How Much Power Does A Block Heater Use


When your home is very cold, there are many things you can do to get it back into thermal balance and eventually warm up. You can use space heaters or wall mounted air conditioning units to increase the temperature in a room, but not everyone feels these are necessary solutions.

Some people believe that leaving windows and doors open instead of using such products is more effective in cooling down the house. By opening a window or door, less energy is needed to cool the air outside the house so it moves into the interior faster.

This article will talk about how much power each type of heater uses while it is running so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to have one. Technically speaking, a regulation heater does not use too much electricity when it is working properly.

Types of block heaters

how much power does a block heater use

There are two main types of space heaters that use blocks or pellets to create heat. These are direct-contact heat sources and indirect-contact heat sources.

Direct-contact heat sources have the heating element in close contact with the source of warmth, which is typically either blankets or wall hangings. A popular version of this type of heater is the table top warmer.

Indirect-contact heat sources contain a layer of thermal insulation between the heating element and the item being heated. The most common example of this is an insulated blanket. By having this extra layer of material, you can add some depth to the heater! This feature helps ensure the heater does not burn you as it adds another barrier against lost temperature regulation.

What makes a good insulator? Materials such as wool and cotton are very warm due to their natural oils, while plastic roll up blankets are usually thinner and more budget friendly.

Pay attention to the temperature

how much power does a block heater use

Many block heaters have you turn them on and it quickly gets very hot. This can be problematic as this heat may burn or hurt your skin!

The temperatures that these units run at are usually measured in degrees Fahrenheit. However, when looking up how much power each unit uses, we must also know what degree setting they use.

For example, if their manual says they run cool to warm then they are using cooling settings. A colder temperature is better for heating most things- soft materials included.

This could make a big difference in how powerful this heater is. If it runs cold, it might not be needed as well!

There should also be a label on the back of the device telling us about wattage.

Consider location when choosing a heater

There are two main components of heat source for space heaters- fuel and airflow. Most manufacturers include a power setting in their units which is how much heat they burn to keep your spaces warm.

However, what isn’t usually included in that information is the effect that temperature has on the surrounding area. For example, if it says the unit uses 350 watts of energy but doesn’t say whether that amount of energy is spread over one minute or ten minutes, then we can assume the latter.

So instead of saying the unit uses 350 watts for one minute, you should really be asking yourself “for how long will I need this heat?” Because even though it may only take one minute to get the temperatures up and running, the length of time you use the heater makes a big difference in its overall efficiency.

And while having warmer feet is definitely not a bad thing, knowing how many hours each individual needs the heated floor or bed surface can help determine if the heater is worth the money.

Consider wattage when choosing a heater

how much power does a block heater use

When shopping for heaters, how much power you use is an important factor to consider. The average room can have a temperature regulation system in place so that it does not need a very strong heating source.

Mostly due to this, most space heaters do not give off too much energy. Most only work effectively at temperatures of around 40-60 degrees!

There are some higher end units which offer warmer settings but they are expensive. To be safe, look for a warm setting of about 70° or more to ensure your feet are warm while also staying within regulation limits.

Consider airflow when choosing a heater

how much power does a block heater use

When shopping for heaters, make sure you have enough air to cool it off properly. You want to make sure there is an adequate supply of air moving over the surface of the heating element.

Heaters that are designed to be tabletop or floor-based use convection cooling. This does not require openings in the cover because the fan creates its own circulation. However, if you do plan to use your stove as a table or shelf, then look for more efficient top burners.

These types of stoves have vents at the top to allow excess heated air to escape but still provide some degree of tabletop functionality. Make sure these Vents are easily closed!

You don’t need very much fuel to get your grill going, but making sure your grill has good ventilation can help prevent fire accidents.

Is the heat coming out the back?

how much power does a block heater use

There is an important thing to note about most cordless space heaters – how they work on batteries!

Most models use what’s called gel technology to produce heat. The gel contains chemicals that react with each other, producing warmth. As we know, chemical reactions require energy to occur, and our batteries are full of chemicals. So when your heater goes off or finds it difficult to stay warm, check to see if there’s a source of electricity left in the battery.

It’s also worth checking whether the dial control has power by moving it around or flipping it up and down. If it doesn’t, then you may need to switch it off and on again to restore functionality.

Do you need a permit?

how much power does a block heater use

Before we get into how much power your block heater uses, there is one thing you should be aware of- does it require a permit?

Some states require that you have a license or certification to use heat sources like this. This includes using charcoal as fuel, dry fire systems, and even electricity!

Unfortunately, not all state laws specify what kind of certificate or license you must have before using a block heater. Some only require that you are licensed for working with flame and gas, while others do not clearly indicate if an electric license is needed.

In some cases, people who used block heaters without proof of a license were fined or had their equipment seized and destroyed. To make sure you are not breaking the law, check with your local authorities and see what requirements exist in your area.

Consider the cost

how much power does a block heater use

There are two main components to a heat source for hot water, power supplies and temperature sensors. The power supply is what gives the heater its strength so it’s important to make sure that you have enough for the length of time it will be used before investing in one.

As with any electrical device, batteries use energy so ensuring there are enough available for the length of time the heater will be active uses up resources. It is also important to check whether the battery needs replacing as this can waste expensive electricity too!

A cheap way to test if your current power supply will work for your heater is to connect it to a normal power socket and see how long it lasts. If it doesn’t last longer than five minutes then try another type of power supply or recharge the existing one.

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