How To Bypass A Factory Amp


When you run out of juice, what do you normally do? You get more batteries or you get a new amp! That is why it can be so confusing when you find yourself with no signal but an amplifier that is still trying its best to work before giving up.

There are some tricks battery hungry users will use in order to stay connected for as long as possible. Two of these tricks include using lower quality audio files or pausing for too long before listening to your music.

This article will talk about one of the most common ways people add power to their phones- by connecting them to a factory amp.

Find the circuit breaker

how to bypass a factory amp

The next step in how to bypass a factory amp is to find the circuit breakers. There are three main types of breakers, and they all work similarily. These are:

Thermal overloads

Short circuits

Arc faults

A thermal breaker turns off when there’s not enough heat being transferred through its components. A short circuit will cause current to flow without adequate resistance, creating a lot of heat so it can be detected by this type of breaker. An arc fault happens when normal electrical currents become very high and erratic, causing fire or explosions. This may also set off a thermal breaker if there aren’t proper cooling systems in place.

Finding your car’s circuit breakers isn’t difficult, but some cars’re hidden them better than others! If you’ve never worked with electricity before, start small and slowly work up from there.

Find the circuit breakers location

how to bypass a factory amp

The next step in finding your amp’s secret ingredient is locating the main power supply or circuit breaker for the device. There are three common types of circuit breakers used in audio equipment – switch mode, linear, and tri-state.

Switch mode (power supplies) typically use transistors to regulate voltage and current into the amplifier. Because there are no longer connectors needed, these switches can be much smaller than other modes. However, they must have a source of direct current (DC) power that will last for several minutes before being replaced, making them more expensive to purchase.

Linear power supplies work by using resistors to limit the amount of electricity flowing through it. These do not need to be constantly recharged because they contain enough energy to operate properly until they burn out! Unfortunately, this also means they cost slightly more due to the additional components.

Tri-State Mode Or Discrete Power Supply This is probably what you are most familiar with if you have ever listened to radio or music equipment. A discrete power supply does not transform or convert the signal, it just gives the device its own internal source of power.

By having your own internal power source, the manufacturer was able to design the product without needing to include large capacity batteries or external sources like USB ports.

Find the circuit breakers label

how to bypass a factory amp

The next thing you will want to do is find what type of breaker it is! There are three types, which determine how to fix your poor quality headphones or earphones.

You have line-level balanced switching converters (also called active adapters), power supply units (PSUs) that contain analog switches, and discrete amplifier chips with built in capacitors.

Line level adapters use either direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) source connectors. Adapters with DC sources connect directly to another device’s output while those using AC sources need an additional converter box to function properly.

Power supply units are just what they sound like — they take energy from a source and convert it into something else. A good PSU can be heard when you turn up the volume on a smartphone very loudy. These days there are solid state PSUs where no moving parts exist so they are much quieter.

Discrete amplification components such as transistors, diodes, and field effect transistors work by limiting and amplifying electrical signals. Field Effect Transistors are extremely important for music production because of their ability to regulate voltage and current.

This article will talk more about discrete amp chips but first we should discuss diode modes.

Disconnect all power

how to bypass a factory amp

The next thing you should do is disconnect all of the device’s power! This includes any type of charger, battery pack, or external power source such as an iPod or smartphone that may have limited use while in hibernation mode.

After doing this, test if the device will wake up by using a flashlight or other light source to see if it can be used after re-powering. If it does work, then your new trick worked!

You now know how to bypass amp sleep modes for most devices. However, there are some annoying situations where this doesn’t work so well.

Check the circuit breakers for tampering

how to bypass a factory amp

One of the most important things to check if your car does not perform properly is the amplifier. If you are experiencing poor performance, chances are it’s time to look at the amp!

Most cars comes with an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) installed amplifier that is no good. They can be expensive to buy new or even in parts, so looking into alternative amps is very helpful.

There are many different types of aftermarket amplifiers out there and almost all work by using dual power supplies. A lot of people use this technique when building their own internal radio systems because it is cost-effective and easy to do.

Amp manufacturers have built these two supply circuits into their chips to ensure the quality of the electricity they produce. When looking into whether or not an amp is bad due to faulty supplies, make sure to compare them side by side.

Use a multimeter to check the fuse and circuit breakers

how to bypass a factory amp

In the very beginning, when people started using headphones more frequently, there was not much variety in headphone fashions. Most models had only one earphone jack, so if you wanted both ears to be able to receive a sound, you needed to have two separate headphones.

This is what made it difficult for some people. If someone else was listening to music with their own pair of headphones, they would sometimes need to use your phone’s speaker or device volume as a third party source, causing interference.

More advanced users might also experiment with different types of headphones, which could potentially cause other issues.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem! These tips will help you get rid of that horrible “no-volume zone” effect many people are encountering while using their smartphone. Read on for these helpful tricks.

Replace the fuse and circuit breakers

how to bypass a factory amp

For more experienced DIY’s, replacing your car’s factory amp is not difficult at all! Replacing the car’s original fuse and electrical switch components can help you restore power to the vehicle and eliminate any annoying symptoms of an empty battery or no fuel.

Most cars come with either a 12-volt source in the form of a positive wire coming off of the battery or a line going into one of the electric motors, which contain their own fuses that protect them from too much current flow. These fuses also activate safety features like cruise control and electronic brakes.

By removing these parts, we are able to bypass the old amp and use our own instead. There are several ways to do this, so it really does not matter what model of car you have!

The most common way is to find a good quality aftermarket amp for around $25-$50 and install it yourself. Make sure to test out your new amp before putting it back together by trying it on some supplies first, like a flashlight or car lighter.

Hopefully someone else has already done this process and left a helpful tip or trick they used! Good luck and be careful while experimenting.

Test the amp again

how to bypass a factory amp

One of the most important things to do if you cannot turn your amplifier on is to test it! If you still have power, then chances are that your factory amp is just not working properly yet or completely burned out.

You can try using another source to see if that works better for you, or trying a different channel as an input. This could be via USB, headphones, TV, etc. It may also help to change the settings around how much power the amp has so it does not burn up sooner.

In any case, testing is very important since this will determine whether there is a chance to fix it or if it should be replaced.

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