How To Bypass A Water Meter With A Pipe


We’ve all heard of people who turn off their water for fun, but have not thought much about it beyond that. Some do it because they believe the water is too expensive while others just can’t stand the taste of it anymore.

Either way, turning off your water supply is definitely illegal in most places!

Fortunately, there are ways to by- pass a water meter (the device that measures how many gallons you use) so you don’t have to spend money drinking water. These strategies will only work for short periods of time, but if you’re looking to save some money, this isn’t a bad idea at all!

What Is A Metered Connection?

A metered connection or leaky pipe is a small hole in the line that connects you to the water source. The water makes its way through these holes and onto the ground, creating an irrigation system for surrounding plants.

However, this doesn’t count when it comes to water bills! Because even a very little bit of moisture left behind creates enough pressure to charge you for a drink, let alone what grows quickly around it!

Luckily, there are several tricks used to connect pipes together without having to pay attention to your tap. If you want to know more about those, check out our article here!

The Basics Of Leaking Pipes

Sadly, plumbing leaks happen for lots of reasons.

Connect the pipe to a source of water

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

The next step is to find out where your house gets its drinking water! Most homes have several sources that they use to supply water for different purposes.

Usually, these supplies are connected together in what’s called an aquifer system. As it breathes in and out, some gas can escape into the air. This is why you sometimes notice that your home’s water smells like there has been a leak somewhere.

Run the water through the pipe

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

The next time you feel the need for a drink, check if your faucet has a hose attachment. If it does, turn this nozzle down (not off) and see how many times you can run the tap!

That is what we called tricking the meter by creating our own source of water. In this case, we used an existing source-the sink. All you have to do is make sure there’s no blockage in the pipes!

Trick number two: Use a brush to remove lime scale from the shower head. This will prevent some of the water from reaching the meter.

And while this won’t get rid of all the water being measured, it will reduce how much gets recorded – and therefore how much you pay for water!

Both tricks are tried and true methods that work. But remember, only try one at a time so you don’t accidently bypass the meter.

Let the water run for a few minutes

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

The next thing you will want to do is turn off the main valve that supplies water to your home. You can do this by turning off the handle, lever, or button that controls it.

After you have turned the main supply off, leave some time before you connect the pipe that connects your house to the water meter. During this time, the water in the pipes will slowly get flushed out.

Once everything has stopped running, then you can reconnect the line to the water meter. Once connected, wait a few seconds until the water comes back on.

Check to see if water is now coming out of the meter

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

A second way to check your home’s water supply is by looking at the pipe that brings water into your house. If you live in an area where there are outdoor watering areas, then checking those is another good place to look for a shut off.

But what about when it comes to getting water inside your home? Many homes have an internal water line that connects to the water source outside. This line usually travels up through the floor or ceiling and empties onto a plate or fixture such as a shower or bathtub.

Connect the pipe to the destination water meter

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

In many cases, your house will have water pipes that connect to the water meters outside. These are typically called service lines or irrigation lines.

If you’re trying to access these water lines, you will need to know what kind of connections they have. For example, some connectors can be threaded onto the other part, while others have a flange design where it attaches directly to the other thing.

You will also need to determine if the connector is plastic or metal. A plastic one can usually be pulled off of the other piece, while a metal one can be cut with a tool!

Hopefully you already made sure this area was protected against intrusion, but just in case, do not disconnect any water services until you confirm there are no openings anywhere near these areas.

Turn on the water at the destination meter

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

The next step is to turn on the water at your home’s most recent water source, which in this case would be your house or apartment tap. Once it turns on, you will have to work quickly!

You will need to find somewhere for the water to go. It can’t just run down the pipes into the bathroom, nor can there be any running faucets that were left on before.

So what are some options? Your best bet is to turn on the kitchen sink. You can use that for all of your normal cleaning needs so that it was needed before and won’t matter too much. Or you could try using the bathtub – if you know how to take good pictures of yourself in the tub, then go ahead and do that!

Hopefully you don’t mind getting wet, but even better than having a place to soak away the excess fluids is being able to prove that you had access to the water.

Wait for a water bill

The next time your house is connected to water, you will be asked to turn on your tap in place of using the hose to fill it up. This is called a dry tap!

This can happen for many reasons, such as when there is a leak that has gone unnoticed or the water meter has been replaced. If this happens to you, wait until your monthly water bill comes out before paying it because it may include some fees related to having a drought.

You do not need to worry about these fees unless you notice that your water bills have drastically increased.

Remove the pipe

how to bypass a water meter with a pipe

The next thing you will want to do is remove the source of water for the meter. You can use your hands or tools to do this!

If using your hand, hold one end of the pipe close to the drain and pull up hard. This should break away any pieces that are attached to the pipe. If there are no pieces left, then go ahead and cut the rest off.

Now take the other end of the pipe and place in the sink or pot where it was connected before. Then pour some rubbing alcohol into the area and let sit for several minutes.

After done, try turning the tap on and waiting for the water to flow. It may take a minute or two depending on how well the pump is working, but it should eventually start flowing!

Hopefully you now have success bypassing your home’s water meter! May God bless you richly as you continue to serve him with all your heart.

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