How To Dull Aluminum


When performing any type of modification to your vehicle, it is important to know what tools you have access to. Are you able to do this yourself or will you need professional help? For example, if you are looking to dull aluminum, there are several ways to go about it.

Some people cut off all the excess paint using heavy sandpaper or grinding wheels, but this can also ruin the surface of the metal. Using chemical solutions to dissolve away some of the bright shine is another way to achieve this goal. The best solution depends on what kind of look you want for your car!

Luckily, we have gathered some helpful information here for you to read through and learn more about how to dull aluminum. If you have someone you trust that has done things like this before, then they could be a great source of knowledge for you.

Use lemon oil

how to dull aluminum

One of our favorite ways to dull aluminum is by rubbing it in with olive or coconut oil. This works because oils contain fats that can bond onto other molecules. So, when you put both together, there are now neutral fat particles bonding to aluminum!

We recommend using about one Tablespoon each of oil until the pieces look and feel less shiny. It will take some time for all the excess oil to be rubbed off, so keep working on them until they have a more natural looking shine.

This process will not work on copper materials as they are already non-shiny. But don’t worry, we have another trick for those! Read on: how to make stainless steel seem softer.

Another way to reduce the shininess of aluminum foodsware is to wash it in hot water. However, do not dry your foodware items using heat sources like the oven or stove – this could cause the metals to melt and stick to each other.

What if I hate my new cookware?

We understand why some people may dislike their new cookware after trying out our tips. That is totally okay! Most people find that once they get use to their new cookware, then they love it.

But, if you still want to give back your new piece, no problem! You can simply wipe it down with some olive or coconut oil and let it air dry. Or you can store it in the refrigerator to lessen the gloss slightly.

Use alcohol

how to dull aluminum

Most people have their favorite beverages that they drink almost every day, and for good reason! Many of these drinks contain alcoholic beverages, which are simply water with ethanol (alcohol) added into it. This article will focus on using vinegar as an ingredient in your beverage of choice.

Many individuals begin experimenting with different types of vinegar in various recipes at some point. Some recipes require acidity levels that are slightly higher than plain white wine vinegar, so we must neutralize this acid.

You can do this by mixing the vinegar with another liquid called alcohol. The two liquids combine and then each component is separated out. You would need to measure the amount of alcohol needed according to the volume of the vinegar used.

The alcohol will take away some of the acidity from the vinegar, making it more neutral. Once everything has combined, you should be able to tell whether or not there is still acid present due to a slight tanginess.

Use lemon juice

Over time, acidic substances can cause corrosion of metals such as aluminum. Corrosion is when atoms are removed from the metal surface due to chemical action.

If you need to remove tarnish or oxidation from an aluminum object, try using acidity instead of alkalinity. Acids are usually found in nature and are not expensive either!

Lemon juice is a great source of acid that does not require boiling. It also works well because it contains vitamin C which helps prevent rusting.

To test if your solution worked, apply some drops onto the aluminum and leave for one minute before washing with water. If the liquid removes the layer easily, then the acid did its job!

Removing all traces of lime is important since they may reappear later. Do not use alcohol-based cleaners as these could burn down the aluminium.

Use salt

how to dull aluminum

An easy way to dull aluminum is by using coarse sea salts or other types of all natural jewelry supplies. These are not called out as being able to neutralize acidity, but they can!

Coarse sea salts contain trace amounts of chloride which create an electrostatic charge in the body when touched. This static electricity helps hold up dry skin and help prevent water loss due to excessive sweating.

So how well does this work? We have read some amazing stories where people used regular tap water and it worked just as well if not better than expensive gels and potions!

Thicker layers of dried seaweed also work very well to keep your metal safe and shiny. Simply apply a thin layer and let sit for a few minutes until it dries. Then wash off with warm water and you’re done!


Make sure to use only small pieces at a time – too much and you could cause an allergic reaction.

If possible, leave the dried piece overnight to fully absorb the minerals. You may want to try both ways and see what works for you.

Use baking soda

how to dull aluminum

One of our favorite ways to dull aluminum cookware is by using a mixture of one part melted butter to two parts baking soda. When mixed together, these ingredients will create an oxide layer that covers the surface of your pan.

This process works because as baking soda reacts with acids, it forms a solid compound called bicarbonate. The acid in this case is coming from the leftover bits of fat in the butter after melting.

After mixing the baking soda into the hot oil, let the mixture sit for about a minute before pouring off the excess liquid. This allows time for all the components to combine properly.

Once you are sure there are no stray drops of water remaining or acidic residues, pour the hardened powder onto your cookware and scrape away any residue. Your cookware now has a protective coating that helps prevent rust and corrosion.

General tips for keeping cookware looking its best

Avoid washing dishes in a plastic bag- instead use a paper towel or cloth.

If left unwashed, metal utensils can become rusty due to chemical reactions occurring in the plastics they were washed in.

Use an acid

how to dull aluminum

One of your favorite daily habits can dull aluminum effectively. If you like iced tea or coffee, then add some citric acid to preserve the flavor and prevent oxidation.

Since it acts as a reducing agent, adding enough citric acid will lower the surface tension of the aluminum, preventing it from oxidizing.

By lowering the surface tension, it also helps layers stick together, which is what creates bubbles in liquids. So, when brewing iced beverages, just be sure to mix them with enough citric acid so that there are no visible froths.

Use a base

how to dull aluminum

After cleaning your jewelry, you can now prepare it for its next wearing experience by dipping it in a solution called a acid-base neutralizer. This process works by introducing an alkaline compound into any residues or leftover chemicals of the metal.

The most common compounds used as bases are salt (sodium chloride) or baking soda (powder form). Both work well because aluminum is naturally reactive.

By adding these substances to the jewelry, they combine to create a solid that attaches itself to the aluminum surface. Then, this new material breaks down and dissolves in water, leaving no trace of harmful chemical residue behind.

Removing excess minerals from aluminum using a base also helps restore the integrity of the metal.

Use an abrasive

how to dull aluminum

For every use case, there is an appropriate method to dull or wear away your aluminum object. If you want to keep it as a jewelry piece, then no need to go too heavy in using acid or alcohol!

Simply buffing it with a clean, wet cloth will work just fine! That’s what we recommend for most people. But if you really wanted to take things more seriously, then our recommendations are much heavier chemicals than what we mentioned before.

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