How To Bypass Blower Motor Relay


When your vehicle suddenly will not start, it is important to know what kind of sensor has failed so you can determine how to fix it. For example, if the temperature sensor fails, then you cannot use that to measure air coming out of the compressor.

There are many different types of sensors in an engine, most being related to airflow or combustion. Some vehicles have more advanced technology than others though, and some make doing something wrong harder to detect.

In this article we will be talking about one such device, the blower motor relay. This component controls whether the blowers (air moving devices attached to the intake manifold) work by switching power from the car’s battery to them.

If the switch does not close properly, the engines will not run correctly due to lack of air. The reason for this malfunction usually is because someone opened the hood before trying to start the car, which shorted out the electrical connection.

This article will talk you through how to test the blower motor relay and see if it works, as well as how to repair it when needed! Stay tuned and read on to learn more.

Testing the Air Bump Sensor

We will begin our testing with the air bump sensor, also known as the throttle position detector. You may recognize this term since it is used frequently in cars that have active fuel injection.

Look at the breaker location

how to bypass blower motor relay

In most cases, if your dryer does not seem to be working and you have run out of ideas, it is time to look closer at the breakers.

Most wall-mounted washer and dryers have a panel that contains several electrical switches. This panel is where you usually find start buttons or blowers for each device.

If you can get into the house, there may be an access door under the front of the unit. If there is no access, you will need to pull off the cover plate and inspect the switch more closely.

You can use a multimeter to test the switch by setting it up as either a continuity test (to determine if the wire is connected) or resistance testing (to identify whether it is open).

Disconnect the wires

how to bypass blower motor relay

The next thing you will want to do is disconnect the wires that connect to the blower motor. You can do this by using your gauge reader or good old-fashioned testing.

To test it properly, hold down both brake pedals for several seconds. When there is no longer any movement, then cut the power! This way you make sure that nothing works with the vehicle before trying to check the blower motor.

It may also be helpful to pull out the vacuum hose so that you can see if it is connected correctly. If it is not attached properly, then you will have to start over and reattach it!

Tips: Make sure to replace all of the parts that get disconnected when checking the car.

Look at the motor

how to bypass blower motor relay

A lot of vehicles have what is called a blower motor in the intake system. This is usually an electric fan or turbine that gets the air into the engine.

Some cars also use this device as a relay for the cruise control function. The vehicle will not let you turn off idle mode unless there is enough airflow!

This can be used to your advantage if you want to steal the car. If someone leaves their car with automatic transmission, it may leave idle time every once in a while.

You could go somewhere without a signal and switch the blower motor on for a few minutes to get the car going. Then, you would need to check the settings and see how long the car waits before allowing you to shut down the engine.

Is it plugged into a power strip?

how to bypass blower motor relay

Almost every car has at least one of these, but some call them something different like ACC (Automatic Climate Control). A blower motor is an essential part of your vehicle’s cooling system that moves air through the radiator and out the heat exchanger.

If you notice white smoke coming from under the hood or smelling burnt plastic, then it’s time to check your blower motor! If you pull back the cover, you will see what looks like two thin wires connected to a terminal.

These terminals are made using corrosion resistant materials so don’t worry too much if you can’t find the disconnect button. However, you should be able to access the other wire which connects to the battery.

By pulling up on this wire, you can test whether the connection to the battery is good. If it isn’t, then connect it properly and try re-connecting the other wire.

Once you have verified that both connections work, get in touch with us at Parts Express to order the correct parts for yours! We’ll take care of everything else.

Do the bulbs look like they are lighting up?

how to bypass blower motor relay

The next thing you will want to check is if the bulb looks like it is working! If yes, then congratulations, your light switch just worked!

It is very important to know that not every car comes with a built in sensor for detecting whether or not the blowers are working. Some cars do have this sensor, but most do not.

Is it plugged into a surge protector?

how to bypass blower motor relay

The next step is to make sure that your device is fully powered and connected to a power source. If you try to use your device while the blower motor is still trying to cool down, it will not work!

This seems obvious, but many people forget this when using their laptop for example during warm seasons. Having a back up plan is important in preventing any major damage due to a blown blower fan or compressor.

Try another light bulb

how to bypass blower motor relay

A common way to test if your blower motor is working is by trying a different type of light source or lamp. If the air moves when you use a table lamp, then your machine does work and you can therefore determine that the problem lies somewhere else!

This is very important to know as it could save you money in costly repairs! Many people make this mistake and unfortunately, it may cost them much more than just buying a new fan unit.

By testing the compressor with a regular light source, you will also rule out this possibility.

If the compressor works for a few minutes and then stops, it is best to start over and try another light source. This will help identify whether the problem is within the compressor itself or not. Make sure to check all three phases of operation (start up, running, and stop) to get the most accurate information.

Replace the blower motor

how to bypass blower motor relay

In recent years, there have been reports of people being able to access your Amazon account by finding a bad blower motor for your refrigerator or freezer. This can be done by buying a new compressor that is similar in function to the one in the fridge you want accessed.

You can then connect these new compressors to the old one via cables to trick it into thinking it has not shut down yet! A user will add this information onto how to bypass amazon rekognition software tool websites and forums.

There are many different types of blowers used for refrigerators and freezers, so it is hard to tell if a difference is caused from manufacturing variability or if something just broke on yours.

However, we do know that some blowers use relays to determine when to start working effectively. If you look at your fridge or freezer closely, you may be able to find the part that uses electricity to work. Sometimes they are connected to other parts of the machine, making it difficult to test them without powering up the whole thing.

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