How Reliable Is A Ford Mustang


The name “Ford” has been in use since 1809, when it was used for an automobile line made by the German car company Adolphus Friedrich Porsche. Since then, Fords have become very popular due to their sturdy reliability and quality merchandise.

The word “Mustang” comes from the words “MUSTANG” which is short for Muster-Stahlgewand, or’military pattern steel plate’. This term was first coined back in 1908 during World War I as a description of British V8 cars with dual overhead camshafts.

Nowadays, the word mustang most commonly refers to any ponycar built in America that features a retro look and performance potential. These vehicles are usually powered by a 3.7 liter engine making around 350 horsepower!

These Mustangs are heavily modified and marketed towards other enthusiasts. They feature all sorts of custom parts like exposed pipes, race tuned engines, and sleek design touches. Many people refer to them as ‘custom street trackers’ because of their impressive handling characteristics.

Does it break down?

how reliable is a ford mustang

The thing about cars is that they can sometimes feel like money pits. Even though you paid less for this car, there are always costs involved in maintaining it. If you want to keep your car for longer, you have to make sure it’s well-maintained.

One of the biggest cost centers in any vehicle is the engine. Engines are expensive, which is why most cars will come with a warranty covering them. But what happens if it does fail? You could be out a lot of money very quickly.

Luckily, we have some information on how reliable a new Ford Mustang is. In fact, we may have found one that is virtually risk free! Read on to find out more about his price and mileage, as well as whether he’s covered under warranty!


We were able to get our hands on a fully loaded 2018 GT Premium model for just over $30,000. This includes all fees and taxes but not the optional equipment such as alloy wheels or bed liner.

This isn’t too bad considering the average price for an entry level performance sedan is around $40,000. A few thousand dollars more gets you features such as automatic climate control, heated seats, and a moon roof.

However, these aren’t necessarily worth much unless you use them often. Most people don’t so buying one with them installed is wasting money.

Can I get service?

how reliable is a ford mustang

While cars have become more technologically advanced, this has not always translated to great reliability for consumers. Technology is heavily marketed during car introductions with promises of improved performance, but few if any benefits in terms of increased efficiency or reduced emissions.

The same thing happens when new features are added to a vehicle. Companies can’t seem to help themselves by including them as an option.

So how do you know if it’s worth buying a feature-packed model over one that isn’t? You don’t unless you’ve researched each vehicle thoroughly!

Fortunately, there are some things you can look into to determine the level of customer support offered by different models of Mustangs. Here we’ll go through several key areas and what to look out for.

Can you get service at a repair shop? – This will be your biggest hurdle if you’re thinking about getting a specific engine or chassis package. Most dealerships won’t offer the parts they need to work on your car unless you own the vehicle outright or you have very good proof of insurance.

This means most people are left having to order parts online or take their chances finding ones near where you live. Luckily, these days technology comes equipped with lots of options! If you’re looking to invest in a newer, better performing version of the Mustang, make sure to check out our best cheap used mustang engines guide before making a purchase.

Can I get a new one?

how reliable is a ford mustang

This is the most common question asked about any vehicle! Luckily, you are not alone in your desire to know if you can get a brand-new Mustang. Most major car dealerships will sell the same model year car at least twice within the last few years.

Getting a new Mustang is definitely possible unless something horrible happens to it. However, buying a used Mustang may be our best bet because of how expensive they can cost!

The price difference between the two typically comes down to whether or not you want performance features like track packages and aftermarket parts. Performance add-ons always increase the sticker price so it’s better to buy newer otherwise the same engine and chassis package would have cost the same as a race ready version.

Also make sure the seller isn’t trying to sneakily include some extra accessories with the car since that won’t look good when testing for dings and scratches.

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