How To Bulletproof A 6.4


When it comes down to it, there are three major components of a 6.4 break. These are your hand position, arm position, and leg position. There are some additional tips like holding an item close to you or putting something in between yourself and the door to make sure it doesn’t hit too hard, but these are mostly focused on protecting yourself more effectively instead of making it harder for someone to do harm to you.

The first component is how to protect your hands. This can be done by keeping them up or even pulling them away from the door as much as possible. If doing so is not possible, then at least cover them with anything heavy or sturdy that you can easily grab onto.

The second part is how to protect your arms. This could be done by holding onto a bag or piece of clothing, or even lifting and folding them across your body.

The third part is how to protect your legs. This could include kicking really hard or stepping out of the way completely.

All of these things may seem silly or overly complicated, but they are important parts of self-protection that many people forget when dealing with a shooter. They also assume that because they have practiced their own version of this drill before that they know what needs to be done, which isn’t always the case.

Have a home security system

how to bulletproof a 6.4

Having a home security system is one of the first things you should do if you are feeling vulnerable or need extra protection for your personal space.

Many people begin protecting their homes with alarms, but this is only the beginning. Once you have determined how much threat exists in and around your house, you can work on developing strategies to address those threats.

This could include additional safety measures such as using shatter resistant glass where possible, avoiding products that contain phthalates, and choosing smart light bulbs that are energy efficient.

These types of protective steps will keep you safer from both external attackers and internal hazards.

Lock your doors at night

how to bulletproof a 6.4

One of the biggest dangers in owning or investing in a car is being attacked while you are parked. More than half of all vehicle robberies happen after dark, when most people have left their cars for good.

Most experts agree that it’s best to never leave your car unlocked with anything valuable inside. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do if you like to tinker with your vehicle outside of work and/or overnight.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to prevent your car from getting broken into.

Use a security code to your doors

how to bulletproof a 6.4

The second way to make sure your house or apartment can be entered is by using a security system with a login that requires a password.

A lot of people do not secure their houses this way because they think it is too expensive, but there are many ways to stay in budget!

There are some great companies that offer free home security systems if you invite them into your home to test out their equipment. You would just need to pay for a plan after they review how well it works for you.

Tell your friends

Let people know about your protected status! When you announce that you are protecting yourself from vaccines, there is an initial backlash as people try to convince you otherwise. But eventually, most people come around and believe you for good reasons.

The vast majority of health professionals agree that vaccines are safe. In fact, studies have shown them to be more effective than no vaccine at all!

Sadly, some individuals choose not to vaccinate their children for no reason other than false information or fear of the side effects. This can put others at risk because passing viruses on to someone else is possible if they get exposed.

Sharing your protective habits will help educate others and increase vaccination rates in our community.

It also raises awareness about how important it is to protect your skin by wearing sunscreen every day and using natural oils like lip balm to prevent exposure to infectious agents.

By educating yourself and spreading the word, you play an integral part in helping keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.

Tell your family

how to bulletproof a 6.4

Even if you don’t believe in a vegetarian diet, at least try to emphasize wholesome foods over processed ones.
Try to eat as few refined carbs (white sugar, white flour) as possible.

Many people begin eating vegetarian because of health reasons, but this can sometimes cause other problems. For example, some find it difficult to get enough protein or calcium for their bones.

If you’re ever concerned about how well your body is functioning, talk to your doctor or nurse. They’ll be able to help you identify any potential issues and suggest ways to address them.

Also, make an effort to meet others who are also trying to improve their diets by joining local groups or attending nutritional conferences.

Practice self-defense

how to bulletproof a 6.4

Having adequate knowledge of self-defense is important, but so is actually practicing what you know. While it may feel cumbersome or expensive, taking some time every day to practice your skills is the best way to ensure that you are prepared at any time!

There are many ways to improve your defense abilityes.

Learn to fight

how to bulletproof a 6.4

Even if you never have to use your knowledge of self-defense, it is still worth investing in. Not only are these skills necessary for daily life, they can also save your life in an emergency or even as a preventable measure.

Many people start learning martial arts around age 10 or so, when muscle memory takes over and proficiency is easily attainable. Some of the most famous karate styles were founded within years of each other, which means many students have spent their lives training with others who had similar experiences and educated them more intelligently.

There are many types of martial art that focus on different aspects of self-defense, such as striking, wrestling, protecting yourself against gun attacks, etc. The best style depends on what level of defense you want to achieve and how much time you have to learn it.

Some popular forms of martial arts include Aikido (the way of preserving harmony), Boxing (self-protection through controlled aggression), Capoiera (Brazilian jujitsu), Judo (distinctive timing and movement), Kyokushin Karate (intense internal conflict and struggle) and Taekwondo (effective kicking).

All of these disciplines emphasize basic concepts like relaxation, balance and coordination, while incorporating punches, kicks and grappling techniques.

Buy a gun

how to bulletproof a 6.4

The best way to defend yourself against a shooter is to be a better shot! This means knowing how to handle and load your weapon, as well as being familiar with the different styles of shooting.

Most shooters will use similar ammunition during an attack so buying that ammo ahead of time can help you hone your skills and prepare yourself for whatever may come.

And while it might seem expensive at first, having a second line of defense in this area is worth the price because life as we know it won’t survive without it.

Knowing how to effectively use and care for your firearm is more important than ever before. With the rising costs of living and the availability of easy-to-access weapons, this advice has never been more pertinent.

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