How To Burn Old Gas


In some countries, there is a federally mandated period of time where you are allowed to burn your old gas before you can purchase new fuel. This is typically referred to as an octane switch-over period or an octane restriction deadline.

Some states have this law at the state level while others do not. Most commonly, people hear about it during these deadlines when they are trying to fill up their vehicle for the first time in months because they purchased more expensive higher quality gasoline.

Fortunately, there are ways to make sure that your car does not suffer due to lack of good quality fuel. Here are all of the things you will need to know to ensure that your engine runs well after the expiration of the federal mandate.

Reminder: It’s never too late to start buying better quality fuel! The best place to begin is by looking into what grade of fuel your vehicle needs to function properly. Make sure to compare like fuels so that you don’t end up with something worse than what you were using earlier.

Pour the gas out into a separate container

how to burn old gas

The next thing you should do is pour your old gasoline into another container. Do not forget to check if there are any chemicals in the new gas that could affect the environment or you as a person!

Once it is all poured, mix the two liquids together using a glass bottle with a pouring spout. Make sure to stir the mixture properly until it is completely mixed.

Now, make sure to throw away this liquid somewhere that will not cause harm to the soil or water. Also, be careful when throwing it away because of the chemical content. You may want to use a plastic bag instead of a glass jar.

After burning the leftover fuel, let it cool down before disposing of it.

Seal the container of gas

how to burn old gas

After you’ve drained the tank, make sure that you seal it up! This means using an inert material like plastic or cardboard to cover all openings.

Most fuel stations have special caps for sealing the car tank, so ask their staff how to do this. You can also use metal cans as covers if you are more familiar with them.

Be careful not to scratch the tank while covering it, as this could cause damage which would require replacing the whole thing. Make sure to work slowly and carefully to avoid any sparks or explosions!

Once you’ve covered the tank, leave some time to let the air escape before tightening down the cap.

Burn the gas in the container

how to burn old gas

The next step in how to burn old gasoline is to actually start burning it! Most recipes will have you pour your liquid into a separate container, then add the gaseous component- usually pure oxygen or hydrogen.

You can simply open up an empty bottle and mix those two together, but making sure that there are no air bubbles left inside the mixture is important! If there are, the fuel may not burn completely due to lack of oxygen.

The leftover components of burned gasoline (the carbon) can also be recycled and used for various things like cleaning products or energy. Obviously, do not ingest any chemicals before consulting with professionals.

Your house will smell amazing after doing this, so make sure to do it outside or in a well ventilated area.

Throw away the container

how to burn old gas

When you run out of gas, what do you do? You get out of the car! Most people throw away the plastic bottle that contains your fuel before they even try putting it in their pocket or bag.
You don’t have to worry about this when you are burning pure gasoline. But if you burn regular unleaded gas, there will still be some liquid left in the empty canister.

That leftover fluid is usually ethanol, which comes from the sugar cane used to make most gas stations’ mix. Ethanol has a lot of funny things attached to it – molecules that stick to other molecules and never come off.

So when you pour that leftover fluid into another container, such as a glass jug, those extra chemicals stay in the new container too.

This isn’t a bad thing unless you drink the alcohol. In which case, you might want to consider whether buying more drinks was really a good idea.

Store gas properly

The next step in saving money is ensuring your gas tank is fully stocked! This can be done by either buying new cans of gasoline, or filling up any empty containers you have around your house.

It’s very expensive to buy fuel at the gas station, so try to fill up anywhere possible.

You may know this already, but make sure your car is completely drained of all fluid before you refuel it. If not, the extra liquid will just leak out and waste money.

After leaving the store, pull off somewhere safe where you can stop soon. It’s better to spend some time cleaning and organizing your vehicle than to do it while still at the pump.

Know the signs of gas poisoning

how to burn old gas

A little bit of gasoline can be deadly, especially for young kids or people with asthma. Luckily, there are some easy ways to prevent this from happening. If you ever notice your car is running low on fuel, know what to do!

Step one is making sure to check your tank. Most cars have an indicator light that turns on when the tank is getting low. This usually happens before there’s a significant drop in fuel levels so it may not give you much warning.

But if you happen to see the lights go off as you fill up the tank, then it’s important to be aware. Because even though the engine doesn’t run well when there’s not enough fuel, it will still burn (sort of) when it does get started.

This can result in lots of smoke, which could irritate anyone nearby, but most importantly, burning air out of the lungs causes serious health issues.

Seek medical attention

how to burn old gas

In addition to changing your fuel type, you can also seek professional help in removing any leftover gas. If you are able to determine that it is safe, you can attempt to flush out the remaining gases by drinking very heavily or eating large amounts of sugar. This may make you feel sick, so be prepared for that!

Alternatively, you can try using an empty bottle as a funnel to pour liquid through the car hole. Make sure to only do this if you have determined that there is no risk of explosion and/or fire!

Both of these treatments should only be done with adequate amount of caution.

Always wear a mask when performing these steps

how to burn old gas

With all of these tips, also know that you should never do any of them while not wearing a face mask! That is, you must always have at least one piece of cloth covering your nose and mouth during each step in order to prevent oxygen from escaping and helping flames consume more fuel.

Since we are talking about gasoline here, there may be some fumes given off as well. If this is the case, make sure to constantly breathe through your filter masks until the gas has burned away.

Never use the handle or nozzle of the can to burn it down, only cut off the top with a knife or tool. Doing so could send sparks into the air which could start a fire or poison you due to exposed chemicals. You want to simply poke the top of the can enough to create an opening, then pull up on the lid to remove it.

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