How Much To Tip Piano Movers


Moving can be expensive, even if you use professional moving services. The cost of moves varies depending on several factors, such as how far your move and what kind of moving service you hire.

The most important factor in keeping costs down is knowing how much money to tip your piano movers. Hiring inexperienced movers may increase overall moving expenses, so it is best to make sure they are trained in this field.

Moving tips for pianists

If you’re reading this article, then you probably know at least one person who plays the piano! This makes you more likely to hire experienced piano movers, but there are some things you can do to help keep moving costs low for everyone.

Here we will discuss some ways to reward good job performance from your new hires and some basic rules that apply to tipping. These tips will go into great detail, so feel free to take notes or bookmark this page to refer back to later.

Tips for when the movers ask for tips

how much to tip piano movers

As mentioned before, professional moving services are expensive! They cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on your budget and how many belongings you have.

That is why it is important to be aware of what types of tips they’re allowed to accept. Most companies policy does not permit accepting money from customers as payment.

This can easily happen if the mover finds yourself with more work than expected during the move-in or -out process.

They may need to go somewhere while your furniture is being loaded or unloaded, or they may need to do some additional work like pack up or unpack another item.

In these cases, the moving company must include all of their overhead in the price of the service, which means no profit for them. This is where tips become problematic.

The moving staff has to pay for fuel, car expenses, equipment costs, etc., so they cannot directly bill you for those things. And because they don’t get paid for the rest of the job, they end up having to take on extra work without compensation.

This can create an uncomfortable situation for both parties, making it hard to come to a good tip-to-worker ratio.

Tip only if they call you or send you a message asking for one, otherwise donate to a charity instead.

Tips for when the movers accept the tip

Almost every piano moved will already get some sort of pay, such as $20-30 per box unloaded. If you feel that their hard work has not been paid adequately, then it is okay to offer them an additional gratuity.

The most common way to add a tipping extravaganza is to go one percent off the normal rate. This is usually two or three dollars under what they are normally paid. So if they are paid $25 per box, your mover would receive $26 instead. One easy way to remember this is to add one more dollar than they are paid now!

This seems like a lot, but it really isn’t. When calculating how much to give a moving professional, keep in mind that they have to buy supplies, run equipment (for power or cable connections), fuel for their trucks, etc. All of these things cost money.

A very helpful rule of thumb is to multiply the average price of all items they need to purchase by one half. For example, if their fuel costs $8 a gallon, then spend $16 on gas today. Multiply $8 x 0.5 = $4 which can be tacked onto their regular wage.

General tips:

Never move too many boxes at once, especially heavy ones. They take time to carry, rotate, and position correctly, and there may be no open space at your destination to put them until everything is sorted.

Tips for when the movers decline the tip

how much to tip piano movers

As you are paying them to do their job, it makes sense that they will ask if there is anything else they can help with while moving your belongings. If you run out of things or if you feel like they have done enough, then it is totally okay to refuse to leave a gratuity!

It is very common for pianists to be in the profession for many years. They may know some of the people hiring them, so asking around to see what tips others left could mean lost income for them!

If you absolutely cannot afford to give a gratuity, then at least buy them a drink to say thank you and motivate them during the next move they take.

Popular tips for movers

how much to tip piano movers

Let people know your moving schedule, if you have a vehicle they can ride in, and give them directions!

Do not forget to leave enough money to pay for their drinks and snacks during the move.

Never sign one of those ‘employment contracts’ that ask you to forfeit all of your paid time off so that you will work there longer. It is illegal to do this, so please be sure to look out for such documents before signing anything.

Calculate how much you should tip your house cleaners

how much to tip piano movers

The average cost of moving in America is around $1,500 per person. This includes paying professionals for their time while also covering transportation costs to take them home at the end of their shift.

Moving tips are usually calculated as one-tenth of the move’s total price per person. For example, if the total price of a move was $2,000, then your cleaner gets paid $200 per hour, so his or her pay is $400 an hour (two thousand divided by ten). Therefore, he or she makes $800 after expenses for the day.

Tipping more than this can feel awkward. It isn’t very personal like having a less expensive job, which doesn’t make people feel good about themselves. And although it may seem nice, there are regulations that limit how much money employers can earn before they have to report it to the IRS.

Tips for when the cleaners ask for tips

how much to tip piano movers

Another thing that can get annoying is when your cleaner asks you for a tip. Most major moving companies have their own internal policies about how much they require as a tip, but some do not!

If this happens to you, don’t feel obligated to leave a tip. You are paying them a good salary, so if there’s something you want done, why should you offer money to make sure it gets done?

Some moves include putting things in plastic bags or containers, packing up items, and taking out all of the trash and recycling at your new home, so instead of leaving a tip, help yourself by doing those things before you move- especially since you’re coming from away!

And while we talk about tipping here, remember that being able to handle a large amount of cash is an asset, not a requirement, when looking for employment.

Tips for when the cleaners accept the tip

how much to tip piano movers

Another thing that can get very expensive is tipping! When your cleaner accepts the tip, you have to remember to give them appropriate rewards for their work and effort they put into cleaning your home.

Make sure to compliment their hard work after they finish, and ask if there’s anything else they could do to earn more money. If there isn’t, thank them and wish them luck in future endeavors!

If the person does not receive any kind of reward or appreciation for their efforts, it will only make them want to keep doing bad jobs and taking advantage of you. This will create a negative experience for you that will last longer than a few days!

Tipping is never obligatory, but if you are going to be generous with how much you leave as a tip, know what things cost so you don’t overdo it.

Tips for when the cleaners decline the tip

how much to tip piano movers

As mentioned before, professional piano movers typically get paid with tips at the end of their shift. When they arrive at your home or business, you have already lined up payment!

Most people leave gift cards as a tip because it is easy to do. But doing so may not be appropriate depending on the person moving your belongings.

If you are having trouble deciding how much to give, here are some things you should consider.

Does this individual care about music? If so, then buying them a new pair headphones or giving them the money to buy one would make sense.

They worked hard to learn what they know, and you want to show appreciation by supporting them in whatever career path they choose.

Is this individual sensitive about getting tipped? Perhaps there are personal reasons why they can’t take direct cash as a tip.

For example, a vegetarian might be offended if you don’t offer them a meal after their job. Or perhaps they feel uncomfortable taking large sums of money due to being rich compared to everyone else.

All these are valid reasons, but unfortunately not every musician is like that. For those individuals, avoid offering a gift card as a tip unless it is very clear that it will make them unhappy.

Your best bet is to figure out who they are as people first and see if there are ways to tell if they prefer gift cards over cash.

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