How To Charge Mercedes Auxiliary Battery


Having a full battery is always helpful when you are running out of gas or need extra juice for something. Luckily, your Mercedes comes with an auxiliary battery that it can use instead! This article will discuss how to check if this feature works for your vehicle, as well as how to install and use it.

If your car does not have this feature, do not worry! There are ways to get this done. You can simply look up how to test the battery in your car’s manual or visit your car dealership’s website.

Connect the battery to the charger using the correct connectors

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

Now that you have determined whether your car uses regular or quick charge, it’s time to connect the batteries together. Make sure to use the proper connector types for both connections!

If your vehicle has an external power source attached via USB, then there is no need to attach another type of connection cable. Simply plug in the cables and wait for the device to recognize the extra load and update its settings.

However, if your vehicle does not have a separate power source, then you will need to purchase a second set of charging cables. There are several different styles of fast chargers and they all seem to do the same thing- but make sure to test yours out before buying.

Use the correct charger for the battery

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

There are two types of chargers that can be used to restore your vehicle’s auxiliary battery. They differ in cost, but only one is worth buying unless you are certain about which type of battery you have!

The first kind of charger costs around $20-30 and can usually tell you what voltage your battery needs to reach so it can get back into its normal operating state. This isn’t very useful if you don’t know the current charge level of your car’s auxiliary battery though!

The second kind of charger costs several times more than the first – often over $100! These will test your auxiliary battery by connecting both terminals to a source and determining whether the source can supply power or not. Most people use these after their engine fails due to running out of gas.

Sadly, none of these tests determine whether the battery has enough energy left to start the car! Only way to find this out is testing the car yourself, which is why it is important to know how to re-install an auxilary battery before trying to use it.

Only charge the battery when it is completely empty

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

It is important to make sure that you do not damage your vehicle by charging an incompletely drained battery. If you run out of power before fully recharging the car’s battery, there are several things you can do to get more juice.

You can pull off the old plug in order to create new ones or use freshly-replaced batteries if possible. Make sure to check both positive and negative connections to ensure they work properly.

If none of these solutions work, try replacing the battery. While this will cost slightly more than buying a new one, it is always better to have a functional car than be stranded because someone left the engine running with no backup!

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Store the battery in a cool, dark place

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

Having a full charge auxiliary battery is very important when it comes to ensuring your car will run at its best possible level. Unfortunately, you cannot use the vehicle unless the auxiliary battery is fully functioning, so it is crucial to keep it well-equipped!

One of the things that can hinder this function is exposure to heat or light. If your car ever experiences an extended period of time inside of a hot garage or under a heavy sunbeam, then your auxiliary battery will need to be recharged.

Fortunately, there are some easy ways to do this. By storing the old auxiliary battery properly and using the correct charger, you’ll have no trouble getting it back into working order again soon.

Storing the battery correctly

Once you have removed the battery from the car, it is not needed anymore. You can either store it yourself or have someone else store it for you. Either way, make sure it is stored safely!

Never leave the battery exposed as it can easily overheat and potentially cause serious damage to it. Also, never pull out the terminals while the battery is still connected to the car – doing so could short circuit the system and prevent it from charging.

Keep the battery away from fire, electricity, and liquids

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

While it is great to have extra batteries for your smartphone or other portable devices, how you use them can backfire in disastrous ways.

One of the biggest causes of death due to dead mobile phones is when people try to quickly change the battery. Sometimes this is because the device runs out of power and they need to make a quick call, but more often than not, users lose access to the charger as the phone dies before that can happen.

Changing a car’s tire is much less likely to cause death than switching out a cell phone batter, so let us look at some easy ways to help prevent this problem. First, we will talk about why changing the battery in an unvented vehicle is dangerous and then we will review some tips to avoid doing it improperly.

Do not leave the battery unattended

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

After you have determined that your vehicle will no longer start, it is time to look closer at what could be wrong. One of the first things to check is whether or not the auxiliary battery has run out of power.

If there are signs that its charge is running low, then do not attempt to re-insert it until the engine block temperature drops down. By doing this, you can rule out overcharging as a cause for the car not starting.

Use the correct battery charger

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

When trying to re-charge your auxiliary battery, make sure you use the right type of charger. There are two main types: trickle charge chargers or fast charge chargers.

Trickle chargers will take longer to fully recharge your car’s auxiliary batteries, but they do not need to be connected as quickly to the vehicle battery. These include cable connectors that connect directly to a power source (such as a computer or phone charger).

Fast charge chargers can help restore power to your cars electrical systems in the event of a total vehicle shutdown. Because these units require direct connection to the vehicle battery, there is no risk of overcharging it when using this type of charger.

This article will talk about how to easily find and install a proper charger for your auxiliary battery in your Mercedes.

Only use the charger that comes with the battery

how to charge mercedes auxiliary battery

In some cases, an additional or replacement auxiliary battery is not included with your vehicle. If this is the case, you should know how to install and use your car’s chargers properly to get the most out of your batteries.

Some vehicles have two separate batteries– one for the engine and one for the electronics such as navigation or smartphone functions. These extra batteries are usually stored in the trunk area of the car.

If your vehicle does not include an internal charger already, you can still enjoy using an external charger. It will work just as well! Just make sure it works with your specific battery and always be sure to only charge your battery from sources that do not contain any harmful chemicals.

You want to stay away from expensive brands if you are unsure about the quality. There are many sites online where you can find information on what types of products are safe for your computer equipment.

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