How To Change Dash Light Color


Changing your car’s dashboard light color is one of the fun ways to refresh your vehicle. Not only do most cars come with several different body colors, but their dash lights can be changed as well!

Some vehicles even allow you to switch out the interior lighting completely so that you can customize the look and feel of your car. For example, some have chrome or plastic trays for the engine hood covers which you can replace them with darker pieces or brighter ones. Or, there are darkly tinted glass panels that you can install so that it reflects light from the headlights in a cool way.

There are also many reasons to change the color of your car’s interior lights. Some like having very bright taillights because they like driving at night. Others enjoy how striking certain colors look and want to use those same looks for their own vehicle.

This article will go over all the steps needed to easily switch out your car’s dashboard light color. It will focus mostly on changing the headlight bulbs, but may include other part changes depending on what kind of vehicle you have.

Find the Dash Light option

how to change dash light color

The first thing you will want to do is find where your vehicle comes with its own user interface, or dashboard display. This includes whether it’s through an app, computer program, or just by looking at the device directly.

You can also make changes via your phone if you have that installed! Many companies now offer this as an application so you don’t even need to go into the car to do it.

The hardest part about changing the dash light color is knowing which one you want. There are many different types of lights in cars, some for functionality and some just for looks.

Luckily, there are several sites and forums that talk about all the interior parts of your car, not just the technical ones like engines and such. They typically include information on headlights, tailights, turn signals, cruise control indicators, etc.

There may be one specific type of light that you desire, but no info beyond that.

Select a different lighting option

how to change dash light color

The next thing you’ll want to do is pick your dashboard light color. There are two main types of lights in a vehicle, dipped or flat. A dipped light works by having darker dashes across the whole face of the light, whereas a flat light has white dasher lines that go down the middle.

You can also choose between warm-toned lights like red or yellow, cool toned lights such as blue or green, and pastel colors such as cream or pink.

Restart your computer

After you complete all of the steps in this article, you will need to restart your computer before the changes take effect! This is because it requires Windows to refresh its settings and software packages to reload their settings as well.

It’s important to note that even if you don’t see any change immediately, doing this step always works! The next time you turn your vehicle off and back on or use your computer, your dashboard light color will have changed.

Hopefully you learned how to easily change your car dash light color in this article! If you had trouble finding the right information, feel free to leave a comment and we would be happy to help you out.

Confirm you have restarted your computer

how to change dash light color

After confirming that your computer has restated, it is time to change your car’s dashboard light color! Changing the color of your car’s dashboard lights can be tricky at first, so here are some tips for changing them correctly.

It is important to remember that although some cars use white bulbs as their dash background, they do not match the color of its surrounding casing or skin. Most cars have a transition area from bulb to plastic which makes it impossible to put in a white bulb without also putting in black padding. This would make the colors fade and look bad.

Most people begin trying to find ways to turn off their car’s interior lighting by switching between using the headlights and the taillights. However, this does not work if there are no functioning headlamps or taillamps! To truly test whether your car works properly, check out these simple tricks.

Re-install your graphics card driver

how to change dash light color

After you determine that your dash light is no longer working, the first thing you should do is re-install your graphics card driver. This will allow your computer to recognize the settings of your vehicle’s console!

If you have already installed the most recent drivers for your console, then make sure you have disabled any automatic updates in your device manager (search online for “device manager”) or software update programs like Windows Update or Mac OS X Software Updates. Then reinstall them so they can check for new drivers too!

This seems pretty straightforward, but it may not be if you don’t have normal laptop use experience. For example, many people only know how to use their computers as tools to look up information, create documents, and browse the internet. They are less experienced in fixing issues such as this one where you need to know what tool to use, how to use that tool, and when to ask for help!

I would very seriously recommend doing some research on changing the color of your car’s dashboard before attempting to fix it yourself. There are several sites with easy to understand steps, and even videos that show you exactly how to do it! The best place to find these is by going through Google search results.

Update your software

how to change dash light color

The easiest way to change your car’s dashboard light color is by updating your car’s software. Luckily, most vehicle manufacturers release an app for their smartphone that can be used to do just this!

Most apps have you create an account through their website or app where you can then download the car specific software. Then, you are able to update colors of lights such as turn signals, headlights, taillights, and even body styling like roof lines and side profile shapes.

This is helpful not only because you get more features and settings, but also because it is much easier to find someone who has changed theirs than it is to modify the base car software.

Use a different lighting option

how to change dash light color

The color of your car’s dashboard light is determined by what kind of lighting you have in your vehicle. Your speedometer gauge, GPS device, and phone all use an indicator lamp that sets off the dash as part of its display. This internal lighting source can be found anywhere from white to black or even shades of gray.

If you want to change the hue, you will need to either replace the bulb with one of another tone, or find a way to add more illumination to the area. For example, if there are heavy curtains next to the window where the bulb comes through, pull them back slightly and see if it changes position. If so, you might want to get some lighter weight material for the curtain to help illuminate the space.

Alternatively, install a dark-colored cover over the bulbs to reduce brightness.

Change the lighting scheme for your display

how to change dash light color

The next step in changing the dash light color is choosing what kind of lighting you want to use for it. There are three main types of lights used for car dashes, including projector headlights, ambient glow bulbs, and laser lights.

Projector headlamps shine an intense beam onto the road up ahead. This helps other drivers see your vehicle more clearly by throwing enough light forward so they do not need to turn their own lamps on. Most cars come with white projectors already which can be changed or replaced if needed.

Ambient glow bulbs give off just enough light for other vehicles to notice but not too much for yours to. These work best when there are few bright external sources of light outside, such as streetlights or sunlight.

Laser dash lights are similar to projecting beams only they are brighter and longer lasting than normal projectors. They work better on busy roads or highways where there are lots of reflections from surrounding traffic.

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