How Much Is A Shelby Mustang


When talking about cars, people usually have two main categories in mind. Namely, sports car and sedan or hatchback style vehicles. With the introduction of the new 2018 Ford Mustang, however, we get to add another vehicle option to that list!

The name of this newly-created model is actually not referred to as a “Mustang” but rather a “Shelby” Mustang. While some may consider it confusing, I think it makes sense!

Ford has always produced performance versions of their base models before (the Focus RS being one example), so creating an all-out track monster from the company’s most popular model seems natural.

History of Ford

how much is a shelby mustang

The history of the Ford brand is one that has seen many changes in ownership, but what most remain consistent with are three things: cars, trucks, and sports and racing vehicles.

From our earliest beginnings as the Humberton Carriage Company back in 1883 to where it sits today as one of the world’s largest automotive brands, every vehicle produced by the company has been designed and built to deliver excellence and reliability.

In fact, during World War II, the United States government asked Ford to build only utility vehicles due to their dependability and ease of maintenance. Many of these vehicles still bear the heritage name Utility and continue to be sold as part of the current Ford line-up.

Since its formation, the Ford brand has always strived to produce quality products while fostering innovation and creativity within its design and development departments.

Definition of a Shelby Mustang

how much is a shelby mustang

What is a Shelby Mustang? That is a great question! A Shelby mustang is not defined by one thing only, but rather by many things. Many say that a true sony car is built to handle speed, so the name comes from that. Others say it is designed to be attractive, which makes it aesthetically pleasing. Some say it is engineered for performance, while others say it is just plain pretty.

Whatever your definition of a sony car may be, there’s no denying that all of them have something in common: They are fast! Almost every generation has left its mark as an undeniably powerful machine. The 2018 Ford Mustang is no exception to this rule.

There are several different versions of the sony car, including track packages, street-oriented models, and even more luxurious ones at the top end. No matter what kind you pick, though, make sure you don’t confuse the model with another manufacturer!

A lot of people get confused when they see a vehicle with “Shelby” in the title. This is typically due to the similar looking back design. While that may look cool, it isn’t necessarily a Shelby.

What is a Shelby GT500?

how much is a shelby mustang

When you say “Shelby”, what kind of car typically comes to mind? Most people think of the track-focused vehicle with crazy stripes and wheels that are known for being powerful!

That is not quite right though! The nameplate actually stands for Supercharged V8 Engine Series. There have been over 40 different models in this series alone! Each one has had their own style, but they all share some similarities.

The most important part of any Shelby model is the engine. All Shelbys have at least a 602 horsepower, 575 lb-ft torque V8 powered by superchargers! This power gets put to the ground through either a standard eight speed manual or seven speed automatic transmission.

Other parts such as the drivetrain, suspension, body work, etc., may be unique to each individual model, but none other than the original GT350 does not have plastic covers! They are designed to do exactly what their name implies – keep everything cool!

What makes someone pay more money for a Shelby? Probably the additions like carbon fiber pieces and performance oriented features. A lot of cars will add show quality decorations and flashy colors, but few add actual performance enhancements.

A Shelby will usually get upgraded pistons, improved valve timing, higher compression ratios, and better cooling systems.

Why are they so valuable?

how much is a shelby mustang

To begin with, there are not that many of them in existence! Only 2,500 were made between 1970 and 2003. That is why their value is very high – there are only a few left!

Shelby Mustangs also hold a special place in automotive history. They are considered some of the first performance cars ever designed and built. Many consider them to be among the greatest American automobiles of all time.

Shelbys have become one of the most recognizable vehicle brands around the world. In fact, it is hard to find a country where you cannot get a quality replica or picture of a classic Shelby car.

Are they worth the money?

how much is a shelby mustang

When it comes to performance cars, there are two main categories- street and race. Street cars are designed for cruising around or track use, whereas race cars are built to do one thing very well!

Shelby Mustangs fall into the former category. These cars were known for their striking looks that appeal to many different audiences. They also feature some of the most advanced technology in automotive engineering at the time.

These features include things like lightweight materials used for body panels, high-performance engines and electronics tuned to offer maximum speed without too much lag. All of these components work together to produce incredible speeds!

While they may not be considered true racing machines, you can definitely find lots of them on the streets today. Many people enjoy showing off how fast their car is every chance they get!

Shelbys have become quite popular once again due to the return of the nameplate by Ford.

What are the differences between Shelby Mustang and GT350?

how much is a shelby mustang

When talking about how much a sledgehammer is, you should be aware of the size of the hammer as well as what it can be used for. A larger hammer means it can hit harder, but that also means it could hurt more too!

Shelby Mustangs and other model years with an “GT” in their name like the 2015-2017 GT350 have bigger hammers than a normal street level Mustang GT. This gives them better power and performance, just make sure you know what style of driving they are designed for!

The fender flares are longer which helps give the car some additional wheel room so you can enjoy cruising around more easily. These cars were also marketed to be more aggressive looking, something that still stands strong today.

If you want to add some extra bling then adding aftermarket wheels or even powdercoating your current ones is totally okay! Just make sure you are not going over the limit for horsepower or you could face legal issues.

What are the differences between Shelby Mustang and GT350?

how much is a shelby mustang

When talking about Shelby Mustangs, there is an easy way to differentiate them from other performance cars is by looking at the name. A standard street-oriented car is not called a “Shelby” unless it features some sort of special trim or additional equipment that indicates it is more tuned up for racing or drag strips.

The name comes from British racecar driver Bob Shelton who in 1957 designed his own version of the Chevrolet Corvette which he raced as the Cobra. The original Cobras were just fast Chevy Corvettes with bigger wheels and lower suspension settings but soon people started taking those cars apart and making their own versions!

That’s what happened with the Shelby Mustang.

Can you tell a fake one from a real one?

how much is a shelby mustang

When it comes down to it, there are several features that truly set a true Shelby off from any other style of car. These include looking at your engine hood, examining the wheels, checking out the interior, and even testing fire!

Shelbys typically have very large diameter exhaust pipes coming out of their engines. This is due to the additional sound dampening that needed to be included in the design process. The shape and position also help create an aesthetically pleasing look for the vehicle.

Interior quality is another key feature when trying to determine if a car is authentic or not. Make sure the materials used are high-quality and the workmanship is excellent. A few things to look out for include leather that does not feel too cheap, aluminum trim that has a nice shine to it, and functioning lights and gauges.

A siltry coating can sometimes be found on cars manufactured these days. It is usually painted over metal surfaces so they do not scrape away easily. An example of this is when a driver washes their car after it got dirty during racing or drag racing. This adds a protective layer which helps preserve the surface integrity of the car.

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