How To Convert Split Rims To Regular Rims


Changing out your vehicle’s rims can be expensive, which is why it is important to know how to do it properly. Luckily, you are in the right place! Here, we will talk about some easy ways to change out your car’s rims or convert them into regular ones.

When changing out rims, there are two main things that people usually worry about. These are ensuring your tires fit and also making sure nothing breaks during the process.

Tires should always be checked before starting any wheel modification project. Make sure they are of good quality and have enough tread left for the length of time the new wheels will be used.

This article will go over different types of rims and what kind of fitting is needed for each one. After that, we will discuss some simple tricks to quickly turn already-used split rims into normal ones.

Buy new rims

how to convert split rims to regular rims

Having split rims can be expensive if you are not careful with them. Luckily, you do not have to buy brand-new wheels because you can convert them into regular ones! There are many websites that offer this service for a reasonable price.

Most people are familiar with replacing flat tires, but there is another way to achieve this – converting your wheel style. This article will talk about how to do it yourself.

There are two types of wheels that get converted into normal ones – solid or lugged. A lughted wheel has holes in the center which match the diameter of the axle shaft. The whole concept is similar to having cast iron wheels. They are stable and heavy!

The other type is a solid rim which does not have any holes. These are much lighter than lugged rims, making them better for cars with lower horsepower. However, they are less durable since the parts can break off easily.

Fortunately, there is a way to tell whether or not your wheels are already solid! If you look at the back of the tire, you will see what kind of bead (ring) the wheel has. Most vehicles use radial beads which stick out radially from the edge of the rim. Lugged rims also have an inner lip which goes along the inside wall of the hole.

Take off your old tires

how to convert split rims to regular rims

The next step in converting your split rim wheel into a regular rim is taking of your current tire. You will want to save this for last, as you do not want to scratch or damage your new wheel!

Removing the inner tube can sometimes be tricky since there may not be enough space to pull out the whole thing. If this happens, try using some thinner plastic tape (we recommend Kapten Tubeless Tire Liners) to hold it together until you get home.

Once you have removed the inner tube, cut the tread away from the rest of the tire using a heavy duty knife. Make sure to keep the glue that held the tread on the tire intact!

Now take your time putting on your new wheels! Make sure to use good quality glues and spray lubricants to make installing them easier.

Disassemble your car

how to convert split rims to regular rims

When you decide to convert your vehicle’s rims, you will first need to know what kind of rim they are. There are two main types of rims: split rims and regular rims.

A split rim is one that is made up of three separate pieces– the inner wheel, the middle hub, and the outer lip or flange. These parts can be replaced independently if and when they break down. This makes it much easier to find replacements as well as to do some creative customization.

The hardest part about converting a vehicle with split rims is finding all three individual parts. Most people don’t realize that these components usually get recycled and resold several times before getting scrapped.

Fortunately, you won’t have too hard of a time finding the inner tube, the hub, and the flange at a local junk yard or salvage store. Many sellers list their broken down wheels online so you can check there!

Alternatively, you could look into buying new parts off of an eCommerce site like Amazon. They typically offer very competitive prices and good quality products.

Remove the inner and outer tire bead

how to convert split rims to regular rims

The next thing you will need to do is remove the inner and outer wheel rim beads. These are what hold each side of the tyre onto the rim. You can use your hands or tools to do this!

To remove the inner bead, push down with a heavy tool until it snaps off. To remove the outer bead, pull up using a heavy tool or by grabbing the edge of the rim and pulling upwards.

Make sure you don’t drop either one of these in the car hole as you may have to replace them later!

Once both bails have been removed, cut away any excess rubber that was left behind. This leftover material can be saved for future projects or thrown out.

Now roll the rims outwards and tuck the extra metal into the space where the tire would normally fit. Do not force anything or the wheel could get damaged.

Remove the wheel center

how to convert split rims to regular rims

In order to convert your split rims into normal rims, you will need to begin by removing the inner rim that is already built-in. This can be done through either welding or cutting it off completely. For both methods, make sure to break away all of the pieces in the right place!

For welded rims, take your welder and put some heat where the two halves meet. When this melts down, pull up one side and see if there are any remnants left over. If so, cut those out as well!

For cut rims, use a grinder and grind off whatever remains until nothing is left but an empty frame.

Remove the brakes

how to convert split rims to regular rims

The next thing you will need to do is remove the brake system for your vehicle! You can either pull out the drum or pad, or both.

Removing the brake drums is an easy process that can be done with the help of someone who knows about cars. Simply take off the wheel cover, slide the rotor out, and then use a screwdriver to pry it away from the axle. It may also be attached using bolt threads or welding.

Once it’s detached, you can throw it in the trash or recycle it if possible. Make sure to wash the rotor down first to prevent any metal shavings from falling into the engine.

Removing the pads and discs is slightly more complicated as there are still steel bolts holding them onto the back plate. These bolts must be removed by taking extra care not to scrape or hit the new disc while doing so. Once they are out, you can dispose of them properly.

When converting a split rim car to stock rims, make sure to buy new aftermarket wheels that fit your car! There are many great brands that offer incredible quality at affordable prices.

Remove the hub

how to convert split rims to regular rims

In any situation where you need to convert your split rims into regular rims, you will firstly have to remove the wheel hub that is attached to the rim. This can be done by using prying tools or brute force if necessary.

It is important to note that not all wheels are designed to hold a standard sized tire. A lot of really expensive wheels cannot handle wider tires than their original design. They are also very heavy due to the solid steel frame and spokes in the wheel.

By removing this weight from the axle it allows for easier transport and manipulation of the parts. Once removed, you can use metal working tools to cut off the bolts that attach the hub to the vehicle.

After doing so, you can either weld the two pieces together or buy a new universal flange sleeve which fits most vehicles.

Remove the suspension

how to convert split rims to regular rims

One of the biggest things that can hurt the looks of your vehicle is having rims with large lugs or split rings. These are what hold the wheel onto the rim. Unfortunately, most people go too far in making their car look ugly and neutral by removing lots of features.

If you would like to convert your vehicle into run-of-the-mill wheels, then it is time to remove these lugs! There are several ways to do this, but we will focus on two here: grinding and welding.


This one is pretty straightforward – take a burr tool and scrape off all of the excess lug material. Once you have finished scraping, use some rubbing alcohol and wipe down the area to ensure there is no extra dirt or residue left behind.


For more elaborate designs such as hexagons and octagons, using welders is needed to achieve this. We recommend buying an adjustable speed welder so that you can get finer control over how much heat is put into each section.

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