How To Bypass Egr Valve


When it comes down to it, even if you are an experienced driver, there is always something new that can go wrong. With cars being designed with ever-increasing levels of technology, there are also ever-growing numbers of tricks car manufacturers don’t tell everyone about. One such trick is the egr valve.

The engine air intake system works by sucking in fresh air through your vehicle’s grille. This air enters your car via your vehicle’s nose (or front) which removes some of the heavier gasses like water vapor and carbon dioxide. These gases are then routed into either the fuel tank or the exhaust pipe where they are burned off.

However, not every car has an internal combustion engine that uses burnt gas for energy. Some use liquid oxygen instead! Liquid oxygen engines work similarly to gasoline engines, except they do not burn any kind of fluid. They use the incoming air as their source of power!!

That means that when the airflow is blocked from entering the engine, so is the flow of power! If this happens at high speeds, bad things usually occur. That is why engineers put in an extra device called an egress vent or egr valve.

These valves regulate how much air gets pulled into the engine and what speed it operates at. The most common type is a circle shaped plate that blocks off very small holes in the engine.

Learn how to check your egr valve

how to bypass egr valve

The next step in learning more about your vehicle is looking into whether or not your vehicle has an active egr system. An advanced driver education (ADE) course will go over this in detail, but here we will give you some basic information!

There are 2 main reasons that people have their vehicles diagnosed as having poor performance due to engine hesitation or no start. One of these is bad fuel injectors which cannot deliver enough fuel to the combustion chamber, and the other is a clogged or blocked air filter. Both of these can cause incomplete combustion and excessive emissions.

If your car does show symptoms of low boost pressure, then it would be prudent to do a test drive to see if those symptoms are present. If they are, then you should consider changing out your injector type or cleaning/changing your air filter.

Disconnect your oxygen sensor

how to bypass egr valve

The second way to bypass your egr valve is by disconnecting the oxygen sensor. This can be done at your fingertips! Simply take off the plastic cover that holds the sensor in place, anywhere you see it plugged into place.

Now when you fire up the vehicle, the engine will not run with limited fuel. It will still burn some of the air in the cylinder but no gas will enter due to lack of an open oxygen sensor.

By doing this trick, thieves would have a hard time finding out how much gas there is in your tank as the sensor does not work correctly anymore!

This article really shows the importance of being safe while driving and knowledge about cars.

Replace the oxygen sensor

how to bypass egr valve

Replacing the oxygen sensor is one of the most common ways to fix an egr malfunction. Oxygen sensors are very important components in your car, they measure the amount of oxygen that comes into contact with fuel in each cylinder.

If the sensor does not work correctly, it can cause incomplete combustion of the mixture, which will result in poor engine performance or even failure to start the vehicle.

Removing or replacing the old sensor can sometimes be done using a tool, but more frequently, you’ll need professional help. Only do this if you have some basic tools such as a screwdriver and know how to use them.

You should never attempt to replace your own parts unless you have appropriate experience doing so. Luckily, there are many vendors who sell replacement oxygen sensors at cost-effective prices.

Replace the egr valve

how to bypass egr valve

After determining that your car needs an egr system overhaul, the next step is replacing the existing one with a new one. This can be done by either buying a new unit or sourcing one from online sellers or other cars of your same model.

A word of warning though, don’t buy a used one unless you make sure it has no dirt in it! A bad egr resistor could cause engine damage due to excess gasses being let out.

Run a compression test

how to bypass egr valve

The second way to check if your engine has trouble breathing is by performing a compression test. This can be done with a gauge that you connect to the air intake of your car or via an online tool.

To perform this test, you need to measure how much pressure there is in the tank before you start pumping it. Then, as you slowly pump up the gas tank, you should be able to feel how much harder it becomes to fill.

This is because there isn’t quite enough room for the same amount of fuel being pumped into the vehicle! If this happens, then try changing the k-factor (0.8–1.2 is ideal) or timing advance settings on your injectors.

Check your engine oil

how to bypass egr valve

The other major cause of poor performance is dry engine lubrication, which can occur for many different reasons. If you notice that your engine does not seem to be running as well due to lack of power or excessive smoke coming from under the vehicle, it’s time to check your engine oil!

If you run across an article telling you how to tell if your car needs new engine oil, chances are they will ask you to measure the thickness of the oil in your engine. While this is a good way to test for heavy use, there’s another way to do it that doesn’t require measuring the thickness of the oil.

You should look at the color of the oil when pouring some into a cup. If it is white or light yellow with no contaminants, then it has what we call “good balance”. This means that it contains enough of the healthy oils that help keep your engine functioning properly.

However, red oil indicates too much unhealthier fluid that contains higher levels of saturated fats. These are sometimes called straight up fossil fuel! A very low level of oil could indicate damage caused by water getting into the engine.

This would also explain why your car may start off fine and then suddenly lose all power- the loss of power is probably related to the egr valve sticking open.

Check your brake fluid

how to bypass egr valve

The next thing you should do is check your brake fluid! If it looks very thin or there is no visible color, then you know something is wrong.

Making sure that your car can be accessed is an important part of checking the brakes. Also making sure that your hands are safe is essential as some cars require you pull up the pedal with bare skin before braking.

If you’re able to safely do so, try pumping the vehicle dry – this means release all pressure from the brake system completely (no air). Pump slowly and consistently until the fluid has been used up and you have confirmed there is nothing coming out.

Once everything comes down to safety, make sure to call 911 and let them know what station you are at and if anything seems suspicious.

Run a leak test

how to bypass egr valve

The next step in engine cleaning is running a dry-leak check. This can be done by either listening for water sounds or looking for drops of fluid with a microfiber cloth or piece of paper.

If you hear any noises, then it’s time to do an internal inspection. If there are no signs of damage outside the oil pan, then it’s not necessary to take your car out of gear until you get professional help.

However, if you do hear dripping or splashing sounds, it’s important to determine whether they’re coming from the egr valve. Depending on how much fluid you find, you may need to change the valve or the gasket that seals it up.

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