How To Activate Trailer Lights On Jeep Grand Cherokee


When your vehicle is being towed, it is important to check all of the settings for the trailer lights. If you do not have working headlights while pulling a boat or other large cargo, this will not matter much. But if you are going down the highway with no light at night, people may get annoyed!

It is easy to forget about these settings when you are not using them, but they can save you from having to purchase new bulbs or repairs due to poor lighting.

This article will go into detail on how to test and use the active trailer light features on your 2017-upward Jeep Grand Cherokee. We will also look at some potential reasons why your lights might be malfunctioning and what steps you can take to fix that. So let’s dive in!

Test The Headlights

Most vehicles come equipped with automatic headlamps, which work together with help illuminate the road behind the car. These lams usually activate around you turn onto busy roads or highways, as well as coming back after you pull off to a stop or park.

Some cars also have manual headlamp modes, where you have to manually switch them on before driving. This is more common on older model cars than newer ones, though still possible.

Testing whether the headlamps work properly should not be done during daylight hours, since this would clearly show whether they work.

Confirm trailer lights are plugged into charger

The next thing you will need to check is that your vehicle’s charging system has full power, which it probably doesn’t if you noticed all of these tips at night when there isn’t much light outside.

If you have fully charged batteries but still no signs of illumination, make sure both vehicles’ diagnostic tools are switched off (usually in Settings or Tools). Make sure one car does not have its tool turned on while the other does! This could cause false positives.

Confirm trailer lights are plugged into battery

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

The next step is to make sure that you have verified that your vehicle’s trailer light system has power! This means making sure both the brake light circuit and the turn signal circuit in the headlamp area of the car are working, as well as the rear fog lamp circuit.

If they are not working, then it is impossible to activate them via smart device app or using a manual switch method.

Reset all trailer lights

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

The next thing you will need to do is reset all of your car’s trailer light settings. This can be done by going into the vehicle’s settings or software and then clicking onto “Trailer Lighting”. You can here easily turn off every one of these lights, which include brake assist front, back, and combination, fog lamp on, dynamic trailering, active grille lighting, and even tail-light wasing.

Once everything is turned off, make sure that you have checked under the hood to see if there is any kind of glow coming from the headlights. If so, make sure to turn those down as well!

This article has discussed how to activate and deactivate each individual trailer light for your new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Check all bulbs

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

After you make sure your car is still running, check out the trailer lights! There are three main types of trailer light for every body style of vehicle.

Abackup lamp, also called an auxiliary headlamp or turn-on lamp, provides low level lighting when your vehicle comes with these already installed. This helps other drivers see your vehicle better in case you need to be picked up or towed at night, or if someone else’s engine fails and they need help finding a new ride.

Aturn signal lamp functions as either a left turn signal or right turn signal, depending on which way you want to indicate a lane change or a right hand turn. These are activated by pushing one of two buttons on the unit.

ACheckrailer lamps determine whether the truck has a loaded or empty cargo box. If it does not have any cargo, this can sometimes be mistaken for a normal back up lite, so make sure that it is turned on before pulling off.

Replace battery

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

The next thing you will need to do is locate your car’s current battery. You can either pull it out yourself or have someone else help you do it correctly. Make sure not to drop the battery while removing it, as this could cause damage!

After doing so, you should look into whether there are any warning lights coming up. If yes, then replace the old one with a new one and see if that changes anything.

If all goes well, then your vehicle should work now! Keep in mind though that it might take some time for everything to fully activate, especially if it has been years since the last time it was used.

Hopefully you learned something about how to install trailer light bulbs for your own jeep grand cherokee today! Don’t forget to spread the word and helping other people be aware of these tips.

Connect trailer lights to charger

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

The next step is to make sure your vehicle can detect the trailers you have attached! This means checking that your vehicles’ software can recognize the additional equipment.

For most people, this will be done through their smartphone or computer. Make sure both your car and the new trailer are connected to the internet so they can communicate with each other.

Once everything is set up and working, take some time to test out all of the features of your new tow-ballenght system.

Reconnect all trailer lights

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

After you have checked that your vehicle’s battery is working and it has enough charge, it is time to reconnect all of the trailer light connectors. This includes both tail lamp diodes as well as turn signal bulbs.

While some people suggest using a test bulb to make sure everything functions before attaching anything else, we will not be doing this here. Too many things can cause a false positive with a functioning bulb, such as bad contacts or corrosion inside the tubing.

We recommend starting at one side of the vehicle and testing each connection until all are confirmed to work. Once they do, move onto the next side.

Try different lights

how to activate trailer lights on jeep grand cherokee

Most vehicle manufacturers have software that switches certain features on or off in their cars. These features include things like cruise control, heated seats, windshield wipers, etc. Unfortunately, some car brands do not advertise how to use these features properly!

If you are looking to test out your feature-paying skills, then start with changing the headlights. Many vehicles now have a small light next to each headlight that can be switched on and off using a smartphone app. This small light is called a trailer light because it usually is used for helping show other people’s brake lights when pulling a truck or boat behind you.

These types of trailers have their own set of brake lights that need to stay on while braking so this makes sense as an addition. You would want to make sure your passenger does not turn them off though since this could potentially put someone else in danger if you accidentally hit something!

To test out whether your vehicle has these trailer lights, just pull into a rest area or somewhere there will be lots of traffic. Turn all the power accessories off (if they exist) and see if the trailer lights activate. If they do, great you win! If they don’t, try testing another accessory until you find one that works.

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