How To Bleed A Hydroboost System


When it comes down to it, most people are too concerned with getting as much horsepower out of their car as possible without taking care of the surrounding systems. Power is nice, but if you don’t have what it takes to get where you want to go in a reasonable amount of time, then power is pretty pointless!

A lot of people forget about your engine’s performance-draining systems when they’re talking about improving your car’s HP. It is these systems that make sure your vehicle doesn’t run out of fuel, pump all the right fluid into the right spots, and keeps everything else working properly.

This article will talk about one such system; the radiator. While many believe that bigger is better for cooling, there is actually an optimal size depending on how powerful your motor is! If you overcool your engine, it will burn more gas trying to stay warm, which costs you money. If you undercool it, bad things can happen to good thing… like water freezing and damaging your engine!

Optimal coolant temperatures for different vehicles vary slightly, but we do know that hotter than 200° F is not ideal (and possibly dangerous) for some cars. Fortunately, Hydroboost has designed a line of aftermarket products just for this! They call theirs the Hydroboost Radiator because it adds heat transfer surface area to help pull extra heat from your engine.

Confirm the system is plugged into the wall

how to bleed a hydroboost system

The next step in how to bleed your hydrostatic gun is to make sure that you have verified that it has good power!
If for some reason you feel that it does not, then try reinserting the tank or replacing it completely before trying again.

Also ensure that there are no dry batteries which could cause false positives. Batteries will lose charge over time, and if they are bad enough they can deactivate the sensor. Make sure to check all of the battery contacts as well!

This article covers how to properly use a pressure washer so do not skip reading it! Many people new to pressure washing forget this key part of their tool. Read it carefully to avoid damaging your machine!

Good luck bleeding your hydrostatic sprayer! May the force be with you.

Check the system is plugged into the correct outlet

how to bleed a hydroboost system

The next thing you will need to do is check that your device is fully charged and connected to a working power source. If it isn’t, then try re-inserting the battery or charger!

This could be due to a faulty connection, bad charger, or no battery – if all of these are replaced and work, then the issue may have been fixed!

Remember we mentioned before that there was some fluid in the tank? That fluid can sometimes cause issues when trying to get rid of it so make sure to pull out any residue that might remain. It is totally safe to wipe down the tank with a clean, lint free cloth and water!

Once you have done this, test the system again and see how much fuel it has left! Hopefully, you won’t need too many changes but remember, hydrocodone doesn’t want to go away quickly so don’t hesitate to put more juice into it if needed.

Check the system is not blocked by other objects

how to bleed a hydroboost system

The next thing you will need to do is check that your hydro pump isn’t blocked by any other object. If it is, then try moving it or removing it so it can work properly!

This could be due to weight being placed on top of it, or it getting hit or pinched as the water levels rise and drop.

Make sure to turn off the engine and remove the cover before working on the unit. Also, make sure there are no loose wires that could short circuit the equipment.

Once these things have been checked and confirmed working, we can move onto bleeding the system.

Check the system has adequate ventilation

how to bleed a hydroboost system

When your motorcycle does not have good air circulation, it can begin to heat up very quickly. This can be due to lack of intake vents or excessive grill clogging from hot water being drawn into the machine.

A key component in any type of internal combustion engine is the induction pipe or hose that takes air into the engine. This works similarly to an ice cream tub; you need to create an open channel for the engine to pull air through.

If the hydroboost tube is blocked off, there will not be enough airflow and cooling to the engine. The hotter the engine gets, the lower its performance becomes. You could also risk damage to the engine if it overheats.

Check to see if there are any kinks or cracks in the tubing too! If so, try to push out some of the fluid and see if this helps improve the flow of coolant.

Another way to check whether the vehicle already has good airflow is by looking at the shape of the radiator fan. Most manufacturers design their fans to move more slowly when cooler temperatures are detected, which means poor cooling.

Hopefully you never get to the point where the temperature reaches critical levels, but just make sure your bike is ready for when you do! Avoid having these problems by checking your hydroboost system periodically.

Connect the system to a hose that has been properly sized for the system

how to bleed a hydroboost system

Once both connections are complete, turn your hydro booster on and test it! If you do not see any water coming out of the spigot, connect the hose correctly and make sure your home is receiving adequate water!

Do not get frustrated with this, this is normal behavior when starting up a new hydrosystem. It can take some attempts to get everything working properly!

After testing, if you still do not have any water flowing through the spigots then double check all of your hoses’ connectors as well as making sure none of them are blocked or wrapped around anything. Also, make sure there are no dry patches in areas where water could be escaping.

Once those tests come back clear, then try re-calibrating your pressure regulator! This will remove any internal resistance which could prevent fluid from moving faster.

Open the system’s cap

how to bleed a hydroboost system

The second step in bleeding your tank is to open up the top of the system! This is actually easier said than done, as some companies place protective seals over this part of their device.

Luckily, Seeed has included an important tip here! They designed their product so that you must remove at least one screw before opening the top.

Removing these screws will expose the foam pieces that make up the hydro-bulb. These can be pulled out or cut away to help bleed the device.

After doing this, check if there are any fluid trails coming from the bottom metal tube. If not, then the system is still working and should be preserved!

However, if you do see bubbles moving down the tube, try gently squeezing the bulb with your fingers or use a syringe to inject more liquid into it. Repeat this until no more fluid comes out!

Once you have successfully injected all the liquid out of the device, close the lid again and let sit for about an hour to ensure no moisture remains inside.

Let the system drain for several minutes

how to bleed a hydroboost system

After you press down on the hydro-bulb as much as possible, let your car sit and idle for several minutes! This will allow any gas left in the tank to completely escape, and your engine will run as good as new!

This is important because if there’s still some fuel left in the canister when you depress the bulb, it may ignite that leftover gas, causing an explosion or fire. Make sure to check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see how long you should leave the bulb pressed before reinserting it.

Once everything has calmed down, try pressing the bulb up again to make sure it works properly.

Replace the cap and inspect it for leaks

how to bleed a hydroboost system

The next step in replacing your hydro boost is to take off the canister tube that connects the tank to the top of the spray nozzle. You will want to make sure you have this tool!

Once you’ve removed the canister tube, you can now replace the liquid cartridge or foam bottle lid seal as mentioned above. Make sure you don’t forget the washer!, these things get stuck sometimes.

Next, test out your new sprayer by using our beginner settings and see how it works! When you are done testing it, reattach the canister tube and re-install the tank into the gun.

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