near the computer monitor, and they allow you to connect all sorts of gadgets to your computer.

However, not every laptop comes with these pre-installed. If yours doesn’t, there are ways to get some!

One easy way to access a USB port is by using a clip style connection device. These can be found at most stores that sell technology items, like cell phones and tablets. They look very much like bobby pins but have a pin attached to one side, and a spring loaded clamp on the other.

This allows them to hold two things together easily, and also works well if one thing gets removed.

Make a battery splice

how to extend battery cables

One of your baneries is having to constantly switch out laptop batteries due to them running low. Luckily, there are some tricks you can do to help alleviate this hassle!

One solution that many people use is called a cable splicing. A cable splicing simply uses two spare cables with matching connectors attached together in order to make one longer.

This way, you could spend one day using a thin mobile device full time and then just connect the extra length to fully re-charge it for the next day.

Another option is to have an additional backup battery for your computer or smartphone.

Use a battery splice

how to extend battery cables

There are many ways to extend your car’s battery cables. One of the easiest is using a battery splicing connector or cable. These can be purchased at any automotive part store, although some sellers may try to charge you quite a lot for them!

Battery connectors come in different styles and shapes, but all work by connecting two terminals together. This allows you to connect one end to either terminal position of the old dead battery and then use the other end as an additional source to power up the engine.

Your automaker should include adequate battery cables with new cars, so look through yours before buying spares! If they don’t, get extra ones costeffectively via online stores or brick and mortar locations.

Pro Tape

how to extend battery cables

Another way to manage your device’s power supply is by using pro-tape, short for protective tape. Technically speaking, this isn’t a extension cable per se, but it can help you get more use out of your current one!

Pro-tape comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from small squares that fit into the headphone socket of your phone to longer strips that attach across the back or front of your device. Some are designed to be removed, while others stay attached until you remove the original cover strip.

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