How To Black Out Rims


When it comes down to it, blacking out rims is just using matte or non-gloss paint as a layer of protection or concealment. There are many ways to do this, but the best way depends on what you want to cover up and how much money you have to invest in the process.

There are some pretty expensive professional grade tools that can be used for this, such as spray painting guns with robotic arms. But even if you don’t have one of those, there are several easy alternatives that will get the job done.

In this article we will go over five fun ways to professionally blackout rims! These tips include using liquid starch, gel glues, rubbing alcohol, plastic wrap, and dry shampoo. By experimenting with different products, you will find a match that works for your budget and needs.

Apply the product correctly

how to black out rims

The next step in achieving this effect is applying your polish properly! Make sure to wash your hands well after mixing your powder and gel and rolling each wheel or vehicle surface up in it.

Once you have dried them, buff off any excess powder that may remain using a soft, clean cloth.

You can also use rubbing alcohol to wipe away leftover gels from the wheels.

Wait for it to dry

how to black out rims

Once your wheels have dried, you can black out their rim! This is done by using very fine-tune powdery substances that match or are similar to the paint of the wheel. Simply mix the powder with liquid in a ratio dependent on how much powder you want to use per wheel.

The most important thing about this step is making sure you don’t overdo it. Too much powder will be visible when the car is painted, and people may not like that. Pick a medium amount and spread it across the surface properly.

Now, apply the blackout substance evenly across the rims. Make sure to work quickly so as to avoid having any leftover powder. When everything has been applied, let the mixture sit until it dries completely. Then, buff away any excess powder.

Use a soft cloth to wipe down your car

how to black out rims

After you have cleaned off all of the dried powder, it is time to wash your vehicle! Make sure to thoroughly rinse each part of your vehicle using a hose or freshwater before wiping it down with clean, dry paper or plastic.

Never use rubbing alcohol to wash your vehicle because this can actually hurt your paint. It will remove some of the protective layers that keep your new coat of paint intact!

Once everything has been washed and rinsed, let it air-dry completely. You do not need to pull out the window so users may cover up their cars while drying.

Use the correct product for your car

how to black out rims

As mentioned before, professional wheel blacking companies use chemical compounds that are specific for each vehicle type!

Not all types of black powder work well on every make and model. Some cars have especially thick glass which does not blend in easily with most powders.

Some vehicles have very thin painted layers or no paint at all which also do not layer properly over the glass. This could result in some areas being able to see through the rim which is never good!

Properly prepared rims will look seamless and uniformed. Make sure you read your manufacturer’s specifications about whether or not this is okay! There may be some limited time frames where this isn’t possible though.

We recommend always using top quality products as they can run more expensive, but it is worth it to invest in high quality materials.

Wipe down your windows

how to black out rims

The next thing you will want to do is wipe all of your vehicle’s windows clean! This includes both side, back, and front windshield glass as well as all of the car doors, the interior windows, and any other openings such as hatches or vents.

Any leftover residue that has dried can easily be scraped off with some rubbing alcohol or window cleaner. Make sure to scrape every surface thoroughly!

Once everything is cleaned, let it air dry. It may take several hours for all the water to completely evaporate, but don’t worry about that – just enjoy your new black rims!

General tips: remember that these steps should only be done when weather conditions permit, and never while the engine is running or the vehicle is in motion. Doing so could cause serious damage to the rim or paint job!

Given how popular wheels are today, most people have access to very expensive aftermarket products such as grills, clippers, polishers, and cleaners. While using premium-quality supplies is always the best choice, there are some lower cost alternatives that work just as well (sometimes even better)!

This article will go over three easy ways to wash, buff, and remove glue from damaged rims.

Use an upholstery cleaner

how to black out rims

One of our favorite ways to black out rims is using an upholstery cleaning product and mixing it with heat. Most people know that washing your car in acid or chemicals can damage your vehicle, so never mix your normal wash detergent with anything else!

Some brands of regular liquid dish soap have an alcohol component in them, which is what helps make it dry like powder. These types of liquids are mixed together with heat, which will evaporate the alcohol content and leave a thick coating on the surface.

This technique works best for older style dark colored rims such as those made from vinyl or rubber. More modern lighter color rims may not work as well because you cannot apply enough energy to penetrate the material.

Run your car engine to allow it to dry

how to black out rims

While running your vehicle’s engine is one of the biggest causes of wheel damage, most people don’t realize how to properly run their engine after a blowout. Some individuals only use the oven or burn-off method which can actually do more harm than good!

By using the correct method, you will see changes in white smoke that contain carbon which helps prevent corrosion and rust.

Use the right product for your car

how to black out rims

As seen in the article above, using the wrong tool can do more harm than good. Thankfully, there are many professional-grade tools that can be used to professionally black out rims.

Some of these products contain chemicals or oils that may actually damage your vehicle long term! That would not make sense for anyone’s wallet, so make sure you research the best possible option before buying it.

There are also certain precautions that must be taken when using any kind of spray paint. Make sure to read the instructions completely before attempting to use the product.

General tips: remember that darker colors usually take longer to fully dry, so leave enough time for this.

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